Aug 232017

When you buy My fine Hyptonic Erotic Mp3’s, you’ll want to protect them.  Don’t forget to save your Mp3s to a file on your computer.  And like your other priceless things, put them on an external storage device like the ones I use. I have at least 5 of these for personal and professional storage

or another source of backup like a Dropbox. Something I use for storing files long term and over time, the storage increases, an added bonus. I would much rather have My digital photos & mp3’s on a storage disc I have possession of 🙂 SO SHOULD YOU!

I know it can be a bitch when a computer crashes, but I cannot be responsible for replacing Mp3s which you lose.  Purchasing records can be hard to find … and the older ones may no longer exist. I almost pulled my secretary’s cock out when his computer crashed a while back — but I couldn’t find the damn weenie, LOL!!!
Seriously, though, backing up your files is part of owning a computer.  Protect your investment, so you can enjoy My amazing voice when you need Me.