Erotic Audios:
Regardless of your fetishes or Femdom fantasies, My 15-35 minute Mp3s will satisfy even your deepest thoughts & desires. They are all studio-quality recordings in which My sultry voice will melt down your ear like ice cream! For a list of My fantasy categories and titles, visit My Audio shop at Erotic Mp3 Store – Cuckold, Hypnosis, Fantasy Mp3 Stories

If you prefer an alternative to Niteflirt, Contact Me for details.

Erotic Hypnosis: 
About one-third of all My Audios involve hypnosis. Each describes a specific fantasy that you may NEVER be able to explore on your own. But once I “put you under,” anything is possible! Don’t worry, I always restore your brain to its normal state. But your subconscious mind will not forget the seed I’ve delightfully planted! Click to Fall under My spell

Written Erotica:
When you read My descriptive, erotic Femdom stories, you’ll imagine being in the middle of the action! I will occasionally sell these… but sometimes, you get them for free on “The Wall.”

Photo Galleries:
Yes, you’ll see PLENTY of Me on this site. But I can really fulfill your deepest fantasies just with the look or the pose you’ve longed for. Just the way I pose has gotten many-a-slave to explode — even when I told them not to cum! I’m that hot! And when you buy one of My beautifully-themed photo packages, you’ll see for yourself!  BEG to get access to Heaven with 20+ different galleries, Erotic stories, Teasers, Wallpapers & Audio mp3 Stories

Phone Sessions:
You’ll be amazed at what I can do once we begin to chat! Be ready with a specific fantasy… you won’t want to waste a single second of My magic! Just a reminder: I do NOT perform Erotic Hypnosis over the phone. There are simply too many variables when both of us are “live.” My pre-recorded Erotic Audios are the best way to fall under Me! Click to call me now

How to start enjoying My charms & Superiority!


Anybody can buy anything, of course. But before you can have ANY hope that I will recognize you, After all, I need to know how to use you… I cannot read your mind! You’ll then need to send Me a $25 tribute, to recognize My superiority. Once I approve you, feel free to contact Me


Niteflirt is the world’s largest Adult Entertainment meeting place. It’s free to join, but you’ll need to. First, you can ONLY call Me through Niteflirt. When you see the call buttons, you’ll know what I mean. Also, you can pay for My Products and Services ONLY through Niteflirt. You must maintain an account there, which you’ll withdraw from when you buy My goodies. Get started at www.niteflirt .com. Click here to see my Niteflirt Homepage Cuckold Collectress Alexandra.

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