Aug 012017


You must check this out! … is My new one-stop center for “All Things Alexandra.”  You can buy any of My hundreds of Erotic Mp3s … arrange a phone sex session … and read some of the juiciest Femdom and cuckold stories you’ll find online!  Now more than ever, you need My beauty and power to take over your brain so you can have your best sex possible … edging & gooning for you, slave!!

Oct 212016

You may not know this … but Halloween is one of My favorite times of year!!   Here’s a FREE short story written by one of My older slaves.   He and his Wife spent the night at a casino-hotel.  She hit the jackpot!  And hubby?   Well, let’s just say his ‘betting’ paid off in the end.  Click on the colored line below and enjoy.  It’s MY treat!

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Jun 042016

I’ve got some passionate slaves who dream to leave their Wives & GFs forever and serve ME full-time!  But they won’t … and it drives them nuts.  Just thinking about this makes their weenies thicker than ever … and then their fantasies runneth over. 

Here, slave0001 shares his love of being My financial slave (he yearns to give Me $100,000!).  Here’s a variation on an all-time favorite story, at least for My slaves0001 and 0002. 😉  So … how will YOU please Me? 


slave0001, you’re such a good sport, LOL!  I knew you expected a toe-sucking session alone with Me, but slave0002 beat you to it … again!  You’re lucky you brought enough $$$!  At least you get to lick My little toes while your, um, “better half” gets ALL of My feet!

He’s a better foot slave than you, anyway … much more experienced.  Mmmmm, you’re WELCOME 0002!  I feel those lips tighten up when you suck Me … that tongue hitting harder on My sore sole!  Ohhhhhhh, that feels good!

You’re lucky he’s here, slave0001 … I wore the same stockings for three days just so they could smell GREAT!  After all, it’s not often that I get TWO slaves servicing Me!

Yeah, turn your eyes toward Me, 0001.  Look at My hot little fingers rubbing up-and-down My cash … the money you spend long days & weeks working for.  You bust your ass in a salt mine so I could take My Lover out on a night you could only DREAM of!  A steak dinner … hours at the club where we’ll bump asses and drink to our hearts’ content … and then the rest of the weekend in My bed, while My cuckie husband serves us hand and foot!

OH, DON’T CHOKE 0002 … I know that’s your dream, too!
Ohhhhhh, yeah, you guys are lickin’ and suckin’ it GOOD now.  Keep going!

0001, you’ll be done in about 5 minutes.  I told your boss you need some more hours.  She said She’d gladly let you bust your ass, as long as all the money goes to ME!  Oh, and now that we’re family, I’ll be calling your Wife any time now.  When we’re through, She’ll WANT you to keep paying Me — it’s a small price to pay so She can fuck a REAL man every night!

Hey, don’t gag 0002.  slave0001’s rushing back to work, and you — you lucky boy — you’re all alone with Me for the rest of the night, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

Feb 132016

If you’re not following this story, you’re missing a SUPER TREAT!   But fortunately, a Sassy Summary is right here.  You’ll see what happens when Ms. Roxie, the Fantastic Female Boss, forces Her male secretary to divorce his Wife, and becum Her 24/7 slave!  The court hearing is so believable, it will rattle you to your core!  Mmmmmmmm.  Click on the colored link below & enjoy.  And Parts 1 & 2 are below!

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Jun 012015

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