Nov 012016

I HAVE been horribly distracted lately. you should all know by now that I am a cuckoldress. Hence the domain name… because I am, a slutty wife. What none of you know is JUST how addicted I can be to a new Bull.

We meet in March and ever since then I can’t seem to stop wanting to hook up with him. Doesn’t matter when or where, we JUST GOTTA HOOK UP! I even found myself flying around the country to spend time with him. Hubby’s work schedule is just as busy as ever and will only get more busy as the holidays approach. Leaving Me lots and lots of free time on My pretty little hands. Which of course, can’t stop touching and stroking that mammoth meat, but that is a tale for another time.

Suffice to say My phone schedule is weird and My limbs are all akimbo, but you fuckers should be GRATEFUL I even bother to turn on My phone lines to mock you.

Despite all that I have still managed to sink My claws deeeeply into a dozen or more MARRIED slaves since the year started, they are deeply obsessed and so should you. I have created an amazing new series of sissy mp3s called “your sissy life”. In which I take you over time and time again and you can never shake Me… I’ll stalk you everywhere! Halloween was My favorite… I dressed up in My sexy catsuit and went out with the sissy to pick up hot dates….

So, next time you need to talk to Me, just look at the top right hand navigation area, There is a call indicator right there and it will tell if I am open for calls.

Oh and yes… I did give Myself a raise this year… if you can’t pay the ‘high cost’, you don’t deserve Me….

Buck up and deal, kay cuck?

Ciao for now fuck puppets…..

~ Mistress Alexandra

(PS I also achieved Niteflirt’s “Gold Award” for October… no big deal just My 85th time *evil grin* I’ll be expect the same again for November! *squeezing balls* I also have some new nude pictures…. Have you been lucky enough to see them? Not yet? well save up your bucks bitches.. you gotta PAY to see My amazing bod!)