Mar 142017


Don’t lie.  You CRAVE Me.  My Superior Womanhood gets into your head.  And your cock has the need to pump, as My amazing voice requires.  Yes, I drive you nuts sometimes when you goon and not cum … but I know what your cock needs. And if you follow My commands, you will have your best sex EVER with the way I’ve rewired your brain. And then you crave some more … Buy this Mp3 now & enjoy how I make you CRAVE Me, forever.

Feb 172017

You think you can escape Me. But you can’t. You get busy — or you’re making less $$$– and you assume you don’t have the time or the cash to feed your fix for the way I tease your brain as I control your cock and everything else about you.  But a funny thing happens after a while. You crawl back. You need how I rule you. You love how I torture you. You love this, so you will buy My “Torture Talk” right now. Your balls need it so bad, mmm.

Feb 102017


Even My best slaves need to venture away from time to time, as other life obligations get in the way. But let’s deal with some hard truths here: My voice never leaves you … And you never stop being at MY beck and call, doing what I need … living how I require for you.  And today, you need My Re-Wire of your brain so you will be more hooked on ME, where you need to be even when you’re not with Me.

Nov 022016

Let’s explore what happens when you get Stiff & Ridged for Me.  Your cock feels harder than ever. You feel my fingers touching it. It triggers an electric response through your body. And it’s so good, you will do anything to keep this unbelievable feeling. You might hear Me say you’re stiff and “rigid.” But you are truly Ridged … totally taken over by ME and My Beauty. Stiff & Ridged will give you a sensation beyond sex. Buy this Mp3 now.

Jun 072016

Lucky is the man who is Wrapped Up by My smooth, sultry, sex-consuming voice. Listen intensely to this Mp3. You won’t need to touch your cock — My voice will be enough to get you stiff. I already have your brain Wrapped Up.  It cannot focus on anything but how much I have you BY THE BALLS. Once I own your cock, you’ll want nothing else. You will think of Me always, and you’ll crave to be Wrapped Up by My voice any time you can. You will stroke, get to the edge, and not cum unless I let you. You’ll be so Wrapped Up that gooning to me is all you’ll ever want.

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Mar 222016

One of My most popular Mp3s is “Hypnorgasm” — in which My countless slaves basked in My sexual power and control for the very first time. It’s still a wonderful Mp3 to enjoy.  But like many things today, you need more of My charms to fall even deeper under My sensual and all-consuming spell — and that’s what you get in My sequel Hypnocum.  My amazing voice echoes and shakes you, as I desire.  Your sexual feeling is stronger than ever, but you must obey all of My commands.  Buy this 31-minute sex chamber … Stare at your favorite photo of Me, and feel what you’re DESPERATE for.

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Feb 222016


“Beautiful Women will always control your cock but I control your balls and they will never cum without MY explicit permission … and even then …”

Even then WHAT?  Find out when you buy and hear this mind-grabbing, cock-shaking Mp3 Always.  Unlike most beautiful Women, I control the depths of your balls. Your cum becomes MINE to use and enjoy … leaving you to enjoy stroking and stroking and stroking. Once I grab hold, I never let go. And you will crave your Goddess Alexandra Always. This is your reward, so buy this now and follow My luscious commands to goon in My Honor … Always.

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Aug 292015

You probably want to know … Why did I become a hypnodomme?  First and foremost, I’m naturally dominant.  I love exploring another person’s psyche.  I love the rush of knowing that my hypnosis subjects are vulnerable to my suggestions, knowing that I’m slowly but surely weaving my way into their lives.  Being a hypnodomme is one helluva kick — especially when I hear all sorts of kinky feedback about my effect on you!!!

There is a special energy play that I am able to enjoy with some of My callers and for that I remain here, ready to talk at you. Are you ready?

Aug 262015

Are you afraid of erotic hypnosis, yet drawn to it?  Do you fear you might do something you don’t want to do?  You might even be afraid you’ll become someone whom you’re not.

Well, don’t fear, dear boy, because my erotic hypnosis audios won’t make you do anything you really don’t want to do.  Yes, we’ll delve into your deep and secret fantasies, but our time together is when you can live out your dreams!  I make them come to life during my sexy hypnosis recordings.  So what will occur is that you’ll have an amazing time.  Perhaps you’ll have one of the most sexually arousing and satisfying experiences of your life!

Still not convinced?  Still thinking that I’ll plant some sort of post hypnotic suggestions in my sexy hypnosis recordings that will make you do something you really don’t want to do?  Silly boy.  All you have to do is listen to the mp3 while you’re not in a trance to hear that I don’t do that!  The post hypnotic suggestions I do make are to get more in touch with your submissive or sissy side and to make you more submissive to me.  And that’s not a bad thing at all
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Oct 292014

flash   For the good boy, there is no better place than under the total control of ME, the Goddess Alexandra.  You cannot help but crawl to Me, always with a raging hard-on.  You will do your duty by jerking it — and by NOT cumming.  No, I need you in a constant state or horniness, so I can use you in any way I desire.  It sounds cruel, but lots of guys believe that being “Under My Spell Again” is the sexiest thing that can ever happen.  Buy this pure slice of Erotic Hypnosis, and join these lucky, lucky slaves.
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