The best way to describe the fetishes I satisfy is to describe what happened to one of My most obedient slaves over time.

When he first contacted Me, he had a long-running desire to suck a Woman’s toes. Most experts in our field will tell you that foot worship is the first and most elementary form of male slavery. He also had a dream of working in a total Femdom world in which Women control everything! He believed his Female Boss’s ass was the center of the business world, and Ass Worship was among his biggest goals.

This man had virtually no cock, and he longed to be a cuckold to his Wife, who would fuck dicks twice as long and twice as thick as his! He never stopped his masturbation, and that partially allowed Me to shape him in My own image! Soon, I taught him what real humiliation meant!

He loved My instructional tutoring of what a male slave should be. I used the storyline approach to indoctrinating – uh, educating him, LOL! I began to tease him any way I could, and he begged for more. He began to get addicted to Me, and I found I could blackmail him – which is what Mistresses do to keep their married men in line!

It didn’t take long to make him one of My panty boys. I had him fantasizing about wearing red nail polish, and being a good little sissy. Oh, I was playing all sorts of mind games on him! One day, he decided he wanted to send Me money. It scared him at first, but it soon became a huge turn-on to him. He really learned the JOY of financial slavery!

Just over a year ago, he told Me he stopped fucking his Wife. He had heard so many of My Erotic Audios, he thirsted for My powerful hypnosis. He found that I aroused him 10 times more than his Wife possibly could! That’s what REALLY opened the door to My complete control over him!

I granted him orgasmic release sometimes and I mandated orgasm denial at most other times. He began to crave My CBT – cock & ball torture – and I made sure he had his share of blueballs! I got him hooked on a slave’s proper restraint devices.

Eventually, I taught him to be a stroker instead of a masturbator. There’s a real difference. Strokers caress their dicks to MY desire, not theirs. And of course, I do miscellaneous things to keep him happily hooked to Me… forever & ever & ever, mmmmmm!

Do you see yourself in ANY of these fantasies? Even if it’s just one, you’ll find your experience with Me to be truly worthwhile!

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