Dec 312016

What happened to you??  You were such a cute little sissy in high school. You knew you couldn’t get into our pants, so you showered us with slavery — doing our homework, buying our panties, arranging our fuck parties, and all the submissive stuff that kept you in our lives. Now, you have disappeared. Oh, I know: You’re this big CEO now, and you don’t want any “embarrassment.”

Well guess what, wimp? My Lady photographer friend and I know ALL about you. And unless you revisit your sissy ways, there’s no telling WHAT we might do. So here’s what you’ll do: Buy all four chapters of My Erotic Mp3 series “Your sissy Life.” They’re now on sale, only $75.00 for all FOUR.  Get ’em now … or take what we decided to give you, mister sissy boy!!!