Nov 062016

You think sucking cock is GROSS?
Think again, slave … Yes, even YOU have a little gay streak in ‘ya.
All guys do.  And I LOVE bringing it out…
   …  I’ve got two sports-loving slaves who watch a lot of games on TV together.  Well, I thought it was time for them to play a little “Bromance” game of their own.  It was innocent at first.  But they got so hot … and they got shocked knowing I watched it all! I promise, you will love Me tell this Mp3 story!  Buy Bromance: Game Day before your next game.  You two buddies will be, um, “closer than ever!”
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May 032016

Tonight, there’s a major sporting event in town — so that means a LOT of Black Bulls will be at the party I’m hosting!  I need more slaves to serve My guests, both men and Women — and I will need you to give them ANYTHING they want!  I have trained you for this night for a long, long time — so be ready to give those giant cocks and Delicious Dominatrices ANYTHING they want. “The Masquerade Ball” is a tasty story about a tasty party!  Buy this, and enjoy hearing My mesmerizing marching orders!  Believe Me, just the way I describe this is sexy enough! Mmmmm …

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Dec 202015

  When a sissy dresses up, it’s just natural for him to want to suck cock.  Maybe it’s the much-bigger rod of his Lady’s stud Lover, or perhaps a dear male friend.  Don’t fear this, boy!  Do it once and you will CRAVE a good cock more & more – I guarantee it!  In this 13-minute Mp3, I teach you about this great pleasure, by having you suck MY creamy, candy cock!  MMMMM!

Dec 022015

I love My Black Studs who pump their giant cocks in and out of Me for hours!   But I also have a place for My sweet sissies who love wearing panties, nail polish, makeup, and lipstick that look SO GOOD as they suck the Massive Ebony Meat that’s about fuck Me raw!

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Nov 082015

Open wide for forced cock sucking phone sex. Oh, is that as wide as you can open? Well, I’m not impressed at all. You’re going to have practice so you can open your mouth even wider for me. After all, when you call me for forced cock sucking phone sex, I expect you to take whatever I shove in your mouth!

I have quite the collection of strap-on sex toys that sissies just LOVE! If you are really serious, you’ll have to practice your cock-sucking skills…. and if I have to force you… then so be it!

OPEN WIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now pick up the phone and LET ME HEAR YOU BEG FOR IT!
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Aug 072015

I’m a cheating white wife who loves dick, but not just any dick.  It’s gotta be big black cock, and the bigger the better.  I only like foot long schlongs, so of course the only guys who meet that requirement are ghetto dudes!  My hubby gets a little jealous, but I know he’s proud that he has a cheating white wife who loves black cock because he’s always wanted to be a cuckold.

Fuck I am gonna be walking funny tomorrow… My pussy is so stretched…. Do u like creampie? u betta, it’s the only time I will let you near Me while BBC is around cuck!!!

Jul 042015

A wonderful sight to behold is when I see my white hubby after fucking big black cock. He used to think watching interracial porn was hot enough, and it is, but it’s even intense when seeing it with your eyes. Watching my husband watching his white wife, who loves black cock, getting fucked like he’s never fucked her. A white wet pussy and a big black cock are the two necessary ingredients for an incredibly orgasmic experience. He certainly knew I great time because my white pussy was so wet. Guess who got the sloppy seconds? Bet you would do anything to be the one to clean these sheets.
Just listen to this mp3 to experience the intense situation for yourself! Cum on, you know you want it! I will blow your little dickie’s load like a firecracker with this one! ha ha

Jun 112015

My white pussy getting fucked by BIG black cock is what I’ve been fantasizing about lately. It seems that’s all I can think of. I’m so glad that my Bulls are coming over this weekend. I am on the fence about letting hubby watch My white pussy getting fucked and stretched to the limits by a big black cock! Just because hubby married a kinky cuckoldress doesn’t mean he always gets to watch. I want to the cuck to feel super fucking lucky of having his white wife fucking big black cock right in front of his face on a regular basis. I hope to decide soon….Wish him luck!

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consumating the wedding
Consummating the Wedding
This is your Wedding Day … and as your new bride, I bring you to My room to tell you a sweet and VERY important thing! See, you might have waited until marriage to have sex … but I sure as hell didn’t! Before long, you’ll hear the tell-tale signs from the next room in our Honeymoon Suite — oh yeah, the HOT Lover who’s fuckin’ Me RAW! Good cuckolds get SOOOO excited by this! Your cock will plump like crazy & gush like an oil well, just thinking about what Me & My Stud are doing on YOUR wedding night!

Mar 192015

For most guys, just being with a Shemale sounds frightening.  But why?   It puts you with a stunning Heavenly Woman — built amazingly curvy in every Feminine way except one.  And if you’ve never sucked a tasty cock, I’ll bet you’ve dreamed of it!  Believe Me, this is your ultimate!  “Shemale Dreams” are YOUR dreams.  You owe it to yourself to buy this great 26-minute Mp3.  After I give you a nice and short hypnotic spell, you’ll be ready to explore something you’ve always wanted deep down … a Gorgeous cock!
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Jan 072015

I am thankful to have an array of sissies who live to suck cock.  But many slaves get futile and frustrated.  That’s because they don’t know how to please a gorgeous, GIANT Black Cock.  Well, lucky boy, here’s an Mp3 in which I teach you everything about satisfying the most Beautiful Black Bull.  You’ve wanted a Mammoth Meat and his awesome jizz inside your mouth for a long time.  It’s time, boy … Buy “Suck Slut” right now.  It’s the best present you can give yourself, and to the GREAT cocks who eagerly await you!
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