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So you think you know what I’m all about.  Your little dick shivers with pride, knowing that you have purchased My COMPLETE COLLECTION of more than 700 Femdom Mp3s. Right???

Not even close.  Before I took ownership of your weenie, there were many, many slaves who came before you. They ran away because they couldn’t handle Me … or I just wore out their cocks and minds to the point that I couldn’t use them anymore.

Fortunately for you, I have mastered a number of new tricks to keep your dick shivering — and to let you live under My little finger for years and years to come.  Once I taught boys how to goon, they’ve become so attracted to Me that their world would never be the same.

Don’t believe that?  Just scroll down this list of My Erotic Mp3s.

You never thought I could find more than 700 ways to describe how I seize your will — captivate your cock — and adjust your mind and masturbation so you’ll love doing what I desire. My words, My sounds, and My erotic inflections will tickle every part of you. My control is sexier, more Heavenly, and more ball-rattling than anything ANY Woman could do for you in your everyday life.

Just check these titles … and click on the ones you want to buy. Whether it’s your first time or your 500th, you will adore Me anew. See why I’m the biggest bargain on the Web … and why My beauty and power will consume you the way you’ve dreamed of.

2 Small To Care

A Chaste Virgin

A Cock Teasing Twenty Minutes    

A Cruel Beauty

A Cuckold New Year’s Eve

A Cuckolding Weekend 

A Helpless Gooner

A Hostile Takeover

A Joyful Denial

A Long Suffering

A Suckulent Birthday

A Total Sacrifice

A Vicious Cycle

Absolute Ass

Access DENIED!

Aching Tokens 4u

Aching Torment

Aching Ecstasy

Adoring Submissive

Advance Ache

Afternoon (Buck) Fuck

Alexandra’s web

All Day Bulge

All Day Stroking

Always Coming Back!

Angel Eyes

Another Day, Another Denial

Anthony; first guy I fucked in front hubby    

Anything 2 win: 17 minutes later you concede     


Ass Complex

Ass Curse

Ass Spell


Ass Tonic    

Ass Trance  

Ass Wrestler 

Ass Wrestler 2: Winner Takes All



Back again!

Bad habits (What you End Up Doing 4 Me)   

Ball Drainer

Basking in Her Control

BBC Glory Hole


Beat your Meat for Me, Pet!

Beating Off

Beauty Beckons

Bedtime Treat: Erotic Dreams

Beg for It

Being Owned

Best Sex Ever Part 1

Best Sex Ever Part 2

Better & Better


Bewitching Blue  

Big Cock Therapy

Big Cock Therapy-2

Big Strokes

B-I-G Loads

Big Loads & Strokes for Mistress

Birthday Fuck 



Black College Cock   

Black Impregnation   

Black Muscle Beach

Black Widow (Ass submission)

Blown Away

Blow-Up Betty


Blue Stroker

Blueballed Blackmail


Blueballs for Christmas

Boss of your Cock (w/74 images)   

Bound & Milked    

Bound, Seduced and Robbed  

Bow Down!


Brain Melt 


Brainwashed to cum and Forget  

Brainwashed to Work for Me

Brainwashing you

Breaking your Ass

Breast Stress Test
Breathless Control  

Bright Lights

Brilliant Diamond Salesperson 

Broken and Blue

Broken Promises

Broken Hubby


Bromance – Game Day

Busted – Version 1

Busted – Version 2

Busting your balls   

Buy Buy BUY!

Buyer Beware: Greedy Goddess

… by the Balls

Can u Handle It?

Calling All Cocks…

Candi, Just the "lover" for cucky hubbie!

Candy Cock

Can’t Stop!

Captured Spy Torture

Case of the Blue Balls 

CatBurglar: Manipulating a Mogul!

Caught at Conference!

Caught Panty Handed 

CBT – It’s What I’m in the Mood For

Changing Roles



Circle Jerk, for masturbators   

Closet Sissy

Click This, and…

Climax Denial

Club Alexa

Cock Control in 8 easy steps

Cock-Growing Hypnosis

Cock Happy

Cock Hostage  

Cock Hungry Wife



Cock Transformation!

Collared Pet

Commanding Words

Complete Surrender

Consumed by your Goddess

Consummating the Wedding

Content to be Aroused

Control Over your Cock

Controlling Tease


Cornered Cuck

Crawl, Kneel & Beg for Mistress Alexandra

Crawling Back


Crazy Hard-on


CUCK: Performance Appraisal

CUCK Clinic Pt. 2: Sex Ed Treatment

CUCK III: The OCD Masturbator

CUCK IV: Mr. Johnson is back for more

CUCK V: Mr. Johnson is all fucked up

Cuckie Footie

cuckold Luv

Cuckold Panty Sniffer

Cuckold Wife!

Cuckold Wives Club, Step 1

Cuckold Wives Club, Step 2

Cuckold Wives Club, Step 3

Cuckold Therapy

Cuckoldress Confessional

cuckolds can’t Have Me! 

cucky call 

cucky Strap-On Training


Cum Drained & Cum Dumped

Cum Offering

Cum Overload, Wank 3X Daily!

Cum Pipe

Cum to Hypnosis 

Cumming on your Face

Daily Submission Instructions


Dare to be Hypnotized 

Dazed and Denied

Delicious Dick

Demented Doctor, Visit No. 1

Demented Doctor, Visit No. 2

Demented Doctor, Visit No. 3

Denying you




Devious Denial

Devotion & Denial

Devotion Session

Dick Drippers

Dick Drug

Dick-Stroking Hypnotic Worship

Dickless wonder!



Drift Away

Dream a Little Dream

Dressing up for Me

Edge Play

Endure My Treatment

Engorged & Ignored

Enjoy My Sugar, But NO Cumming!

Enslaved submissive

Erection Connection

Erotic Brainwashing

Erotic Hypnosis: Broken

Erotic Hypnosis: Call Back

Erotic Hypnosis: Cock Control

Erotic Hypnosis: Cock Controller

Erotic Hypnosis: Guided Masturbation

Erotic Hypnosis: Letting GO

Erotic Hypnosis: Put Under

Erotic Hypnosis: Stroking Away

Erotic Hypnosis: The Craving

Erotic Hypnotic Spell

Erotic Hypnotism

Erotic Mind Control

Erotic Seduction

Erotic Shivers

Escape with Mistress Alexandra!

Evil Dick Torture: Fire & Ice

EVIL Mistress

Excessive Loads

Expensive Erection Experiment   

Eye Exam, Will you Pass?


Fall Hypnosis

Fall In Lust with your Goddess  

Falling – Hypnotic joy for cuckolds in love 

Feb 15th: What I did to cucky hubby… 

Feed the Addiction 

Feel Me FUCK you, sissy!

Feel the Lust

Femme Fatale

Filled Up, Fucked Over

Financially Fucked


Fluffer Faggot

Foot Pampering: Day at the Salon

Forced Cum-Eating

Forced Cum-Eating Assignment

Forsaken Orgasm



Fucked by the Genie

Fucked Cuck

Fucked Up Fright

Fuckin’ Messages

Fully Loaded

Fully Loaded Balls

Getting inside you

Glory hole sissy slave    

Gooning Again

Good Boy

Good Stroker boi

GOOD Mistress

Goddess Worship Time

Got wood?


Grinding you down

Hand Humping Humiliation  

Happy Alex Lang Syne

Hard, Horny & Helpless

Hard Cold Morning, Need Mistress!

Hard Morning

Hard-On In your Hand

Head Games 

Headhunter: The Interview


Heartbreaker Part 2


Her Hypnotic Beauty

His Costume Party

Hold your Cum

Holding you Hostage


Horny Bitch Boy Slut

Horny Hole

Hot Cock

Hot Strokes

Hot Wife Hotline

How to get out of jail free  

Human ATM:  My "cash cow"

Humble Pie

Humiliation for cucky hubby 

Hump Day

Hush … hussssssh

Hypno Cocks

Hypno Porn Addict

Hypno Tease  

HypnoDomme Alexandra


Hypnotic Bliss

Hypnotic Climax

Hypnotic Control  

Hypnotic cuckold Training

Hypnotic Dreams

Hypnotic Erection

Hypnotic Erotic Tease

Hypnotic Femdom Worship

Hypnotic Fun

Hypnotic Goddess Worship

Hypnotic Heat

Hypnotic Heat, Pt. 2

Hypnotic Lap Dance

Hypnotic Loop

Hypnotic Lure

Hypnotic Masturbation

Hypnotic Mind Chamber

Hypnotic Mistress Masturbation

Hypnotic Queen Meditation

Hypnotic Reconditioning

Hypnotic Robot

Hypnotic Robot 2.0: Wardrobe Module

Hypnotic Robot 3.0: Financial Module

Hypnotic Robot 4.0: Masturbation Module

Hypnotic Robot 5.0: Brainwashing Booth

Hypnotic Robot 6.0: Heart on a Platter

Hypnotic Secrets

Hypnotic Seductress

Hypnotic sissy Slut Training

Hypnotic Sleep

Hypnotic Slumber

Hypnotic Space

Hypnotic Strokers

Hypnotic Surrender

Hypnotic Suspension

Hypnotic Trance

Hypnotic Trick or Treat

Hypnotized by Her Panties

Hypnotized by Thongs

Hypnotized cuckold

Hypnotized cuckold Training

Hypnotized Pet 

Hypnotized Puppet

Hypnotized to Eat Cum

Hypnotizing the Boss


I am too powerful… you are too weak      

I Fuck Him because….

I Love Balling Boys

I Own your Cock

Immersed in Pleasure

In your Head


Inflight Seduction 

Invisible Hand

Jack It

Jake the Personal Trainer

Jerk Addict

Jerk Cycle

Jerk it and Squirt it   

Jerk it for Mistress     

Jerk Off Jail

Jerk off Jail 2: Double Punishment

Jerk off Humiliation  

Jerk Off Hypnosis

Jerk Off On Me!

Jerk Off to Me, with Pix

Jerk off windup toy!

Jizz Rag

Jolly Jerker

Jolly Jerker 2


Judicial Expertease  

Just A Tease

Just a Wanking Phase

Just Listen!

Just Relax    

Killer Kisses

Kiss My Queenly Ass

Lick My Asshole

Lick My Boots

Like a Boomerang!

Lingering & Longing

little dick Abuse

little penis

Little Squirter

Lip Lock: Going Down!

Locked Up

LOL: 14 minutes of humiliation & laughter    

LOL-2: Even More Humiliating

Losing your Mind

Love Drunk

Love Game

Love Hypnosis

Love Spell  

Love Spell 2

Lucky Loser

Maddening Masturbation

Magnetic Pussy

Manic Masturbator

Manly Cocksucker

Magically Pussy Whipped

Magically Pussy Whipped 2

Masturbate Forever

Masturbating for your Mistress

Masturbating Mondays

Masturbation Hypnosis

Masturbation Trance

MEAN Mistress

MEAN Mistress 2 – sissy Slut Day

MEAN Mistress 3 – The Truth about dick size

MEAN Mistress 4 – Ball Buster, No Cumming

Meanest Little Tease Ever

Mega Meta Gooners

Merry Christmas to Me


Mesmerized by My Voice  

Midnight Whispers

Milking Machine 

Mind Control

Mind Control II

Mind Fucked

Mind Invader 

Mind Manipulator    

Mind Reader

Mind Wrecker

Mindless Masturbating Machine   

Mindless Masturbating Machine Part 2

Mindless Stroking Session


Mistress Alexandra’s Dungeon:The Iron Maiden 

Mistress Alexandra’s Favorite Games 

Mistress Loves your "Other" Bulge

Mistress Molestation

Mistress of the Mind, Part 1  

Mistress’ pantied pet

MMS – That Time of the Month


Mocking you

Molding you

Moment of Surrender

Mommy Cuckoldress

Money Honey

Money Party, wanna cum?     

More More More!

Morning Sex Confession 

Morning Wanker   

My April Surprise

My Cruel Clutches

My Chat With your Wife

My Hypnotic Eyes

My Strong Mind, your weak cock 

My Tied-Up Boyfriend

My Wallet-Draining Game

Mystery Phone Call

Nasty Panty-Sniffing Pervert

Naughty Wife, I fuck adam without hubby   


NEEED 2 Masturbate

Needing It Bad

Never Ending Tease

"Nice Ass"

Nip Slip

Nut Job!

Obedient Stroker

Obsession (Feed, Part 1)    

Obsession (Feed, Part 2) 

Office Seduction Massage  

On the Verge: Erotic Hypnosis


Pamper Princess Alexandra

Panty Crimes

Pathetic Wanker      

Pay & Pump

Pecker Puppet 15 minute audio    

Penthouse Sweet Sells & Enslaves you 

Perfect Ass Worship

Perfect Panti boi

Perfect pantyboy Training

Permission to Wank

Personal Services, Pt. 1

Pink Panty Collar

Pitiful Pet

Pixie dick loser

Pixel Prick

Playing Dress-up, Pt. 1

Playing with your mind

Playing you

Pleasure and Pain

Pleasure Buttons for Money Slaves  

Pleasure Hypnosis

Plotting against u  

Powerful Mistress


Power Surge, cuckold’s fantasy becomes real  

Prancing sissy

Pretty Pickpocket

Prison Probed  


Prostate Milking

Pump Humper

Pumping MY Big Cock

Puppet 4 Mistress

Pure Bliss

Magically Pussy Whipped

Magically Pussy Whipped 2

Queer for Cock

Rattling My sissies’ Cages

Red Hot Cock

Red Hot Hypnosis

Reeling you In
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