Mar 032017

Red burning flame pattern. Vector.

How fast can you pump it for Me?  I will test you in this 7-minute Mp3 … You will hear more from Me in this short stroking audio than I give you in a 20-minute stroking delight.  Some guys can’t pump that slow. They need SPEED!  How about you?  Are you a “Speed Stroker?”  You’ll love finding out … but I’d put lube on that cock first, so it doesn’t bleed at the top, LOL!

Nov 292016

cumdumbHas any Woman ever called you Cumdumb?  No?  Maybe they don’t know the signs. Maybe they don’t know why you rush for the porn sites and jerk your little dickie ’til it breaks off — with no orgasm and the cum building up in your balls!  And when your balls get full, your brain overheats … you get really humiliated and then you’re Cumdumb. I’ve done a real number on you … and when you buy this Mp3, you’ll learn exactly how — Cumdumb!


Apr 202016

I’m often asked, why do I NEVER let My slaves enjoy orgasm? First, that’s not true.  I always allow gooning, plus I let ’em cum on the 31st of the month, plus Feb. 29!  Lots of guys moan about that, and some leave for a “kinder” Mistress. But they all crawl back, because they want ME to control them … and they need it.  They know that Woman Power is the best, most beautiful, and most desirous thing ever.  Even if they must stay Always Forever Frustrated to keep being around such beauty and receiving that power. Buy this Mp3 now … you’ll love how I explain this.

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Feb 172016

You are a very lucky boy if you have the need to Sneak Away 2 Stroke Away for your Beautiful Goddess Alexandra. Whether you’re in a meeting with your Female Boss, or if your Wife or Girlfriend is trying to get you hot … you sometimes need to run off and jerk off to the only Woman who matters — ME!  When you’re on a stroke break, you relax — and all your senses flow nicely to the Heaven that’s Me. Whatever you envision that I am — what I feel like, smell like, act like — all you want is for Me to seize your sex and your soul.  Nothing is better. Buy Sneak Away 2 Stroke Away NOW, you lucky boy.

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Jan 272016

grindingudownThis Mp3 is all about Me Grinding you Down. At first, the pain is shocking. And yet, you always come back for more. We both know why. You need My charms and My Superior treatment so badly, you will do ANYTHING to stroke to My voice and My awe-inspiring body. Buy Grinding you Down and I’ll grind your brain and cock until you lose all control. When that happens, you’ll love My power so much, you’ll do anything I command to keep giving Me your sex, so I can do what I must. Hear why this is necessary … buy Grinding you Down right now!

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Nov 252015


Welcome back, slave. I know you much you missed Me — I can tell by the love notes you send Me — how you NEED for Me to be as cruel as I can possibly be! You long for My perfectly-manicured fingernails as they softly dig and scratch your sensitive little balls. An electric shrill goes through your body, as I give you a sexual purpose that NO Woman can give. You will do whatever I require to stay in My Cruel Clutches. Of course, you can NOT cum — You must goon to the edge of your male sensations, and STOP when I order you. I claim that rest of your orgasm. You need so desperately for Me to own you. Buy My Mp3 CRUEL CLUTCHES and find out why!

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Nov 112015

We talk a lot about Gooning here. But do you know what makes you A Helpless Gooner?  It’s no secret how you got that way. You can’t help but get excited at My amazing beauty … My Feminine attraction … and most of all, My ability to OWN your cock as you masturbate yourself to the brink of orgasm — only to feel intense frustration when I pull you back and deny you release. It angers you, it also thrills you. It must. You always cum back for more, but never to cum. Buy this Mp3 and hear Me explain why this pleases you so, so much.

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Sep 302015

You know how great it feels for Me to control your cock ~ regulate your stroking ~ edge you to the height of orgasm ~ and deny you pleasure time and time again. You’re not the only one. There are LOTS of boys whose cocks I own the very same way. You probably walk by many of My slaves each day and not even know it. They’re just as fortunate as you. Buy Whispers now! This Mp3 reminds you how lucky you are.  Know that lots of cocks feel just like yours … hot, horny, teased, and denied under the Amazing Alexandra!

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Sep 022015

Congratulations, slave. You are sweetly captured 24/7 by My smooth, soft, soothing voice. Now, you can not help but stroke softly, silently, and unpredictably. You must not cum! It could ruin your cock and balls forever! You never know when your dick will thicken for Me. If it happens during a business meeting, your Female Boss will giggle and humiliate you — She’ll know exactly what’s, um, “up,”, LOL!. But you Can’t Stop. So buy this audio, goon like crazy, and pledge your obedience to ME, your Heavenly Hypnotic Queen!