Apr 262017

1stdatehumiliationSince the beginning of time, “First Dates” have been humiliating for guys.  Today, with all the high-tech toys out there, those first dates can get more embarrassing than ever!  You’ve GOT to hear My Mp3 story “First Date Humiliation.”  He went on a date, but couldn’t fuck Her … so he went home and jerked off online.  He never knew his date saw that … and then Her FRIENDS saw that. Once he found out, his crotch almost exploded!!!!

Mar 042017

wicked0012Your cock may be too tiny to fuck a Woman, but you can still have great sex for a Goddess!  In this 16-minute delight, I take My slave back to his basic element … stroking to My most beautiful features: My feet, high heels, legs, and Perfect Ass!  No, your weenie is not good enough to touch the walls of My Giant Pussy … but I’m right there, cheering you on as your HOT jizz graces the best parts of MY body … the Woman you can never fuck.  Buy this Sexy Ass & Heels Fetish Mp3 … and get ready to cum BIG for Me!!!!!

Nov 142016

If you’re one of My happy slaves, it has been a LONG time since you’ve had a real orgasm.  I’ve taught you the pleasure of edging, and the importance of safekeeping MY cum as a heavy load in your balls.  But today … if you buy this 16 minute thriller … I will give you an orgasm!  That’s right. It’s the LAST ORGASM you’ll receive this year. But it will be an amazing experience; buy The Last Orgasm and feel this for yourself.

Aug 042016

Ice Cube.

Have you built up blueballs for Me?  Are you one of those slaves who’ve been waiting for Me to let you release?  Congratulations … You have not touched your weenie for seven to 10 days. Your cum has jammed up your balls, and it’s made your crotch SO tight.  Well, here’s the payoff!  Buy Cum Cubes, Part 1 … Enjoy your most exciting masturbation ever, as you adore photos of My beautiful body.  You will explode … and I’ll have you put all of that thick, potent cream in a special, special place — an empty ice cube tray.  Buy this now … SO much fun!

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Jul 142016

summertimehumiliationchallengeWelcum to Summer!  For me, it’s the SEXIEST time of the year.  That’s because I’ve got the body to fuck and fuck and fuck My GIANT studs!  You?  Not so much.  Remember, you can’t fuck a Woman, so I’m gonna give you some different fun this summer.  Buy this super-sexy slave Mp3, Summer Humiliation, and see what I have in mind for you.

ALL OF MY SLAVES will complete this challenge.  To help, this has a lower price of $14.99.  You’ll need a watermelon and some lipstick — plus a towel so you don’t get too sloppy.  Oh, and bring your appetite, too, OOOOOO…

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May 242016

Our jobs can make us so vulnerable. In this vivid, tease-tinged 23-minute story, you’ll hear Me explain how David would lose a professional contract and move away — unless he can rent a good apartment TODAY. Cheryl shows him a unit and describes each room with a firm professional demeanor — while showing quiet signs of sexual mystery!  Listen carefully: She slowly places David in the palm of Her hand, especially when they tour the bedroom.  What happens then will AMAZE you.  You will shiver with sexual excitement when you hear The Apartment.

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Feb 012016

If you’re not a sissy … you’ll WANT to be, once you hear My exciting Mp3 sissy Nooner.  If you’re reading this, there’s no way you can fuck a real Woman anyway. Your cock is so tiny, nobody but you would even call it a cock!  Your asshole? That’s different. You’ve GOT to hear this 5-minute noon-time fuck treat. It’s a HOT sissy Nooner, for sure!  I do the fucking with my TEN-INCH black dildo. You’ll hear Me howl, scream, and MOAN as I fuck you the way you’re MEANT to be fucked, sissy!  So get those panties, buy this audio, and go nuts hearing Me go crazy!

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Jun 052015

blackcouch0002   June can be SO hectic!  There’s so much happening … Now is the PERFECT time to treat yourself to My teasing treat “Breathless Control.”  In this 15-minute delight, I use My vivacious voice to make you do ANYTHING I want!  You won’t need to touch your dick – My breathiness, cooing, and saucy inflections will make your cock EXPLODE before you know it.  I’m so sexy and powerful, you’ll need to resist an orgasm just to stay sane!  Mmmmm, what a nice game … and just like a Good Goddess, I ALWAYS win!
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May 012015

Yes, you read that right! I’ve given My hubbie a sweet, “flexible” lover as a late Valentine’s/Spring gift.  And if he’s lucky … he’ll get to fuck Candi while Me & My REAL Lover watch & lafffff! I speak directly to hubbie in this 16-minute mp3. You’ll hear Me “help” him … while I totally humiliate him! The sound effects are SO amazing, you’ll hear his & Candi’s every move! A perfect “double date” for the cuckold & his Goddess, mmm…

You’ll love the story … and You’ll love the price even more — Only FIVE DOLLARS, but only for one week!  Hurry & enjoy this saucy bargain!

Dec 172014

If you really love Me, you will spend HOURS & HOURS jerking for Me.  You know you can never fuck a Goddess like Me … but you can still be useful as My “Jolly Jerker!” As you jerk away, it feels better and better — especially at Christmas time.  And it feels better obeying My commands, too, so you’ll have more of a desire to live fully for the Glory of Me. This 15-minute Mp3 celebrates you, mr. Jolly Jerker!   Buy this audio & join My party!
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