Oct 262016

Lots of wimpy guys think Halloween is a holiday that’s perfect for sissies!  They dress like girlies and assume that nobody will notice them.  But we DO!  Me and all of My Lady Friends see right through you boys.  So to celebrate, I called on my old slave boy from high school again … and I promised him a night he would NEVER forget!  Not only did I make him wear a sexy dress, I had cock-loving surprises for him in not just one hotel room, but SEVEN!  Buy and enjoy Part 7 of “Your sissy Life” … and enjoy Halloween slurpies you’ll want again & again, mmmmmmm …

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Sep 172016

ysl6Remember, sissy, when you thought you escaped Me by going to a college at least 100 miles away?  You couldn’t lose Me THAT easily, LOL!  You had no idea how many connections I had — and still have.  If I want to fuck you over, I know the perfect Woman anywhere in the world who would happy to put you in your place!  How did I do this?  Buy Your sissy Life, Pt. 6, and I’ll tell all — well, at least what I want you know, you pathetic sissy slut!!!!



Aug 262016

Ready for more fun???  My Goddess Friend Brandi and I have been busy fucking real men all summer … and now, we’re ready to remind you about that summer’s end long ago — when the sissy you dreamed of being showed itself in front of all the beautiful bikini Queens and muscular studs. You will LOVE this steamy reminder of what we went through in Your Sissy Life, Part 5!   And hear Parts 1-4 if you haven’t enjoyed them already!

May 172016

In Part-2 of this sexxxy operation, I am again the Devious Dr. Alexandra. And I tell My job candidate the REAL reason he’s seeing Me! His Girlfriend no longer considers him a man. So She asked ME … Her long-lost cousin … to give him the Estrogen Therapy that turns this bubble gum chewing, panty-pooping boy into a full Feminine sissy!  Once his genitals disappear, he will finally be of use to Me, as he serves as My maid at the fabulous sex party I’m hosting tonight!  Buy Bubble Gum Bimbo-Estrogen Therapy, hear how I whip My girlie into saucy submission!

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Apr 132016

A sissy was applying for a job when he met Dr. Alexandra. But he couldn’t believe what the “interview” involved!  In this amazingly sexy story, I play the gynecologist who shocks the job applicant by giving him a required prostate exam, only to find his cute little PINK PANTIES and a big hole up his ass.  And that bubble gum he was chewing — so wimpy, so fag-like HA HA!!!! I love fucking him with My fingers … then I love fucking him over with all the job “man”dates I order. Man? No way! Buy Bubble Gum Bimbo & hear the fun I have with My dainty sissy office boy!

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Mar 292016


A good sissy needs a GREAT Mistress to own him, even a rich executive like you. So when you left for a week with your Girlfriend without MY permission — I HAD to put you in your place. Your forgot that I once demanded a key to your condo and all your credit cards, e-mail passwords, cell phone info, etc. When you left with her, it was time for ME to redecorate your apartment, and seize your identity to invite your friends to a party that humiliated you beyond belief!  How did I do it? You’ll have to buy Part 4 of Your sissy Life audio Mp3 series and find out!

BONUS: Includes photos of the SEXY furniture you bought when I redecorated your apartment! 
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Mar 172016

You probably don’t want to remember this … but now that you’ve reunited with Me, I will remind you of EVERY JUICY DETAIL from that glorious high school graduation.  Oh, you’ve spent years trying to forget how much of a sissy you were for Me and My beautiful friend Brandi.  Well, guess what?  I remember everything, and I will confront you with all of it — including those wimpy sissy pictures that Brandi took of you!!!  Don’t you remember how great it was to kiss all those GUYS???  Getting curious?  Buy this Mp3 NOW and get into Part 3 of Your sissy Life!

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Feb 292016

You read that right, boy … I’m giving you the “sissy life” you DREAM about. In this 13-minute story, you’ll hear about the beautiful girls from your high school who wanted to make you serve them from head-to-toe — but they could only humiliate you, because you’d snitch otherwise. Now, you become a true success in business — but you never learned to “get the girl.” After all these years, I find you … we have dinner … and I later catch you wearing MY panties, still begging that I fuck you over. Well, it’s time … Buy Your sissy Life Pt. 1 NOW and become My girlie boy, just like you’ve dreamed!

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Feb 012016

If you’re not a sissy … you’ll WANT to be, once you hear My exciting Mp3 sissy Nooner.  If you’re reading this, there’s no way you can fuck a real Woman anyway. Your cock is so tiny, nobody but you would even call it a cock!  Your asshole? That’s different. You’ve GOT to hear this 5-minute noon-time fuck treat. It’s a HOT sissy Nooner, for sure!  I do the fucking with my TEN-INCH black dildo. You’ll hear Me howl, scream, and MOAN as I fuck you the way you’re MEANT to be fucked, sissy!  So get those panties, buy this audio, and go nuts hearing Me go crazy!

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Jul 102015

I want to laugh at you as you wear pink and sequins for me during forced feminization phone sex. I want to emasculate you and humiliate you because, you see, I get so turned on when you turn into my bitch during forced feminization phone sex. Both your holes are fair game for me during forced feminization phone sex: your pie hole and your man pussy. And, they’ll be fair game for my male friends as well. You see, you’re going to be turned into my little slut during forced feminization phone sex.

I will exploit your Femme desires to push you further then ever before! Cross-dressed, forced to suck cock, and already your sissy panties are wet with anticipation!