Feb 172017

You think you can escape Me. But you can’t. You get busy — or you’re making less $$$– and you assume you don’t have the time or the cash to feed your fix for the way I tease your brain as I control your cock and everything else about you.  But a funny thing happens after a while. You crawl back. You need how I rule you. You love how I torture you. You love this, so you will buy My “Torture Talk” right now. Your balls need it so bad, mmm.

Feb 012017


If you’re reading this, I have already consumed you.  Now, it’s time to really explore My beauty, My Superior mind, and My cunning control over you. Buy “Totally Gooned,” and learn why you want so badly to submit. I’ll tell you why that when you think of Me, see My photos, and hear My voice, you automatically stroke … and when you’re about to cum, you DON’T. You beg of Me to keep your cum in you, for My safekeeping. Totally. Gooned.

Dec 212016

gooningisgoodI’m not your wife ... I’m not your girlfriend. Therefore, you should expect something different from Me — something special that only you and I share. Imagine me pumping your dick with my soft and beautiful hand. You feel your balls stir in orgasmic excitement — and then, everything stops. It sounds horrible, after guys they get used to it, they LOVE gooning for Me. Buy this 5 1/2 minute primer and hear Me tell it all to you. Mmmmm … a very tasty treat!

Nov 292016

cumdumbHas any Woman ever called you Cumdumb?  No?  Maybe they don’t know the signs. Maybe they don’t know why you rush for the porn sites and jerk your little dickie ’til it breaks off — with no orgasm and the cum building up in your balls!  And when your balls get full, your brain overheats … you get really humiliated and then you’re Cumdumb. I’ve done a real number on you … and when you buy this Mp3, you’ll learn exactly how — Cumdumb!


Oct 022016

Happy Day, boy … I give you permission to fuck your fist for ME — the treat My slaves so desperately long for.  I want your soft fingers at the base of your weenie … pump that dick soooo slowly. Feel every nerve in your sensitive stick shiver in such sweet excitement.  I control that feeling … and to enjoy more of it, you MUST do what I command. Anything. And you’ll do it for the beauty and Glory of your Mistress Alexandra. Buy Jerk Off Instructional, and hear why Gooning for your Goddess — and losing those orgasms —  is the best thing for you.


Jul 202016

You don’t always know you’re doing it. But you can’t help yourself. Your mind focuses at any time on your Goddess Alexandra … and out of nowhere, you just start stroking because your brain says it’s what I require!  Congratulations; you have become My Masturbation Addict!  In this Erotic Mp3, I explain in My sexiest tones why you need ME to become your sex life — and never to cum unless I reward you. This is one of the hottest Sex Audios you will ever hear, and explains why you’ve become who you are — MY sweet Masturbation Addict, Mmmmm …

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Jun 072016

Lucky is the man who is Wrapped Up by My smooth, sultry, sex-consuming voice. Listen intensely to this Mp3. You won’t need to touch your cock — My voice will be enough to get you stiff. I already have your brain Wrapped Up.  It cannot focus on anything but how much I have you BY THE BALLS. Once I own your cock, you’ll want nothing else. You will think of Me always, and you’ll crave to be Wrapped Up by My voice any time you can. You will stroke, get to the edge, and not cum unless I let you. You’ll be so Wrapped Up that gooning to me is all you’ll ever want.

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May 172016

In Part-2 of this sexxxy operation, I am again the Devious Dr. Alexandra. And I tell My job candidate the REAL reason he’s seeing Me! His Girlfriend no longer considers him a man. So She asked ME … Her long-lost cousin … to give him the Estrogen Therapy that turns this bubble gum chewing, panty-pooping boy into a full Feminine sissy!  Once his genitals disappear, he will finally be of use to Me, as he serves as My maid at the fabulous sex party I’m hosting tonight!  Buy Bubble Gum Bimbo-Estrogen Therapy, hear how I whip My girlie into saucy submission!

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Apr 132016

A sissy was applying for a job when he met Dr. Alexandra. But he couldn’t believe what the “interview” involved!  In this amazingly sexy story, I play the gynecologist who shocks the job applicant by giving him a required prostate exam, only to find his cute little PINK PANTIES and a big hole up his ass.  And that bubble gum he was chewing — so wimpy, so fag-like HA HA!!!! I love fucking him with My fingers … then I love fucking him over with all the job “man”dates I order. Man? No way! Buy Bubble Gum Bimbo & hear the fun I have with My dainty sissy office boy!

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Feb 072016

Do this! You know you wanna! Kneel before Me, grab your cock, and stroke with NO orgasm. You feel immense pleasure, and you know the pain will come. But it doesn’t matter, because your dick is a sign of My Superiority. Whether it’s the first time or the 1,000th, you succumb as if it’s the first time. So buy this 15-minute calling. Kneel. And stroke!