Dec 312016

What happened to you??  You were such a cute little sissy in high school. You knew you couldn’t get into our pants, so you showered us with slavery — doing our homework, buying our panties, arranging our fuck parties, and all the submissive stuff that kept you in our lives. Now, you have disappeared. Oh, I know: You’re this big CEO now, and you don’t want any “embarrassment.”

Well guess what, wimp? My Lady photographer friend and I know ALL about you. And unless you revisit your sissy ways, there’s no telling WHAT we might do. So here’s what you’ll do: Buy all four chapters of My Erotic Mp3 series “Your sissy Life.” They’re now on sale, only $75.00 for all FOUR.  Get ’em now … or take what we decided to give you, mister sissy boy!!!


Dec 212016

gooningisgoodI’m not your wife ... I’m not your girlfriend. Therefore, you should expect something different from Me — something special that only you and I share. Imagine me pumping your dick with my soft and beautiful hand. You feel your balls stir in orgasmic excitement — and then, everything stops. It sounds horrible, after guys they get used to it, they LOVE gooning for Me. Buy this 5 1/2 minute primer and hear Me tell it all to you. Mmmmm … a very tasty treat!

Nov 292016

cumdumbHas any Woman ever called you Cumdumb?  No?  Maybe they don’t know the signs. Maybe they don’t know why you rush for the porn sites and jerk your little dickie ’til it breaks off — with no orgasm and the cum building up in your balls!  And when your balls get full, your brain overheats … you get really humiliated and then you’re Cumdumb. I’ve done a real number on you … and when you buy this Mp3, you’ll learn exactly how — Cumdumb!


Nov 142016

If you’re one of My happy slaves, it has been a LONG time since you’ve had a real orgasm.  I’ve taught you the pleasure of edging, and the importance of safekeeping MY cum as a heavy load in your balls.  But today … if you buy this 16 minute thriller … I will give you an orgasm!  That’s right. It’s the LAST ORGASM you’ll receive this year. But it will be an amazing experience; buy The Last Orgasm and feel this for yourself.

Nov 102016

Bow to your new Phone Domme Darling.You’ll find yourself worshipping me – despite yourself. You want to be able to have a certain sense of control, but when you call me for phone sex, all your will power will melt away. You soon won’t be able to deny your Queen anything.

Nov 062016

You think sucking cock is GROSS?
Think again, slave … Yes, even YOU have a little gay streak in ‘ya.
All guys do.  And I LOVE bringing it out…
   …  I’ve got two sports-loving slaves who watch a lot of games on TV together.  Well, I thought it was time for them to play a little “Bromance” game of their own.  It was innocent at first.  But they got so hot … and they got shocked knowing I watched it all! I promise, you will love Me tell this Mp3 story!  Buy Bromance: Game Day before your next game.  You two buddies will be, um, “closer than ever!”
… for Niteflirt Customers

Nov 022016

Let’s explore what happens when you get Stiff & Ridged for Me.  Your cock feels harder than ever. You feel my fingers touching it. It triggers an electric response through your body. And it’s so good, you will do anything to keep this unbelievable feeling. You might hear Me say you’re stiff and “rigid.” But you are truly Ridged … totally taken over by ME and My Beauty. Stiff & Ridged will give you a sensation beyond sex. Buy this Mp3 now.

Nov 012016

I HAVE been horribly distracted lately. you should all know by now that I am a cuckoldress. Hence the domain name… because I am, a slutty wife. What none of you know is JUST how addicted I can be to a new Bull.

We meet in March and ever since then I can’t seem to stop wanting to hook up with him. Doesn’t matter when or where, we JUST GOTTA HOOK UP! I even found myself flying around the country to spend time with him. Hubby’s work schedule is just as busy as ever and will only get more busy as the holidays approach. Leaving Me lots and lots of free time on My pretty little hands. Which of course, can’t stop touching and stroking that mammoth meat, but that is a tale for another time.

Suffice to say My phone schedule is weird and My limbs are all akimbo, but you fuckers should be GRATEFUL I even bother to turn on My phone lines to mock you.

Despite all that I have still managed to sink My claws deeeeply into a dozen or more MARRIED slaves since the year started, they are deeply obsessed and so should you. I have created an amazing new series of sissy mp3s called “your sissy life”. In which I take you over time and time again and you can never shake Me… I’ll stalk you everywhere! Halloween was My favorite… I dressed up in My sexy catsuit and went out with the sissy to pick up hot dates….

So, next time you need to talk to Me, just look at the top right hand navigation area, There is a call indicator right there and it will tell if I am open for calls.

Oh and yes… I did give Myself a raise this year… if you can’t pay the ‘high cost’, you don’t deserve Me….

Buck up and deal, kay cuck?

Ciao for now fuck puppets…..

~ Mistress Alexandra

(PS I also achieved Niteflirt’s “Gold Award” for October… no big deal just My 85th time *evil grin* I’ll be expect the same again for November! *squeezing balls* I also have some new nude pictures…. Have you been lucky enough to see them? Not yet? well save up your bucks bitches.. you gotta PAY to see My amazing bod!)

Oct 262016

Lots of wimpy guys think Halloween is a holiday that’s perfect for sissies!  They dress like girlies and assume that nobody will notice them.  But we DO!  Me and all of My Lady Friends see right through you boys.  So to celebrate, I called on my old slave boy from high school again … and I promised him a night he would NEVER forget!  Not only did I make him wear a sexy dress, I had cock-loving surprises for him in not just one hotel room, but SEVEN!  Buy and enjoy Part 7 of “Your sissy Life” … and enjoy Halloween slurpies you’ll want again & again, mmmmmmm …

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