Oct 272017

GiveinYou can leave Me, but at some point you cannot stay away. My beauty, My power, My cock-pulling voice is just too much for you. And … sooner or later … you GIVE IN. Oh, I know you’ve tried escaping before. But you cannot. How many times do you need to be on that miserable “hamster wheel?” As you run and run from Me, that cock gets so painful — balls so ticklish — that you beg Me to take you back. Why don’t you just accept your fate? Buy this Mp3 … and GIVE IN, forever!

Jul 262017

caughtuBy the time you heard my voice it was already too late for you. You may not even realize it yet but you have been ensared by my trap. You may struggle and resist but it only increases your bondage to me. The sooner you accept your fate in life the sooner you can devote yourself to my Queendom. Deep down you know it’s true. You’re fucked and you know it but you love it. Go ahead and goon for your Goddess.

Apr 082017

It doesn’t matter who you are.  Once you get close to Me, you’re caught!  You can wiggle & struggle — but once you’re in MY clutches, there is no way out!  My Web closes in on you. And no matter what happens to you, I will not leave you. Once you’re MINE, you will stroke to My beauty and live as I command!. You are “Caught in My Web,” so buy this and I will lock you in, where you want to be … and NEED to be.

Feb 102017


Even My best slaves need to venture away from time to time, as other life obligations get in the way. But let’s deal with some hard truths here: My voice never leaves you … And you never stop being at MY beck and call, doing what I need … living how I require for you.  And today, you need My Re-Wire of your brain so you will be more hooked on ME, where you need to be even when you’re not with Me.

Sep 142016

erotic2343Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you cannot help yourself.  Your curvy fingers pump your pathetic cock … again.  Feels good, right?  I rewired your brain to make the thrill of fucking your fist totally irresistible!  When you pump it, you pump it for ME!  That’s what you need, and what I need from you.  It’s how I control you, the way you BEG Me to own you.  My power will overtake your mind at any time, even if I’m nowhere to be found. You love this. You need this. And you will NOT cum from this. Buy Overboard Masturbation and hear how lucky you are!


Aug 172016

If you’re reading this, you need to stroke this very second. And I’ve got the perfect Mp3 for you. AUTOPILOT helps you remove your pressures and troubled thoughts — so I can think for you, and your cock will jump at attention as you crave MY control and MY desires for you.  Even if you never cum again, the deep gooning you get will make your sex feel better than ever. The sooner you buy AUTOPILOT, the better you’ll enjoy sex.

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Apr 202016

I’m often asked, why do I NEVER let My slaves enjoy orgasm? First, that’s not true.  I always allow gooning, plus I let ’em cum on the 31st of the month, plus Feb. 29!  Lots of guys moan about that, and some leave for a “kinder” Mistress. But they all crawl back, because they want ME to control them … and they need it.  They know that Woman Power is the best, most beautiful, and most desirous thing ever.  Even if they must stay Always Forever Frustrated to keep being around such beauty and receiving that power. Buy this Mp3 now … you’ll love how I explain this.

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Apr 062016

For My slaves in good standing, it is ALWAYS Good to Goon for Me, your Goddess Alexandra. At any time, even with lots of Women around, you will see MY most Heavenly body, hear MY most luscious voice, and perform MY powerful commands at any time. You will run to a private spot and stroke until you reach the brink of orgasm — and then stop. No one else will matter. Only ME. It will hurt at first, but you’ll soon crave more. This is your sex life, what we both have always wanted. You need to hear this Mp3. Buy it, and hear why you crave being Good to Goon.


Mar 082016

lockedupboyYou adore worshiping Me. You hear My smooth and sexy voice, and you shiver. You see Me, and you don’t even know you’re stroking.  Nice, isn’t it? But never forget this — I’M THE ONE who rewired your brain so all of your sexual energy is channeled to ME.  Even when I don’t let you cum, your sex is never better unless you goon and edge for your Goddess Alexandra.  This is what I do for guys … Be lucky I care enough for you that I’m giving this you. Yes, you always need to OBEY Me … so buy My Mp3 Locked Up Boy, and feel how good this is … CLICK!!!!

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Feb 222016


“Beautiful Women will always control your cock but I control your balls and they will never cum without MY explicit permission … and even then …”

Even then WHAT?  Find out when you buy and hear this mind-grabbing, cock-shaking Mp3 Always.  Unlike most beautiful Women, I control the depths of your balls. Your cum becomes MINE to use and enjoy … leaving you to enjoy stroking and stroking and stroking. Once I grab hold, I never let go. And you will crave your Goddess Alexandra Always. This is your reward, so buy this now and follow My luscious commands to goon in My Honor … Always.

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