Nov 022017

Interracial cuckolding is the way to go if you totally want to humiliate your husband. Let’s face it, black guys are usually well hung, and cuckie hubbies usually aren’t. So rub it in his face by fucking big black rods right in front of him. Truly, if you want to put your cuckie hubby in his place, go for interracial cuckolding! Mmmmm, it’s sooooooo good. Ooooooo, my white pussy is in need of a goooood fucking from a monster black cock! Humongous black dicks – 10 inches and meaty – are the only dicks that give me orgasms. I’m going clubbing tonight to find my black alpha bull. I’m sure he won’t turn down pounding my white pussy with his big battering ram!

It all started with My favorite college fuck … a huge black wrestler! I thought I had a nice boyfriend, but that guy is NO match for my athletic ebony slice of Heaven!

Oct 312017

scarysissyhallowenpartyMales learn early that it feels VERY GOOD to do favors for Girls — carrying their books, etc.  One nice guy even carried furniture into My new apartment. When he turned his ass toward Me, I saw his pink panties. I didn’t say anything — I just took notes that reminded Me how I would Feminize him someday.  And at Halloween, I took the opportunity. Buy My “Scary Sissy Halloween Party” Mp3 … and hear how I dressed down this guy … and then dressed him UP for the night of his life!!!

Oct 302017

There’s nothing better for a size queen like Me to feel a MONSTER COCK!  I live to have giant rods fuck Me and fuck Me — and believe it or not, some of those giant crotches LOVE having Me in control.  Their MONSTER COCKS just don’t seem to fit in My Golden Pussy.  So those big cocks and balls have no choice but to jerk off for Me … and deny orgasm just like My very best gooners! Hear how that feels … buy this Mp3 NOW!

Oct 202017

She’s baaaaaack!  “Trixie the Tranny” could not resist partying on Halloween … fooling an unsuspecting guy who thought he lucked into the most delicious Goddess EVER.  Buy this 12-minute Harrowing Halloween story, and hear how the beautiful Trixie whips some smart-ass asshole into a frenzy with Her hot thong … and then shocks him when he sees that stiff “you-know-what.”  He he he he he …. 😉
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Jul 252017

thesampleBeing a sex doctor is “harder” than most people think!  And I’m not talking about treating the “big cocks.”  In this story, I get frustrated because I can’t make a patient get hard — and neither could his Lady.  Finally, after I closed the office for the day, I figured out the prognosis.  This guy needed Me to boss him around … to be a BIG BOSSY BITCH!!!  You’ll love hearing Me push this guy to give Me his jizz … his “semen sample.”


Jun 122017

fffYou think you can escape Me.  You can’t.  You’re too much of a pervert.  You play & play with yourself.  Something gets stuck in your head … and and then your hand can’t resist that little fire in your balls and that nothing of a cock.  Admit it. You’re nothing but a masturbator.  That’s it. You’re too weak to resist.  You’ll be less miserable if you accept your lot in life. Buy Fist Fucking Freak … connect to your REAL purpose.

Apr 262017

1stdatehumiliationSince the beginning of time, “First Dates” have been humiliating for guys.  Today, with all the high-tech toys out there, those first dates can get more embarrassing than ever!  You’ve GOT to hear My Mp3 story “First Date Humiliation.”  He went on a date, but couldn’t fuck Her … so he went home and jerked off online.  He never knew his date saw that … and then Her FRIENDS saw that. Once he found out, his crotch almost exploded!!!!

Jan 252017

You want a Real man to fuck your Wife, but it’s not that easy. You envision a giant cock pumping Me — but it’s not enough to stir Me AND My Lover’s emotions & excitement. Buy Cucky In the Closet and I will tell you how amazing you will have to be! Prepare My body by washing & drying Me, and covering Me with oil. I will make My man’s cock thicker if you wear MY lingerie — and sit QUIETLY in My closet with your cock locked to the wall!  You won’t see much, but we’ll drive u CRAZY 4 sure!.

Nov 292016

cumdumbHas any Woman ever called you Cumdumb?  No?  Maybe they don’t know the signs. Maybe they don’t know why you rush for the porn sites and jerk your little dickie ’til it breaks off — with no orgasm and the cum building up in your balls!  And when your balls get full, your brain overheats … you get really humiliated and then you’re Cumdumb. I’ve done a real number on you … and when you buy this Mp3, you’ll learn exactly how — Cumdumb!