Oct 312017

scarysissyhallowenpartyMales learn early that it feels VERY GOOD to do favors for Girls — carrying their books, etc.  One nice guy even carried furniture into My new apartment. When he turned his ass toward Me, I saw his pink panties. I didn’t say anything — I just took notes that reminded Me how I would Feminize him someday.  And at Halloween, I took the opportunity. Buy My “Scary Sissy Halloween Party” Mp3 … and hear how I dressed down this guy … and then dressed him UP for the night of his life!!!

Dec 312016

What happened to you??  You were such a cute little sissy in high school. You knew you couldn’t get into our pants, so you showered us with slavery — doing our homework, buying our panties, arranging our fuck parties, and all the submissive stuff that kept you in our lives. Now, you have disappeared. Oh, I know: You’re this big CEO now, and you don’t want any “embarrassment.”

Well guess what, wimp? My Lady photographer friend and I know ALL about you. And unless you revisit your sissy ways, there’s no telling WHAT we might do. So here’s what you’ll do: Buy all four chapters of My Erotic Mp3 series “Your sissy Life.” They’re now on sale, only $75.00 for all FOUR.  Get ’em now … or take what we decided to give you, mister sissy boy!!!


Oct 262016

Lots of wimpy guys think Halloween is a holiday that’s perfect for sissies!  They dress like girlies and assume that nobody will notice them.  But we DO!  Me and all of My Lady Friends see right through you boys.  So to celebrate, I called on my old slave boy from high school again … and I promised him a night he would NEVER forget!  Not only did I make him wear a sexy dress, I had cock-loving surprises for him in not just one hotel room, but SEVEN!  Buy and enjoy Part 7 of “Your sissy Life” … and enjoy Halloween slurpies you’ll want again & again, mmmmmmm …

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Sep 172016

ysl6Remember, sissy, when you thought you escaped Me by going to a college at least 100 miles away?  You couldn’t lose Me THAT easily, LOL!  You had no idea how many connections I had — and still have.  If I want to fuck you over, I know the perfect Woman anywhere in the world who would happy to put you in your place!  How did I do this?  Buy Your sissy Life, Pt. 6, and I’ll tell all — well, at least what I want you know, you pathetic sissy slut!!!!



Aug 262016

Ready for more fun???  My Goddess Friend Brandi and I have been busy fucking real men all summer … and now, we’re ready to remind you about that summer’s end long ago — when the sissy you dreamed of being showed itself in front of all the beautiful bikini Queens and muscular studs. You will LOVE this steamy reminder of what we went through in Your Sissy Life, Part 5!   And hear Parts 1-4 if you haven’t enjoyed them already!

Jun 082016

Congratulations, you Burly Alpha Male. You won a full total body transformation at my relaxing, comforting Spa.  Don’t let my champagne and my pink comforter throw you off — I promise you will love the “whole new you” that I cannot wait to create!  Before you even know it, you will look much more … um, appealing.  And you will aspire to highlight the pink and dainty beauty that is hidden in every male.  Buy this sexy, revolutionary Mp3 and see how pretty and nice your future will be in My Sissy Dollhouse!

May 202016
I have thousands of slaves, and each has something in common: They are all sissies to some degree.  Even my big-cock slaves have secret desires to wear panties, pantyhose, nail polish, etc. Regardless of cock size, all of My slaves savor ME — and they will never get into MY world until they kneel, dress as I desire, service My friends and fuck buddies, and do whatever I command.
Being My sissy is not just a one-time thing — it’s a lifestyle.  Four of My latest Erotic Mp3s celebrate the sissy, and how I love using him for MY pleasure. Scroll down on this blog and find each part of “Your sissy Life.” This powerful 4-part series explores the various stages of My sissies from high school girls’ cliques, to adult cuckolds who suck the cocks of the Studs their Wives LOVE to fuck! You’ll hear what drives these lucky guys to be used and enjoyed by the world’s most and Superior Women. You’ll want each part of this series … your cock will tell you how much you NEED this, Mmmm!
May 172016

In Part-2 of this sexxxy operation, I am again the Devious Dr. Alexandra. And I tell My job candidate the REAL reason he’s seeing Me! His Girlfriend no longer considers him a man. So She asked ME … Her long-lost cousin … to give him the Estrogen Therapy that turns this bubble gum chewing, panty-pooping boy into a full Feminine sissy!  Once his genitals disappear, he will finally be of use to Me, as he serves as My maid at the fabulous sex party I’m hosting tonight!  Buy Bubble Gum Bimbo-Estrogen Therapy, hear how I whip My girlie into saucy submission!

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May 032016

Tonight, there’s a major sporting event in town — so that means a LOT of Black Bulls will be at the party I’m hosting!  I need more slaves to serve My guests, both men and Women — and I will need you to give them ANYTHING they want!  I have trained you for this night for a long, long time — so be ready to give those giant cocks and Delicious Dominatrices ANYTHING they want. “The Masquerade Ball” is a tasty story about a tasty party!  Buy this, and enjoy hearing My mesmerizing marching orders!  Believe Me, just the way I describe this is sexy enough! Mmmmm …

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Mar 292016


A good sissy needs a GREAT Mistress to own him, even a rich executive like you. So when you left for a week with your Girlfriend without MY permission — I HAD to put you in your place. Your forgot that I once demanded a key to your condo and all your credit cards, e-mail passwords, cell phone info, etc. When you left with her, it was time for ME to redecorate your apartment, and seize your identity to invite your friends to a party that humiliated you beyond belief!  How did I do it? You’ll have to buy Part 4 of Your sissy Life audio Mp3 series and find out!

BONUS: Includes photos of the SEXY furniture you bought when I redecorated your apartment! 
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