Oct 282017

        I’m asked SO often … “Where do I begin?” “How do I learn to fall under Your terrific spell?” “What Mp3s should I buy to get started?”
     Well … 😉 … Here is My Newest Website with GREAT Audios where I really began to develop My super-sexy Hypnotic powers. They’re My Most Popular classics, and they’re worth every penny! Even if You’re an advanced slave, you’ll LOVE this site as well.  Life is so much better when you FALL under Me … so get crackin’ and enjoy these while you can.
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May 172017

Most guys are frightened about a Woman controlling their minds and cocks, when they should be relaxed and relieved. In this Erotic Hypnosis Mp3, “Midnight Whispers,” let your tense mind fall limp. Relax to My voice … the soothing seizure of your brain by Me, the world’s most relaxing Goddess. Be relieved, as I sweetly seize the best of you — your cock, heart and brain. You’ll love it as I convert you to the man who’s happiest under Mistress Alexandra — where all My slaves reject their tight orgasms and live the relaxing life I have given them, totally as I desire.

Nov 022016

Let’s explore what happens when you get Stiff & Ridged for Me.  Your cock feels harder than ever. You feel my fingers touching it. It triggers an electric response through your body. And it’s so good, you will do anything to keep this unbelievable feeling. You might hear Me say you’re stiff and “rigid.” But you are truly Ridged … totally taken over by ME and My Beauty. Stiff & Ridged will give you a sensation beyond sex. Buy this Mp3 now.

Jun 132016

My best slaves are also My happiest.  They don’t have the everyday tensions that you do. They don’t have the sexual pressure that you have. Join these lucky guys! Buy My Mp3 Blank Empty Space. Lie back and relax as My voice fills your brain.  Immediately, you will stroke with the greatest of relaxation. You will stop just short of orgasm, so you may enjoy this beautiful, blissful feeling again and again. Once I consume you, you will crave My total control, always. Whatever I want from you will be your survival … and your complete sex life. Soooo good.

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Jan 142016

braintrainedIf you’ve listened to Me for any length of time, congratulations! You have been BRAINTRAINED by ME, the most powerful Goddess on Earth. Just my voice drives you crazy — and My commands have taken you over, fail to cum and crave to GOON … to edge … as you pump and pump your weenie, always for Me. Buy this Mp3, Braintrained, and remind yourself why your balls are so heavy … holding your cum in MY honor.  This includes some very nice Erotic Hypnosis that will transform your total sexuality!

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Sep 162015

Worship Me right, and you’ll have the most amazing sex ever. When My voice slides into your brain, MY thoughts seep in as your thoughts vanish. When My hands begin to snoop, the edges of My beautiful fingers make you goon with delight, never to cum until I allow it.  And when My SOUL takes over yours … all you’ll want is to fall under Me as I seize your sex life forever. Your fate is sealed. There is nothing you can do, so buy this Mp3. I’d love to tell you how I Seize ur Sex. I claim it for My own and will never let it go.  You need this so badly. And you’ll be grateful when ur sexual being becomes MINE.

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Jul 032015

Are you going to have blue balls for me during our tease and denial phone sex fun? I hope so. That’s certainly my goal with every single one of my masturbators when they call for tease and denial phone sex. Let me see how blue you can get for me!
One of my callers recently said I give “tantalizing” cock tease phone sex. Well, thank you very much! I like to consider myself very tantalizing and tormenting when I’m whipping my many cock tease phone sex callers into lust filled frenzies!

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or am I simply too “hot” for you?

Jun 032015

I know you’re embarrassed to tell Me … You have lots of pain ‘cuz you masturbate WAY too much!  I am the perfect doctor for you!  I treat LOTS of guys, and even some Women with your condition.  I know you can’t help yourself.  You see SO many beautiful, Dominant Women whom you have no hope to fuck — and you cut your dick so badly, you no longer cum when your jerk off!  That’s normal.  (More below My photo)
Fortunately, you have come to the right doctor!   Buy this Mp3 and hear what happens when I hypnotize you … and then start, um, “solving” your problem.  You WILL learn how to live with your sweet “NEEED 2 Masturbate!”
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Jun 022015

Interracial cuckolding is the way to go if you totally want to humiliate your husband. Let’s face it, black guys are usually well hung, and cuckie hubbies usually aren’t. So rub it in his face by fucking big black rods right in front of him. Truly, if you want to put your cuckie hubby in his place, go for interracial cuckolding! Mmmmm, it is the BEST.

Cuckold Therapy

Ms. Alexandra & Ms. Isabella tell your Wife the BEST reasons She should have sex with any huge cock She wants, while making you their sweet slaving cuckold. But if your Wife DOES hear this … get ready for a parade of cocks in Her, and NOT yours!!!