Have a question? Check out My answers below

  1. Is it REALLY You in the pictures?
    Damn Straight. Fucking Hottie aren’t I?
  2. C’mon, is it really you?
    Yup, you just hit the jackpot, sissy boy.
  3. Does your hubby know?
  4. How did he find out?
    When I forced him to wear My panties, still warm w/ My Lovers Cum.
  5. Do you really cuckold your hubby?
    Yup, Absolutely!
  6. When did you last fuck the hubby?
    On his birthday, August 29th ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. Why don?t you fuck him anymore?
    He doesn?t satisfy Me the way My Boyfriends Do!
  8. Does the hubby have a small dick?
    Yes, a sad little 5 incher!
  9. Wow! How big is your boyfriend?
    I have 3 Boyfriends, Mike 9 inches, Mark 8 thick, and now Jimmy 9 inches ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. Isn’t 5 inches average?
    Not in My book. My hubby was the smallest EVER!
  11. When do you take calls?
    Check My Schedule page.
  12. Your schedule says your off, but your call indicator says your accepting calls. Can I call you?
    Yes, My schedule page is just an approximation of My future availability, you can purchase time if My call indicator says I am taking calls.
  13. What type of fetishes do you do?
    Mostly Sensual Domination with a hint of Humiliation, Check out My kinks page for more fetishes.
  14. What do members get?
    To start with OVER 1400 soft-core photos of Me, Mistress Alexandra, some include Me with My girlfriend Josie and Marina. I am always taking nude/new pictures! 24 Different Image galleries. Exclusive Erotic Library with Written Story Lines, Tease Tutorials, “The Date” with Erotic Captions “The Date” Written Erotic Story. For those curious just how many images I have and the different types, check out My Image Gallery Report.
  15. Can I have a voice sample?
    Click here for a sample request.
  16. How do I tell you are accepting calls?
    My Call indicator (see the very top left hand corner) is what you should refer to when determining My call availability. The yahoo button does not indicate My current call availability. It is just a chat icon that tells you if I am on yahoo messenger at the moment.
  17. What is the billing name on the credit card?
    LMC Enterprises
  18. Do I have to run the charge online?
    Yes, for security purposes, all purchases MUST be purchased online.
  19. Can I purchase by paypal?
    As we ALL KNOW BY NOW, paypal refuses to accept payment for adult purchases.
  20. How long after I purchase a phone session can I call you?
    Typically 5 minutes, I will get an email confirmation, which will activate My toll free number. You can ring thru then.
  21. Can I send you a Gift and/or Donation?
    Absolutely, check out My Wish list page. For cash tributes you can go here My Donation page.


I have the right to refuse any call, for any reason. I make every attempt to be immediately available, but sometimes things crop up in My personal life that require My immediate attention. In the event that it does happen email Me: mistress at asluttywife.com to arrange another time. I also might refuse to do your call because you managed to piss Me off by constantly chatting with Me online and/or expecting Me to read your mind. If you have a particular fantasy, feel FREE to give Me some ideas or insights into what your looking for. I am a Phone Diva, which means I lack the patience for slaves who FAIL TO LISTEN TO ME, or someone who can NOT take the time to read the instructions I have so generously provided online. If you annoy Me or offend Me, I will tell you so, and then I will NOT have time for you and your pathetic male wanking fantasy…. be a good boy…. and your newest addiction, Me, Mistress Alexandra, will blow your little mind…

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