Aug 012017


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Jul 072017

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Are you gettin’ hot about the start of My new website?  You should!  Hypnotic Erotic Mp3 debuts in less than a week, with hundreds of Femdom Mp3 vignettes, vivid written sex and cuckold stories, free samples, links to My Phone Sex sessions, and more!
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Feb 092016

EXCITING NEWS!  Starting right now, you can check out My COMPLETE COLLECTION of Femdom Audio Mp3s from right here on this Wall!

You no longer need to leave this Web site to browse through My 700+ sizzling vignettes. You never dreamed you could find so many ways for My amazing voice to seize your will … captivate your cock … and adjust your mind and masturbation so you’ll love doing what I desire.

Just click on AUDIO Mp3s on the top bar of this page, directly under My name at the very top.  That’s where you’ll find My full Mp3 Library.  Do it now, before your cock gets unbearable … mmmmm, that’s what I do to you!


Jan 022015

Happy 2015, boy.  Got those rocks off in the New Year yet?   NO????   Well … This is your lucky day. 😉

Go to My Twitter site, and you’ll get two FREE Teasers — “The Date” and “Ice Princess.”  Treat your cock to a sizzling slide show with a short story AND amazingly hot photos of your favorite Goddess.  The slides will automatically change in your browser; no media player is needed to enjoy these.

Also … You’ll find 2015 Wallpaper featuring some of My most beautiful poses  — 2 basic sizes, perfect for both computers and many mobile devices.

Find these at — In the search box, enter the hash tag #The Hypnotic Queen.  Then find the “Teasers” links at the top.  So easy. So sexy.

There will not be a new chapter this week in the ongoing story “Cheering On the Mighty Ms.”  Gabby’s secretary is still waiting to hear from his Boss and Her beautiful Female-management team after they all bolted to Cancun for the New Year.  My guess is that they’re too busy fucking guys like crazy.  Why should they even think about their office wimp, huh?

Dec 242014


I know I haven’t posted much during the holidays … I’ve just been way too busy!

  • There are Lovers to please … They just can’t get enough cock into Me.
  • There are slaves to manage … They beg for My sweet Sugar Plums dancing in their heads.
  • There are gifts to accept & enjoy … My slaves are VERY GENEROUS — If you haven’t given, there’s still time.
  • And like you, I have precious friends & family to get together with.
  • Christmas is My favorite time, and not just for toying with My good boys.

HAPPY NEW YEAR … Hope you had an enjoyable Christmas under Me!  😉
And a reminder … My Mp3 sales continue at and  Most of My hundreds of Femdom erotic audio delights are just $9.99 each.  If you’re reading this, they definitely need to be a big part of your holiday season!

Jul 082014
Scroll down a little, and enjoy My most recent goodies…
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Jun 172014

I’m finally enjoying a summer on the beach that a Gorgeous Goddess craves!   Ah, but I’m also giving My slaves a great summer.   Check back here often so you don’t miss the fun!

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* Cheering On the Mighty Ms. – FREE written chapter each Friday.  It’s My sissy secretary’s dream about serving a former college cheerleader half his age who walks into his company and starts as the CEO — AND his Owner!  Eleven chapters are here, expect a couple more at least.

… Now if you’ll excuse Me, I must whip My secretary into submission again … so he slaves away while I enjoy the sand, My Girlfriends, and the hot cocks on the beach!  Oh, I’ll be here for your personal dress-down phone calls, too … watch for the “Call Now” button when I’m here.  😉

Feb 182014

Valentine’s Day has come and gone … but My gifts for you just keep on giving!
* Hypnotic Goddess Worship:  I mean business … Buy this Mp3 & fall under the Magical Me.
* Riding you during our Strap-On Phone Sex Call:  This is the true feeling of a lifetime!
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