Nov 062016

You think sucking cock is GROSS?
Think again, slave … Yes, even YOU have a little gay streak in ‘ya.
All guys do.  And I LOVE bringing it out…
   …  I’ve got two sports-loving slaves who watch a lot of games on TV together.  Well, I thought it was time for them to play a little “Bromance” game of their own.  It was innocent at first.  But they got so hot … and they got shocked knowing I watched it all! I promise, you will love Me tell this Mp3 story!  Buy Bromance: Game Day before your next game.  You two buddies will be, um, “closer than ever!”
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Oct 262016

Lots of wimpy guys think Halloween is a holiday that’s perfect for sissies!  They dress like girlies and assume that nobody will notice them.  But we DO!  Me and all of My Lady Friends see right through you boys.  So to celebrate, I called on my old slave boy from high school again … and I promised him a night he would NEVER forget!  Not only did I make him wear a sexy dress, I had cock-loving surprises for him in not just one hotel room, but SEVEN!  Buy and enjoy Part 7 of “Your sissy Life” … and enjoy Halloween slurpies you’ll want again & again, mmmmmmm …

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Jun 132016

My best slaves are also My happiest.  They don’t have the everyday tensions that you do. They don’t have the sexual pressure that you have. Join these lucky guys! Buy My Mp3 Blank Empty Space. Lie back and relax as My voice fills your brain.  Immediately, you will stroke with the greatest of relaxation. You will stop just short of orgasm, so you may enjoy this beautiful, blissful feeling again and again. Once I consume you, you will crave My total control, always. Whatever I want from you will be your survival … and your complete sex life. Soooo good.

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Jun 042016

I’ve got some passionate slaves who dream to leave their Wives & GFs forever and serve ME full-time!  But they won’t … and it drives them nuts.  Just thinking about this makes their weenies thicker than ever … and then their fantasies runneth over. 

Here, slave0001 shares his love of being My financial slave (he yearns to give Me $100,000!).  Here’s a variation on an all-time favorite story, at least for My slaves0001 and 0002. 😉  So … how will YOU please Me? 


slave0001, you’re such a good sport, LOL!  I knew you expected a toe-sucking session alone with Me, but slave0002 beat you to it … again!  You’re lucky you brought enough $$$!  At least you get to lick My little toes while your, um, “better half” gets ALL of My feet!

He’s a better foot slave than you, anyway … much more experienced.  Mmmmm, you’re WELCOME 0002!  I feel those lips tighten up when you suck Me … that tongue hitting harder on My sore sole!  Ohhhhhhh, that feels good!

You’re lucky he’s here, slave0001 … I wore the same stockings for three days just so they could smell GREAT!  After all, it’s not often that I get TWO slaves servicing Me!

Yeah, turn your eyes toward Me, 0001.  Look at My hot little fingers rubbing up-and-down My cash … the money you spend long days & weeks working for.  You bust your ass in a salt mine so I could take My Lover out on a night you could only DREAM of!  A steak dinner … hours at the club where we’ll bump asses and drink to our hearts’ content … and then the rest of the weekend in My bed, while My cuckie husband serves us hand and foot!

OH, DON’T CHOKE 0002 … I know that’s your dream, too!
Ohhhhhh, yeah, you guys are lickin’ and suckin’ it GOOD now.  Keep going!

0001, you’ll be done in about 5 minutes.  I told your boss you need some more hours.  She said She’d gladly let you bust your ass, as long as all the money goes to ME!  Oh, and now that we’re family, I’ll be calling your Wife any time now.  When we’re through, She’ll WANT you to keep paying Me — it’s a small price to pay so She can fuck a REAL man every night!

Hey, don’t gag 0002.  slave0001’s rushing back to work, and you — you lucky boy — you’re all alone with Me for the rest of the night, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

Feb 222016

Imagine a party with beautiful Women, handsome guys, and an eager sissy serving them head-to-toe. You’ll never be beautiful, but you can still enjoy their company by being MY sweet sissy! You’d spend lots of time around Me by being My favorite sissy. Come, explore “your sissy life!”

I bet you can’t wait for this series to start! Soon My sweet sissy, soon you’ll have your chance to find out what your sissy life would be like!

Nov 012015

One of My former pets was at the Halloween Play Party and was begging Me to own him again! I told him if I was, He best be serious. When I play, I play for KEEPS! I am dead serious and won’t be wasting time! I am gonna keep My sights on you subbie. I own u and u know it.

FYI: It has been YEARS since he actively served Me….. and well. I guess the need never really goes away… does it subbie?

Jun 262015

99% of My slaves are wonderful and I am very pleased with you. This post is directed to those new slaves who have recently discovered Me. It seems I’ve had a rash of misbehaving and/or RUDE slaves.

To help refresh your minds about what I expect check out My slave etiquette page. The important point is DO NOT BE RUDE! EVER! This also means NO PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE COMMENTS! If I detect any hint of disrespect I will ignore. Life is too short. I enjoy what I do which means if I don’t enjoy our interactions there is no point in continuing.

I am a REAL DOMINA and I expect My pets to be REAL SUBMISSIVES. Topping from the bottom is NOT ALLOWED.

Sep 172014

BAD BOY …  I caught you jerking your dickie too often.   Now, here’s your sentence:  Buy this Mp3 and serve time in My Jerk-Off Jail!   A cold, bare dungeon in My basement NO cumming, NO fucking, and limited human contact.  Just you in your cell!  You can’t fuck, you can’t work, but you can jerk 24/7 to My photos on the walls.   Every so often, I’ll walk by and watch a bunch of My prisoners jerking themselves, never stopping, never cumming, never going.  This Mp3 has some DELICIOUS sound effects — you’ll hear Me lock you up.
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Sep 062014

One of My slaves recently wrote:  “Your wit and intelligence drew me to You … and then Your Heavenly beauty snared me in.  Whenever i serve You, i imagine that You’re standing in front of me, where i sniff Your pantyhose and Ass.  The scent COMMANDS me to do and give anything YOU want, any time of the day or night.  During my last wedding anniversary, all I could think about was YOU … and what i must do to please YOU.  My Wife is a great friend, but…”

You get the picture.  Most life partners don’t give their husbands the Female Dominance they desperately need.  I do.  And I’ve collected an amazing group of slaves and cuckolds!  I am the most important person in their lives.  Honestly, they have never been happier!

How about you?  Just browse this blog, buy something you like, and see what I can do for you.  See and hear why My slaves love and adore Me, and live for ME online more than anyone they see!