Jul 072017

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Are you gettin’ hot about the start of My new website?  You should!  Hypnotic Erotic Mp3 debuts in less than a week, with hundreds of Femdom Mp3 vignettes, vivid written sex and cuckold stories, free samples, links to My Phone Sex sessions, and more!
Because I’m the most sultry-sounding Goddess on the Internet, you won’t have to look anywhere else to get your Femdom Fix — tailored to your cock with My Mistress Alexandra Fix!
Get a sneak preview now.  Go to www.hypnoticeroticmp3.com NOW … then check us out on My Grand Opening July 14!
One other note: Build up that Niteflirt account, you’ll need it for some of the great things you’re about to see, hear, and feel!
Jun 292017

The mid-point of summer is the hottest time of the year. And it’s the hottest time for your dick, too. That’s because I’m starting a brand new website that will blow your mind and your cock, while emptying your tiny sex chamber so thoroughly that you’ll BEG for a big cock to fill your special Lady with their boiling jizz!

Get ready for Hypnotic Erotic Mp3, a one stop center to satisfy any of your Femdom needs. Like My old Erotic Mp3 Store, you’ll find hundreds of My brain-and-cock-consuming audio delights in almost every area of Female Domination. I’ve added a connection to My fabulous Phone Sex sessions, updated lists of My hottest and new audios, free samples, and more.

But you’ll also find something that’s true to My roots — I started this business after I showed My husband how we could enjoy our marriage while I fuck any other guy I want. My new site has a Cuckold Chamber with great stories … some of which are 100% true … and matching cuckold and cuckoldress diaries that show you how terrific it can be for a cuck to serve both his Wife and Her big-cocked Lovers.

Mark your sex calendar for July 15, for the smashing debut of Hypnotic Erotic Mp3! More details to cum soon.

Jun 222017

How’s your summer going?  Enjoying the weather?  Do you like watching your Wife or Girlfriend walk up and down the beach in that skin tight bikini and those luscious curves?  Mmmm, nice, huh???  And what about Her friends?  They look delicious too, don’t they?

But what happens when She goes off with some giant cock for the night?  Maybe Her friends will join Her … can you say ORGY???
I forgot, you wouldn’t know what an orgy is.  Once again, you’re alone with your hand, your tiny peewee, and your memories that make you hot for 30 seconds before that trickle of cum sneaks out of your dickhead.
Want some fun?  Then try My delicious Goodie Bags!  Hundreds of Femdom Fantasy stories and vignettes, all with MY sultry voice that will rattle your insides, and stir up that sack of sperm … but watch it, I just might cut off your orgasm.  But you love gooning anyway, don’t you?
You will definitely love My gorgeous Goodie Bags.  A new one every day throughout the summer!  Find them all on My Niteflirt page:
Jun 122017

fffYou think you can escape Me.  You can’t.  You’re too much of a pervert.  You play & play with yourself.  Something gets stuck in your head … and and then your hand can’t resist that little fire in your balls and that nothing of a cock.  Admit it. You’re nothing but a masturbator.  That’s it. You’re too weak to resist.  You’ll be less miserable if you accept your lot in life. Buy Fist Fucking Freak … connect to your REAL purpose.

Jun 022017

All Audios $5.99


Mean Mistress

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Erotic Hypnosis – Let Go

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Blueballed Blackmail:

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Greedy Goddess: Buyer Beware

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May 262017

I want you hard & horny … and for now, I want you weak & helpless. Buy this Mp3 and dedicate yourself to the ULTIMATE act of slavery — My total control over the operation of your cock & balls!

May 172017

Most guys are frightened about a Woman controlling their minds and cocks, when they should be relaxed and relieved. In this Erotic Hypnosis Mp3, “Midnight Whispers,” let your tense mind fall limp. Relax to My voice … the soothing seizure of your brain by Me, the world’s most relaxing Goddess. Be relieved, as I sweetly seize the best of you — your cock, heart and brain. You’ll love it as I convert you to the man who’s happiest under Mistress Alexandra — where all My slaves reject their tight orgasms and live the relaxing life I have given them, totally as I desire.

May 132017

ucantstopCongratulations, slave. You are sweetly captured 24/7 by My smooth, soft, soothing voice. Now, you can not help but stroke softly, silently, and unpredictably. You must not cum! It could ruin your cock and balls forever! You never know when your dick will thicken for Me. If it happens during a business meeting, your Female Boss will giggle and humiliate you — She’ll know exactly what’s, um, “up,”, LOL!. But you Can’t Stop. So buy this audio, goon like crazy, and pledge your obedience to ME, your Heavenly Hypnotic Queen!

May 102017
Silhouette of a nude sexy young woman

Silhouette of a nude sexy young woman

I know you.  I caught you LERKING at My beautiful photos … and you couldn’t help yourself — you started JERKING to My amazing beauty.  I know you do this … It’s your sex life. And once you do this again and again with Me … that’s when I control your cock. And when I control your cock, I control YOU.  It happens every time.  No guys are exempt. So buy My Mp3 “Lurk & Jerk” and hear what I do to … whoops, FOR you!