Jan 252017

You want a Real man to fuck your Wife, but it’s not that easy. You envision a giant cock pumping Me — but it’s not enough to stir Me AND My Lover’s emotions & excitement. Buy Cucky In the Closet and I will tell you how amazing you will have to be! Prepare My body by washing & drying Me, and covering Me with oil. I will make My man’s cock thicker if you wear MY lingerie — and sit QUIETLY in My closet with your cock locked to the wall!  You won’t see much, but we’ll drive u CRAZY 4 sure!.

Nov 292016

cumdumbHas any Woman ever called you Cumdumb?  No?  Maybe they don’t know the signs. Maybe they don’t know why you rush for the porn sites and jerk your little dickie ’til it breaks off — with no orgasm and the cum building up in your balls!  And when your balls get full, your brain overheats … you get really humiliated and then you’re Cumdumb. I’ve done a real number on you … and when you buy this Mp3, you’ll learn exactly how — Cumdumb!


Nov 062016

You think sucking cock is GROSS?
Think again, slave … Yes, even YOU have a little gay streak in ‘ya.
All guys do.  And I LOVE bringing it out…
   …  I’ve got two sports-loving slaves who watch a lot of games on TV together.  Well, I thought it was time for them to play a little “Bromance” game of their own.  It was innocent at first.  But they got so hot … and they got shocked knowing I watched it all! I promise, you will love Me tell this Mp3 story!  Buy Bromance: Game Day before your next game.  You two buddies will be, um, “closer than ever!”
… for Niteflirt Customers

Aug 262016

Ready for more fun???  My Goddess Friend Brandi and I have been busy fucking real men all summer … and now, we’re ready to remind you about that summer’s end long ago — when the sissy you dreamed of being showed itself in front of all the beautiful bikini Queens and muscular studs. You will LOVE this steamy reminder of what we went through in Your Sissy Life, Part 5!   And hear Parts 1-4 if you haven’t enjoyed them already!

Jul 272016

thehomewreckerAll of My slaves dream about running off with Me.  Sometimes, they dream that I’m The Homewrecker … shoving their Wives or GFs aside so they can live under My little finger happily ever after. Wanna know what that’s like? You’ll love this saucy Mp3 story!  You don’t want to admit it, but your Lady probably already knows about Me. Hear me get invited to her party, where you get a little wild … ooooooo, I cannot wait to make you PAY to keep the secrets I have on you!  And you will pay. Or you fall apart.  This is so hot, you’ve GOT to buy & hear this!

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Jul 142016

summertimehumiliationchallengeWelcum to Summer!  For me, it’s the SEXIEST time of the year.  That’s because I’ve got the body to fuck and fuck and fuck My GIANT studs!  You?  Not so much.  Remember, you can’t fuck a Woman, so I’m gonna give you some different fun this summer.  Buy this super-sexy slave Mp3, Summer Humiliation, and see what I have in mind for you.

ALL OF MY SLAVES will complete this challenge.  To help, this has a lower price of $14.99.  You’ll need a watermelon and some lipstick — plus a towel so you don’t get too sloppy.  Oh, and bring your appetite, too, OOOOOO…

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Jun 082016

Congratulations, you Burly Alpha Male. You won a full total body transformation at my relaxing, comforting Spa.  Don’t let my champagne and my pink comforter throw you off — I promise you will love the “whole new you” that I cannot wait to create!  Before you even know it, you will look much more … um, appealing.  And you will aspire to highlight the pink and dainty beauty that is hidden in every male.  Buy this sexy, revolutionary Mp3 and see how pretty and nice your future will be in My Sissy Dollhouse!

May 242016

Our jobs can make us so vulnerable. In this vivid, tease-tinged 23-minute story, you’ll hear Me explain how David would lose a professional contract and move away — unless he can rent a good apartment TODAY. Cheryl shows him a unit and describes each room with a firm professional demeanor — while showing quiet signs of sexual mystery!  Listen carefully: She slowly places David in the palm of Her hand, especially when they tour the bedroom.  What happens then will AMAZE you.  You will shiver with sexual excitement when you hear The Apartment.

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May 172016

In Part-2 of this sexxxy operation, I am again the Devious Dr. Alexandra. And I tell My job candidate the REAL reason he’s seeing Me! His Girlfriend no longer considers him a man. So She asked ME … Her long-lost cousin … to give him the Estrogen Therapy that turns this bubble gum chewing, panty-pooping boy into a full Feminine sissy!  Once his genitals disappear, he will finally be of use to Me, as he serves as My maid at the fabulous sex party I’m hosting tonight!  Buy Bubble Gum Bimbo-Estrogen Therapy, hear how I whip My girlie into saucy submission!

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May 032016

Tonight, there’s a major sporting event in town — so that means a LOT of Black Bulls will be at the party I’m hosting!  I need more slaves to serve My guests, both men and Women — and I will need you to give them ANYTHING they want!  I have trained you for this night for a long, long time — so be ready to give those giant cocks and Delicious Dominatrices ANYTHING they want. “The Masquerade Ball” is a tasty story about a tasty party!  Buy this, and enjoy hearing My mesmerizing marching orders!  Believe Me, just the way I describe this is sexy enough! Mmmmm …

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