Dec 142017

Imagine being at a party — maybe your company’s holiday party. Now think of all the Women you see there, many of whom work in other departments so you’re not familiar with them. As you sip drink after drink, you find something to love about every one of these Women. And as they look more HOT , you’ll think more about getting into their pants and fucking their pussies.

If they have one, that is. Ever hear of a Tranny? She may look like a gorgeous Woman in every way, except under her crotch. These Women could also be called Shemales — but I’m very familiar with a Tranny who lives to shock guys!

One of My greatest dreams is for a HOT Tranny to tease and flirt with every man who has abused a Woman in any way — whether he forcibly kissed her in an elevator, touched her bare leg inappropriately, bent to kiss her by surprise, or something even more sexually offending. I have a series of Mp3s in which a heavenly-looking Tranny gets back at so-called men who really deserves this.

A stubborn CEO could spend an entire party flirting with this Goddess-looking creature until they finally go to bed — and when she exposes her cock, the bastard also passes out in response. That’s when she goes to work, caressing and rubbing him until she can fuck his ass … and fuck it GOOD!

Of course, the man needs to preserve his reputation … so there’s no way he would report it to a corporate higher-up or to law enforcement. And he’ll shiver until he realizes that his wife probably won’t find out.

Masculine-type gay men, of course, would love a HOT Tranny. But as a world class Dominatrix, I’ll tell you the truth: a Tranny is at her best when she strikes in revenge!

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Jun 122017

fffYou think you can escape Me.  You can’t.  You’re too much of a pervert.  You play & play with yourself.  Something gets stuck in your head … and and then your hand can’t resist that little fire in your balls and that nothing of a cock.  Admit it. You’re nothing but a masturbator.  That’s it. You’re too weak to resist.  You’ll be less miserable if you accept your lot in life. Buy Fist Fucking Freak … connect to your REAL purpose.

Mar 302017

You keep telling Me:  “I’m so hot for You, so horny, I neeeeed You so bad, Ms. Alexandra” … But then you freeze.  Pumping a pussy like Mine is impossible, and your masturbation is fading away. You cannot get hard for Me.  And cumming?  No way!  So what shall I do to you, big boy???  Buy “Fucked Up” and hear My “cure” for your dick … if you’re lucky, you’ll be back Gooning for Me in no time.  No orgasm, true, but at least you DO get close to it … close to Me. 🙂

Mar 142017


Don’t lie.  You CRAVE Me.  My Superior Womanhood gets into your head.  And your cock has the need to pump, as My amazing voice requires.  Yes, I drive you nuts sometimes when you goon and not cum … but I know what your cock needs. And if you follow My commands, you will have your best sex EVER with the way I’ve rewired your brain. And then you crave some more … Buy this Mp3 now & enjoy how I make you CRAVE Me, forever.

Oct 022016

Happy Day, boy … I give you permission to fuck your fist for ME — the treat My slaves so desperately long for.  I want your soft fingers at the base of your weenie … pump that dick soooo slowly. Feel every nerve in your sensitive stick shiver in such sweet excitement.  I control that feeling … and to enjoy more of it, you MUST do what I command. Anything. And you’ll do it for the beauty and Glory of your Mistress Alexandra. Buy Jerk Off Instructional, and hear why Gooning for your Goddess — and losing those orgasms —  is the best thing for you.


Apr 202016

I’m often asked, why do I NEVER let My slaves enjoy orgasm? First, that’s not true.  I always allow gooning, plus I let ’em cum on the 31st of the month, plus Feb. 29!  Lots of guys moan about that, and some leave for a “kinder” Mistress. But they all crawl back, because they want ME to control them … and they need it.  They know that Woman Power is the best, most beautiful, and most desirous thing ever.  Even if they must stay Always Forever Frustrated to keep being around such beauty and receiving that power. Buy this Mp3 now … you’ll love how I explain this.

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Aug 122015

Ms. Jones of Clinic of Urology & Copulation Knowledge III is back: You have particular masturbation habits, various implements you like to use, and specific stimuli you require. In many cases these items are ever changing as the novelty wears off and you require new resources and techniques. The Clinic of Urology and Copulation Knowledge will analyze your sexual performance and address your issues in order to improve your sex life. The process can be quite embarrassing as your therapist reviews your history and preferences but it is a proven treatment plan that gets results. Get the help you need today by starting with this mp3!

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Jul 042015

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Jun 292015

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