Nov 132017

I won’t beat around the bush anymore. You are a Stroking Pervert. You are so addicted to My voice, My body, and the rest of Me. Therefore, your role in life is to stroke and SUFFER for Me … morning, noon, and night … never to cum. I demand an overfull sac of jizz in your balls at all times. I OWN you, Mr. Stroking Pervert … and your cock will rise and tingle in HONOR of Me — 24/7, all the time. Buy My Mp3 Stroking Pervert, and hear Me describe the rest of your life!

Oct 282017

        I’m asked SO often … “Where do I begin?” “How do I learn to fall under Your terrific spell?” “What Mp3s should I buy to get started?”
     Well … 😉 … Here is My Newest Website with GREAT Audios where I really began to develop My super-sexy Hypnotic powers. They’re My Most Popular classics, and they’re worth every penny! Even if You’re an advanced slave, you’ll LOVE this site as well.  Life is so much better when you FALL under Me … so get crackin’ and enjoy these while you can.
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Jul 262017

caughtuBy the time you heard my voice it was already too late for you. You may not even realize it yet but you have been ensared by my trap. You may struggle and resist but it only increases your bondage to me. The sooner you accept your fate in life the sooner you can devote yourself to my Queendom. Deep down you know it’s true. You’re fucked and you know it but you love it. Go ahead and goon for your Goddess.

Jun 222017

How’s your summer going?  Enjoying the weather?  Do you like watching your Wife or Girlfriend walk up and down the beach in that skin tight bikini and those luscious curves?  Mmmm, nice, huh???  And what about Her friends?  They look delicious too, don’t they?

But what happens when She goes off with some giant cock for the night?  Maybe Her friends will join Her … can you say ORGY???
I forgot, you wouldn’t know what an orgy is.  Once again, you’re alone with your hand, your tiny peewee, and your memories that make you hot for 30 seconds before that trickle of cum sneaks out of your dickhead.
Want some fun?  Then try My delicious Goodie Bags!  Hundreds of Femdom Fantasy stories and vignettes, all with MY sultry voice that will rattle your insides, and stir up that sack of sperm … but watch it, I just might cut off your orgasm.  But you love gooning anyway, don’t you?
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May 132017

ucantstopCongratulations, slave. You are sweetly captured 24/7 by My smooth, soft, soothing voice. Now, you can not help but stroke softly, silently, and unpredictably. You must not cum! It could ruin your cock and balls forever! You never know when your dick will thicken for Me. If it happens during a business meeting, your Female Boss will giggle and humiliate you — She’ll know exactly what’s, um, “up,”, LOL!. But you Can’t Stop. So buy this audio, goon like crazy, and pledge your obedience to ME, your Heavenly Hypnotic Queen!

May 052017

sandtrapIn this sizzling Mp3, I seize your sex life and turn you into my gooning pet. And the best part is nothing else feels as good. You like being a helpless masturbating gooner for your Goddess. Good boy … that is how I want you, keeping you stiff and rigid for as long and as often as possible. Sink deeper and deeper into my trap and feel Me consume you.

Apr 072017

Did you read that?

BACK UP your files by finding second places to keep My amazingly sexy Mp3s.

Hard drive failures are a way of life in today’s computerized society. So take the time to BACK UP all the files you want to keep forever!  I use an external hard drive that you can get on Amazon for around 100 bucks!

Effective immediately, requests for re-sending Mp3s will be considered on a case by case basis. Replacement files are limited to five per year and, all products must have been purchased within the past 365 days.

May 212016
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May 202016
I have thousands of slaves, and each has something in common: They are all sissies to some degree.  Even my big-cock slaves have secret desires to wear panties, pantyhose, nail polish, etc. Regardless of cock size, all of My slaves savor ME — and they will never get into MY world until they kneel, dress as I desire, service My friends and fuck buddies, and do whatever I command.
Being My sissy is not just a one-time thing — it’s a lifestyle.  Four of My latest Erotic Mp3s celebrate the sissy, and how I love using him for MY pleasure. Scroll down on this blog and find each part of “Your sissy Life.” This powerful 4-part series explores the various stages of My sissies from high school girls’ cliques, to adult cuckolds who suck the cocks of the Studs their Wives LOVE to fuck! You’ll hear what drives these lucky guys to be used and enjoyed by the world’s most and Superior Women. You’ll want each part of this series … your cock will tell you how much you NEED this, Mmmm!