Feb 172017

You think you can escape Me. But you can’t. You get busy — or you’re making less $$$– and you assume you don’t have the time or the cash to feed your fix for the way I tease your brain as I control your cock and everything else about you.  But a funny thing happens after a while. You crawl back. You need how I rule you. You love how I torture you. You love this, so you will buy My “Torture Talk” right now. Your balls need it so bad, mmm.

May 172016

In Part-2 of this sexxxy operation, I am again the Devious Dr. Alexandra. And I tell My job candidate the REAL reason he’s seeing Me! His Girlfriend no longer considers him a man. So She asked ME … Her long-lost cousin … to give him the Estrogen Therapy that turns this bubble gum chewing, panty-pooping boy into a full Feminine sissy!  Once his genitals disappear, he will finally be of use to Me, as he serves as My maid at the fabulous sex party I’m hosting tonight!  Buy Bubble Gum Bimbo-Estrogen Therapy, hear how I whip My girlie into saucy submission!

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Apr 272016

I couldn’t believe you wanted to go out with Me again — not after I let you pick Me up from that high-class lounge and take Me home, just so My Girlfriends and I could get our jollies humiliating you to the depths of hell.  Only a LOSER would like what we did. But now, you see Me as this Salacious Mistress.  Well, that’s bullshit, bitch. And frankly, I’m MAD that you’re gonna make Me and My friends put you in your place AGAIN.  Buy A Pickup Gone Wrong, Part 2 and see where we take you … I promise, the only piece of ass you’ll get is YOUR OWN, LMAO!!!

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Apr 132016

A sissy was applying for a job when he met Dr. Alexandra. But he couldn’t believe what the “interview” involved!  In this amazingly sexy story, I play the gynecologist who shocks the job applicant by giving him a required prostate exam, only to find his cute little PINK PANTIES and a big hole up his ass.  And that bubble gum he was chewing — so wimpy, so fag-like HA HA!!!! I love fucking him with My fingers … then I love fucking him over with all the job “man”dates I order. Man? No way! Buy Bubble Gum Bimbo & hear the fun I have with My dainty sissy office boy!

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Mar 292016


A good sissy needs a GREAT Mistress to own him, even a rich executive like you. So when you left for a week with your Girlfriend without MY permission — I HAD to put you in your place. Your forgot that I once demanded a key to your condo and all your credit cards, e-mail passwords, cell phone info, etc. When you left with her, it was time for ME to redecorate your apartment, and seize your identity to invite your friends to a party that humiliated you beyond belief!  How did I do it? You’ll have to buy Part 4 of Your sissy Life audio Mp3 series and find out!

BONUS: Includes photos of the SEXY furniture you bought when I redecorated your apartment! 
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Mar 152016

APGWnipLucky you!  You found an amazingly beautiful Lady in the club, and She’s ACTUALLY taking you home.  But you have no clue what Her agenda is.  She didn’t even notice you. Her three friends saw how RUDE you were to your waitress and a couple other Ladies. The thing is, you had no idea who you were trying to pick up — a kind, high-class Lady who was about to do you a favor and shock you back to reality. What does She and Her friends have in mind?  Buy this Mp3 “A Pickup Gone Wrong” and hear your “date” deliciously spell it all out.  You won’t BELIEVE what She does!

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Jan 202016

thecatburglar“Oh, how the mighty fall.” You know how Women turn celebrities into mush — torturing, threatening, and bribing them out of their massive fortunes. Tonight, it’s MY turn!  Arthur P. Bridgewater III is by far the richest business tycoon I’ve ever met. I was his date at a snooty party, where he bragged about his excess. But I knew better. And after the party ended, I quietly broke into his quarters and made him a sex-pained slave to his own gold — to which I helped MYSELF, mmmm. How sneaky am I? I’ll tell you when you buy this amazing story, The Cat Burglar!

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Sep 162015

Worship Me right, and you’ll have the most amazing sex ever. When My voice slides into your brain, MY thoughts seep in as your thoughts vanish. When My hands begin to snoop, the edges of My beautiful fingers make you goon with delight, never to cum until I allow it.  And when My SOUL takes over yours … all you’ll want is to fall under Me as I seize your sex life forever. Your fate is sealed. There is nothing you can do, so buy this Mp3. I’d love to tell you how I Seize ur Sex. I claim it for My own and will never let it go.  You need this so badly. And you’ll be grateful when ur sexual being becomes MINE.

… Niteflirt Customers

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Jun 262015

99% of My slaves are wonderful and I am very pleased with you. This post is directed to those new slaves who have recently discovered Me. It seems I’ve had a rash of misbehaving and/or RUDE slaves.

To help refresh your minds about what I expect check out My slave etiquette page. The important point is DO NOT BE RUDE! EVER! This also means NO PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE COMMENTS! If I detect any hint of disrespect I will ignore. Life is too short. I enjoy what I do which means if I don’t enjoy our interactions there is no point in continuing.

I am a REAL DOMINA and I expect My pets to be REAL SUBMISSIVES. Topping from the bottom is NOT ALLOWED.

Jun 032015

I know you’re embarrassed to tell Me … You have lots of pain ‘cuz you masturbate WAY too much!  I am the perfect doctor for you!  I treat LOTS of guys, and even some Women with your condition.  I know you can’t help yourself.  You see SO many beautiful, Dominant Women whom you have no hope to fuck — and you cut your dick so badly, you no longer cum when your jerk off!  That’s normal.  (More below My photo)
Fortunately, you have come to the right doctor!   Buy this Mp3 and hear what happens when I hypnotize you … and then start, um, “solving” your problem.  You WILL learn how to live with your sweet “NEEED 2 Masturbate!”
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