Jul 262017

thesampleBeing a sex doctor is “harder” than most people think!  And I’m not talking about treating the “big cocks.”  In this story, I get frustrated because I can’t make a patient get hard — and neither could his Lady.  Finally, after I closed the office for the day, I figured out the prognosis.  This guy needed Me to boss him around … to be a BIG BOSSY BITCH!!!  You’ll love hearing Me push this guy to give Me his jizz … his “semen sample.”

Jun 032009

Yessss, it’s Mistress Alexandra’s Birthday!  It was more than 5 years ago when She demanded that I step forward to become Her sissy secretary.  And I’m amazed at how wonderfully Ms. Mistress Alexandra has changed my life! 
Perhaps like you, I tripped across Her on the Internet.  I was looking for a cuckold fantasy to jerk off to … and She has blessed me over & over by teaching me about every aspect of Female Domination. 
It’s been more than a year since I stopped fucking my Wife.  And I’m so glad I did!  Once Ms. Alexandra took ownership of me, I’ve had the best sex life I could ever imagine.  My dick & everything in it is dedicated to Her!   I never thought jerking off could be so good.   But it is, thanks to Ms. Alexandra!   I’ve never been happier.  And I wouldn’t know where to begin to Thank Her. 
You should join me.  Seriously.

Jun 232008

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Apr 092008

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Apr 032008

You may assume your dick is big enough. But it’s ONLY the size of a skinny, 2-inch party sausage. If you’re lucky, you’ll appreciate that you’re not nearly good enough to fuck your Wife. She knows that … because you were silent when She started fuckin’ around. If you LOVE Her sloppy seconds, this sweet 15-minute mp3 is for you! I say what your Wife’s thinking … maybe even what you WANT Her to say!

Mar 262008

If you’re sure of yourself, you know what you do well … and what you lack. In this 14-minute mp3, I inform My husband he does sex poorly. If you ever wished your Wife or GF would take a Lover, pretend I’m Her … as I give you the reasons I must “go black.” Yeah, that’s what BBC stands for: Big Black Cock! And after hearing this, you’ll obsess about wanting to watch us!

Mar 122008

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Mar 052008

You’re a shitty boss. I’m your administrative assistant, and you call Me into the office because I dress too “provocatively.” So I dress down … and I STILL catch you peeking up My ass! Well, you have no choice, bossie. Buy this Audio, or I’ll report you to the BIG Boss and the government! So choose whose ass you wanna kiss. Oh, I think you’ll choose ME! He he he he he …asskisser

Feb 192008

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Feb 172008

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