Jul 202017

Are you gettin’ hot about the start of My new website? You should! Hypnotic Erotic Mp3 debuts in less than a week, with hundreds of Femdom Mp3 vignettes, vivid written sex and cuckold stories, free samples, links to My Phone Sex sessions, and more!

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Jun 022017

All Audios $5.99


Mean Mistress

Mocking you

Brainwashing you

puppet for Mistress

Erotic Hypnosis – Let Go

Hypnotic Dreams:

Hot Strokes:

your cock is blocked:

Mocking you:

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My Magnetic Pussy:

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My mind is stronger, your cock is weak:

Ribbons of Cum:

Mistress Molestation:

Hypnotic Conditioning:

Erotic Hypnosis: Cock Controller:

Performance Appraisal: Cuck 1

Sex ed: Cuck 2:



Hypnotic Chamber:

Erotic Seduction:

Love Hypnosis:

Sweet Seduction 2:

Blueballed Blackmail:

Mind reader:

you have a boner:

Greedy Goddess: Buyer Beware

Love Game:


Up & Down Stroking:

Sneaky Stroker

Cumming on your face:

Mind Reader:

    Excessive Loads:


Testicle Teaser:

The Ass:

Reeling you in:

Blueballed Blackmail:

Hypnotic Masturbation:

Mistress CBT:

May 262017

I want you hard & horny … and for now, I want you weak & helpless. Buy this Mp3 and dedicate yourself to the ULTIMATE act of slavery — My total control over the operation of your cock & balls!

Apr 272017

Kinky cuckold phone sex. I bet that got your attention. Come to think of it, isn’t cuckold phone sex kinky anyway? Yes, that’s true, but I put my very own unique twist on it, so hang on for a wild ride with me while I ride your friends!Call Button

Mar 182017

Sizzling hot wife phone sex with me will leave you breathless and your balls totally drained. You won’t be able to deny me anything, even sleeping with other men. That’s because you love me, your hot wife, during our sizzling hot phone sex role play.


Mar 142017

Who says that cocktease phone sex is only reserved for the barely legals! Certainly not me. I’ve been a cock tease for as long as I can remember, so just because I’m a cuckoldress doesn’t mean I can’t give you blue balls during our cocktease phone sex fun!

Feb 132017

alex-glowSome boys just LOVE it nasty! I’m often asked … “Which of Your Audios are the MEANEST?” Well, here’s the list. The comments cum directly from My slaves. Just click on the titles to purchase. 🙂

* The Virtual Chastity series Starter30th audio 31st AudioReinforcerFeb Edition – “Being allowed orgasm for only ONE short window per month … if that … is something I cannot fathom!”
* “Glory Hole sissy slave.” (Me & Ms. Isabella Valentine) … “The slave never wanted to go there … You were both teasing & nasty in making him conform.”
* “Ultimate Bad Girl” … “You’re stealing a husband’s allure for his Wife so he can be devoted to You!”
* “Milking Machine” … “The man has no idea, and then You expect him to be emotionless as Your hand methodically ‘relieves’ him.”
* “The Evil Surgeon” … “To be re-wired by You & Surgeon Isabella while I’m knocked out represents a TOTAL loss of male control!”
* “Caught Panty Handed” & “Serial Panty Sniffer” … (both with Me & Ms. Valentine) “Two more ultra-scary Audios with sound effects so realistic, my nuts almost fell off!”
* “cucky Call” (with a husband’s voice) … “It sounds like he doesn’t have a clue, Ma’am!”
* “Brain Melt” … “This is the Audio that FINALLY made me give You my Wife’s personal info! Oh, pleeeeze, help me find a Stud for Her!!!!”