Oct 312017

scarysissyhallowenpartyMales learn early that it feels VERY GOOD to do favors for Girls — carrying their books, etc.  One nice guy even carried furniture into My new apartment. When he turned his ass toward Me, I saw his pink panties. I didn’t say anything — I just took notes that reminded Me how I would Feminize him someday.  And at Halloween, I took the opportunity. Buy My “Scary Sissy Halloween Party” Mp3 … and hear how I dressed down this guy … and then dressed him UP for the night of his life!!!

Oct 212017

You’ve dreamed forever that I will actually KISS you.  Well get ready ~ because HERE WE GO!  Yes, it’s true!  Buy this 14-minute hypnotic pleasure, and I’ll explain everything.  Oh, I must warn you … My “Killer Kisses” might be too intense for you.  But once your mind & your cock hurt for Me … you’ll sweetly become “one of My trophies,” LOL!

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Oct 262016

Lots of wimpy guys think Halloween is a holiday that’s perfect for sissies!  They dress like girlies and assume that nobody will notice them.  But we DO!  Me and all of My Lady Friends see right through you boys.  So to celebrate, I called on my old slave boy from high school again … and I promised him a night he would NEVER forget!  Not only did I make him wear a sexy dress, I had cock-loving surprises for him in not just one hotel room, but SEVEN!  Buy and enjoy Part 7 of “Your sissy Life” … and enjoy Halloween slurpies you’ll want again & again, mmmmmmm …

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