Aug 012017


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Jul 072017

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Are you gettin’ hot about the start of My new website?  You should!  Hypnotic Erotic Mp3 debuts in less than a week, with hundreds of Femdom Mp3 vignettes, vivid written sex and cuckold stories, free samples, links to My Phone Sex sessions, and more!
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Jun 222017

How’s your summer going?  Enjoying the weather?  Do you like watching your Wife or Girlfriend walk up and down the beach in that skin tight bikini and those luscious curves?  Mmmm, nice, huh???  And what about Her friends?  They look delicious too, don’t they?

But what happens when She goes off with some giant cock for the night?  Maybe Her friends will join Her … can you say ORGY???
I forgot, you wouldn’t know what an orgy is.  Once again, you’re alone with your hand, your tiny peewee, and your memories that make you hot for 30 seconds before that trickle of cum sneaks out of your dickhead.
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May 132017

ucantstopCongratulations, slave. You are sweetly captured 24/7 by My smooth, soft, soothing voice. Now, you can not help but stroke softly, silently, and unpredictably. You must not cum! It could ruin your cock and balls forever! You never know when your dick will thicken for Me. If it happens during a business meeting, your Female Boss will giggle and humiliate you — She’ll know exactly what’s, um, “up,”, LOL!. But you Can’t Stop. So buy this audio, goon like crazy, and pledge your obedience to ME, your Heavenly Hypnotic Queen!

May 052017

sandtrapIn this sizzling Mp3, I seize your sex life and turn you into my gooning pet. And the best part is nothing else feels as good. You like being a helpless masturbating gooner for your Goddess. Good boy … that is how I want you, keeping you stiff and rigid for as long and as often as possible. Sink deeper and deeper into my trap and feel Me consume you.

Apr 072017

Did you read that?

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Feb 092016

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Nov 252015


Welcome back, slave. I know you much you missed Me — I can tell by the love notes you send Me — how you NEED for Me to be as cruel as I can possibly be! You long for My perfectly-manicured fingernails as they softly dig and scratch your sensitive little balls. An electric shrill goes through your body, as I give you a sexual purpose that NO Woman can give. You will do whatever I require to stay in My Cruel Clutches. Of course, you can NOT cum — You must goon to the edge of your male sensations, and STOP when I order you. I claim that rest of your orgasm. You need so desperately for Me to own you. Buy My Mp3 CRUEL CLUTCHES and find out why!

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Aug 102015

Can’t believe it’s August already! Where has the summer gone? It seems like just yesterday I was planning for summer. Now I am looking at My Holiday travel plans! Thankfully I will still be around this week, but next week I have some out of town guests arriving.

As you probably guessed by My tweets this weekend I was up to NOOOO GOOD! I had a favorite fuck buddy suddenly pop into town and I couldn’t wait to get My hands all over his massive 10 inch cock! I was soo bad on Friday. I guess even the neighbors heard a bit of My Sexual Fun 😀 I couldn’t help Myself.

Now he is gone and I am back to the hum drum of stealing slaves hearts, orgasms and balls 😀 slave0002 has been on a stroking obsession all weekend. As have several other smitten strokers. Maybe they were feeling the super sexual energy I was putting out with Tyson. In any case I left the blue, stroking & in some cases broke! I’ve had a very good few weeks, but of course, I am greedy, I want more.

I’ll be putting out a new mp3…. Possibly C.U.C.K. III… this is a juicy nail biting sequel to My popular series about Clinic of Urology and Copulation Knowledge. In this installment Ms. Jones is reviewing the case of a habitual, ritual based masturbator! you should hear the mocking tone I take as he is finally allowed to have an orgasm. Priceless for sure!

Soon I will have some new photos to boast about. I don’t know about you, but this weekends pre-season Football game has ME READY TO CHEER FOR My favorite players…… I even feel a smidgen of sorrow about My castaway slave0001…. I wonder if I will ever allow him back in My good graces… then again, I’ve been told recently that I am MEAN ….. We shall see what happens.

Check back Weds for the new mp3. For those of you intersted in a custom or exclusive Mp3… I do have time this week, but next week doesn’t look so good. Drop Me a line and we can proceed.

Ciao for now pets ~ Mistress Alexandra