• Hubby’s smell trainingA cuckolding wife begins to train hubby to respond to the smell of their fuck buddy’s heavenly scent.
  • My Fucked-Up Year-End PhysicalI DEMAND that My slaves take an annual physical. May they all be like the one a slave writes about here. Ms. Nasty Nurse conspires with Ms. Devilish Doctor to probe him and humiliate him so badly, he is still hurting 3 DAYS LATER! Bend over & buy!
  • My Old College “Flame,” Pt. 2You have been waiting and now, it is HERE! Find out how My Goddess Mentor Kristen twists My husbands balls, now that She FINALLY has them. He has had a crush on Her for years. And ooooh, did She CRUSH him! Bonus photo w/Me & Josie, too.
  • Football time!Football time is any time, really. And it always puts guys into a stupor. Buy this story, and you’ll receive a terrific guide for the remainder of the season. Just call it NFL “Goddess Style!”
  • My Old College “Flame,” Pt. 1If you think I am hot, powerful, and conniving you should see My FRIEND! Kristen and I go way back. She made Me the Goddess that I am today!!! Now She is back, JUST to torment My wimpy husband! Buy now, and get to know this RAVING BEAUTY!!
  • Jock Itch… If you ever had a fantasy of coming home and catching your wife in ‘the act’… this is the one story you NEED TO READ!
  • Hottest Bet in TownWhat happens in Vegas doesn’t always STAY in Vegas! Read this delightful story about a betting hubby whose BURNING Wife becomes his payment to a manly, muscular bookie … as he, of course, becomes their reluctant cuckold.
  • My Basketball GoddessNot into Women’s basketball? Buy this story, and you’ll HUNGER for it! Here, a lucky slave is totally controlled by the biggest star at his college. She is simply amazing! And yes, POWERFUL. 😉
  • A cuck’s Second Marriage“I knew what I was getting into when I married for a second time. After my first Wife left, Ruthie threw Herself back into my life. We fell in love, but She was NOT about to give up Her long-time Lover. And that was fine with me.”

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