Oct 292017

You won’t believe
My “romantic” Halloween surprise for My wimpie husband.  First, we head to a remote cabin.  There, he melts when he sees My super-sexy outfit.  Soon after, he’s giving “head” to his brand new sex boy — MY BLACK LOVER’S COCK!   Oh, he thought it was My strap-on.  But you know how much I LUV foolin’ My hubbie.  And I do with it delight in this flaming Halloween Mp3 Fucked Up Fright!   😉
… for Niteflirt Customers

Jun 122017

fffYou think you can escape Me.  You can’t.  You’re too much of a pervert.  You play & play with yourself.  Something gets stuck in your head … and and then your hand can’t resist that little fire in your balls and that nothing of a cock.  Admit it. You’re nothing but a masturbator.  That’s it. You’re too weak to resist.  You’ll be less miserable if you accept your lot in life. Buy Fist Fucking Freak … connect to your REAL purpose.

Dec 212016

gooningisgoodI’m not your wife ... I’m not your girlfriend. Therefore, you should expect something different from Me — something special that only you and I share. Imagine me pumping your dick with my soft and beautiful hand. You feel your balls stir in orgasmic excitement — and then, everything stops. It sounds horrible, after guys they get used to it, they LOVE gooning for Me. Buy this 5 1/2 minute primer and hear Me tell it all to you. Mmmmm … a very tasty treat!

Nov 142016

If you’re one of My happy slaves, it has been a LONG time since you’ve had a real orgasm.  I’ve taught you the pleasure of edging, and the importance of safekeeping MY cum as a heavy load in your balls.  But today … if you buy this 16 minute thriller … I will give you an orgasm!  That’s right. It’s the LAST ORGASM you’ll receive this year. But it will be an amazing experience; buy The Last Orgasm and feel this for yourself.

Nov 022016

Let’s explore what happens when you get Stiff & Ridged for Me.  Your cock feels harder than ever. You feel my fingers touching it. It triggers an electric response through your body. And it’s so good, you will do anything to keep this unbelievable feeling. You might hear Me say you’re stiff and “rigid.” But you are truly Ridged … totally taken over by ME and My Beauty. Stiff & Ridged will give you a sensation beyond sex. Buy this Mp3 now.

Apr 132016

A sissy was applying for a job when he met Dr. Alexandra. But he couldn’t believe what the “interview” involved!  In this amazingly sexy story, I play the gynecologist who shocks the job applicant by giving him a required prostate exam, only to find his cute little PINK PANTIES and a big hole up his ass.  And that bubble gum he was chewing — so wimpy, so fag-like HA HA!!!! I love fucking him with My fingers … then I love fucking him over with all the job “man”dates I order. Man? No way! Buy Bubble Gum Bimbo & hear the fun I have with My dainty sissy office boy!

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Feb 012016

If you’re not a sissy … you’ll WANT to be, once you hear My exciting Mp3 sissy Nooner.  If you’re reading this, there’s no way you can fuck a real Woman anyway. Your cock is so tiny, nobody but you would even call it a cock!  Your asshole? That’s different. You’ve GOT to hear this 5-minute noon-time fuck treat. It’s a HOT sissy Nooner, for sure!  I do the fucking with my TEN-INCH black dildo. You’ll hear Me howl, scream, and MOAN as I fuck you the way you’re MEANT to be fucked, sissy!  So get those panties, buy this audio, and go nuts hearing Me go crazy!

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Dec 152015

pinpantycollarPanty Collar — the one that will brand you as MY slave forever and ever!  No backing out now, you’ve been begging for this for a long, long time! Get the smoothest pink panty you can … something to help you feel comfortable and Feminine in the chastity device you’re required to wear.  That’s right, no more “man orgasms’ for you, sissie boi. Now go run off and shop … Buy this new Mp3 “Pink Panty Collar.” This will be My nicest assignment for you, I promise (quietly LOL!)

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