Nov 232017

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Nov 102017

Apparently, you don’t know how to work for a Woman. So at the end of your job review, I fire you as an assistant accounting manager. But I do have another job for You … one that will definitely give you a … um, “Feminine education!” You’ll love hearing Me, your Female Boss, give you My personal assistant’s job description in my Storyline Mp3 “A Softer Image.” Believe Me, once I finish with you … your next Female Boss will THANK Me!

Nov 022017

Interracial cuckolding is the way to go if you totally want to humiliate your husband. Let’s face it, black guys are usually well hung, and cuckie hubbies usually aren’t. So rub it in his face by fucking big black rods right in front of him. Truly, if you want to put your cuckie hubby in his place, go for interracial cuckolding! Mmmmm, it’s sooooooo good. Ooooooo, my white pussy is in need of a goooood fucking from a monster black cock! Humongous black dicks – 10 inches and meaty – are the only dicks that give me orgasms. I’m going clubbing tonight to find my black alpha bull. I’m sure he won’t turn down pounding my white pussy with his big battering ram!

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Oct 252017


Alot of My cuckold callers ask Me,Who I think has the biggest dick in the Adult Entertainment Business?

Well, I’ve thought long & hard (pun intended) about this and In My Not So Humble Opinion I think Mr. Marcus is the ideal big black bull to fuck. As you all should know by now he has a a REALLY BIG AND SEXY BLACK COCK. By the look on the ladies face, she is really enjoying the ride! In addition he is very muscular and SEXY AS FUCK!

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Oct 202017

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Oct 152017

MAPolepix0012As if any of you retards couldn’t tell by now, I’m quite the Financial Dominatrix. And because of that, you’ll get such a financially fucking from Me that your wallet will be sore & walking funny! Not only will I rape money piggies wallets, I will totally humiliate you in the process. Call now to find out if you are man enough for my humiliating financial domination

Oct 152017

aneveningsdriveYou may think I am wicked but you don’t even know the half of it. This is my most evil mp3 to date. I am a sexy powerful woman and I can get away with anything. A femme fatale like me can use any combination of wiles, charms and sex appeal to make any man succumb to me. And you love it. You love boss dominant women getting their way. Hear just how far I can go and how hard it will make your dickie in this story.

Aug 302017

You crave my voice crawling in your brain and your subconscious. You have no self control and need me to rule your life. You need to submit to a superior Goddess and give in to your basic desires to stroke. You will surrender yourself to me as I use my hypnotic voice and ASMR to induce you into a specially crafted trance. Listen to me manipulate my voice with proficiency as I manipulate your mind. Listen and fuck your fist faster the deeper I get into your brain…