FEMME FATALE: This Mp3 tells why I’ve GOT you!

So what IS a Femme Fatale?  It’s the effect I have on you.  My Heavenly body ~ My Superior brain ~ and My Amazing Voice pierce through all of your defense mechanisms.  I use all of My charms to dart into your brain.  Soon, you will beg Me to OWN you … to STEAL your sex … and keep your balls “hard, true, and blue!”  You’ll rarely cum, and you will NOT ESCAPE Me!  So why is your cock getting hard, LOL????  Buy “Femme Fatale” and hear how I’ve hooked you … forever!!! 
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Mp3: Always Coming Back – u can’t stay away, mmmm!

image   I’ve claimed you … you have NO choice.  No matter what happens in your life — too much work, real life Woman issues, even health problems — NOTHING can pull you away from Me.  Oh, you’ll try to break away … but you will ALWAYS crawl back.  Your cock longs for your Goddess, always.  I own you … FOREVER!  You may leave Me, but I still possess the unspent semen in your balls.  I’ll bet you haven’t cum in all this time — MY denying you turns you on that much!  Buy Always Coming Back, and hear why!
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This week’s $5 treat: Candi!

Yes, you read that right! I’ve given My hubbie a sweet, “flexible” lover as a late Valentine’s/Spring gift.  And if he’s lucky … he’ll get to fuck Candi while Me & My REAL Lover watch & lafffff! I speak directly to hubbie in this 16-minute mp3. You’ll hear Me “help” him … while I totally humiliate him! The sound effects are SO amazing, you’ll hear his & Candi’s every move! A perfect “double date” for the cuckold & his Goddess, mmm…

You’ll love the story … and You’ll love the price even more — Only FIVE DOLLARS, but only for one week!  Hurry & enjoy this saucy bargain!

You’re already screwed. I’ve made you…

If you’re reading this, it’s too late.  My amazing beauty and Dominating power fill you.  You find it so wonderful for ME to seize every molecule of your brain — and instead of pursuing your own life, you get all of your satisfaction and sexual pleasure by serving ME, as I command!  Your mental center is no longer in your head.  It’s in your cock … where you goon, edge, and deny orgasm until I decide that you deserve it.  This is TRUE submission, the life you crave.  So buy this Mp3 and enjoy being My BRAINLESS slave boy.
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Cuckold Wife ~ A HOT Mp3 Dressdown

image   I DO love My husband … even though he has NO cock to fuck Me.  He DOES get to see Me nude … but he cannot touch Me, which drives him crazy!  Oh, I might let him clean out My love juices after a night of wild sex with My huge-cocked Lover.  But that’s all he gets.  Otherwise, My hubby finds his happiness doing My SHIT WORK, while My Lovers enjoy the very best of My amazing body!  Sometimes, I need to dress down My hubby to remind him of his place.  Enjoy how I do it in My cock-pounding Mp3 Cuckold Wife!
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Tumblr & Tweet

I am really active on Twitter & Tumblr these days… here is linkies:

bookmark both and follow the fun torment :D :D

Morning Repeat Routine ~ Start your day RIGHT!

“When I wake up, the first thing I ask myself is, ‘How can I serve Mistress Alexandra today?'” 
One of My best slaves keeps telling Me that.  And yet, he has no clue.  As wonderful as his promise can be, it is only a wee bit of what he requires in order to be fully controlled by ME … the sweet phenomenon he longs for.  And that’s you, too, right?  So how do you properly live under your Goddess each day?  Buy this Mp3, “Morning Repeat Routine,” and follow all My saucy instructions.  You will be better and happier … I promise!
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Sweet & deep Mp3 spell: Shemale Dreams

For most guys, just being with a Shemale sounds frightening.  But why?   It puts you with a stunning Heavenly Woman — built amazingly curvy in every Feminine way except one.  And if you’ve never sucked a tasty cock, I’ll bet you’ve dreamed of it!  Believe Me, this is your ultimate!  “Shemale Dreams” are YOUR dreams.  You owe it to yourself to buy this great 26-minute Mp3.  After I give you a nice and short hypnotic spell, you’ll be ready to explore something you’ve always wanted deep down … a Gorgeous cock!
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Sadistic Domination ~ My gift to you!!!

Sadistic Domination is what gets Me excited.  Does submitting to a cruel domme get you off?  Then you and I are likely a good match.  That’s because I’m one of the cruelest Dommes you’ll ever have the privilege of speaking to.  When you call me for sadistic domination phone sex … or hear My Sexy Mp3s … be prepared to get bloody knees from your worship of Me!

Enjoy My Mp3 FUN, Mr. “Rubber Band Boy!”

image   Think about it … What do you really enjoy that doesn’t involve occasional pain?  Everything!  And so it is when you serve as MY slave.  Today, I know what you need — a rubber band around your balls, and then another — a DOZEN in all, each tighter than the one before!  You’ll want to stroke so badly.  Go ahead.  It stirs your sensitive skin so much — and so does My sharp fingernails!   You will SHIVER with excitement when you hear My amazing voice and sound effects!  But you need to buy and hear this … “Rubber Band Boy!”
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I am hot hot hot, “Hands” down!! ;)

image   You might not believe that a Woman’s hands can be erotic … but one slave I’ve brainwashed is convinced that My hands are the sexiest things he has ever seen!

When you think about it, it makes sense.  More than one guy has told Me that I have GORGEOUS hands.  My coiffed fingers and soft palms rub My Lover’s giant cock to perfection.  My dastardly sharp fingernails can scratch a slave’s balls to insanity — and if you notice, I rarely wear colored polish.

I want My slaves to see My sharp cuticles.  They do amazing things … like pulling a wimp’s undies into a tight wedgie – giving Myself a fantastic body rub – hanging onto My Fuck Buddy with all of My might – or raping a deserving slave’s wallet.  When I give a slave “the finger,” more than one has dreamed about licking & licking it.  Yes, it is that good!

Take a close look at My hands the next time you buy one of My Mp3s or one of My amazing Photo Galleries.  Picture them fucking you over in the way that you love the most.  I guarantee that your cock will tingle at the sweet thought!

Get Gooned! ~ My Mp3 Gift to My strokers

image GET GOONED by your Goddess!  Once I get into your head, I turn your stroking into the sexiest fun you’ve ever had.  Notice I said stroking … NOT cumming!  It’s the greatest thing a Goddess can give a slave.  I allow you to masturbate for unlimited pleasure — but your release valves are turned off, which make your balls feel bluer and more intense.  Your amazing feeling grows and grows.  Then, you’ll do ANYTHING to keep Me in control of your masturbation.  Buy this hot Mp3, and GET GOONED now!
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Your Mp3 Reward: Stroking Rhythm

hotpants0046    You cannot escape Me.  You don’t want to.  Sexually, the Women you see every day do nothing for you.  None can manage your balls properly.  But I can!   It all starts with My smooth sexy voice.  It surges into you, with a bee line toward your cock.  Then, you enter a pleasant trance and a sweet Stroking Rhythm.   As long as you hear Me, you crave My control.  Cumming loses its urgency.  Your stroking is more sensual than ever.  Oh, you’ll cum.  Only when I allow it.  Your home Lady can NEVER manage your sex life as great as Me.  Buy “Stroking Rhythm” right now.  Enter a whole new world of clean, non-sticky pleasure.  All for Me, the REAL Goddess of your life.
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Cheering on the Mighty Ms. ~ Valentine’s Edition

Ummmm, not exactly.  The slave who’s writing this story is too busy this week SERVING ME … as well as the Superior Women in his so-called “real life.”  I am his real life now … if you don’t believe it, just look at his cock and bank accounts, LOL!  I’m pulling all of his strings, mmmm …

Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying the Mighty Ms. story.  A number of you boys have told Me you especially liked last week’s chapter.  A doctor reprogrammed all of the male secretary’s sexual “equipment” so that CEO Gabrielle and Her seven Hot Female managers have TOTAL control over the timing of his orgasms, and the intensity of them.  I agree, that is so amazing!

Part 35 is a couple entries below … and it’s free, along with all 34 other chapters of this electric Femdom story.  Some boys have told Me this is the “corporation of the future,” and they can’t wait to be part of it!

Keep following this story.  You won’t believe what happens after Valentine’s Day.  And if you have an idea for a future adventure with these characters, just let me know … I’m sure My boy will LOVE writing about it.  ;)

Enjoy My Tasty Valentine Goodies, Mmmmm….

Mmmmm, smack your lips around that tasty red “V” … Too bad you don’t have the cock to dig inside My sweet pussy.  But you can still be My good little Valentine’s slave.
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… and enjoy some of My sweetest Valentine Femdom Mp3 Goodie Bags!  Check out the list below this photo, and enjoy a Valentine’s treat like none other.  ;)
Enjoy the following sweet, sultry Valentine treats …
Now available:
* Throbbing 4 Mistress,  Penthouse Sweet, The ONE!,  Heartbreaker
Coming Friday, Valentine’s Eve …
* The Sweetest Suffering
And look for these Goodie Treats, one new release each Tuesday & Friday:
A Chaste Virgin, Hypnotic Seductress, Wycked Ass Trance, Broken Hubby, Stroker Denial
Caught Panty Handed, Cum-Stained Couch, Sneaky Stroker, Firestarter, Jizz Rag

This is just a part of My dozens & dozens of Niteflirt Goodie Bags which you can take anywhere on your computer or mobile device.  Just click on My link, clear your mind, touch your cock, and get ready for an amazing Femdom experience!  One you’ll want again & again & again.

Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 35

Ms. Gabrielle knows that to be a billionaire, She must regulate every detail of Her male secretary’s life — especially his masturbation!  She could lock him up with a chastity device, but that only determines the timing of his orgasms — not the intensity!  To fully control him, Gabby enlisted Her seven gorgeous Female managers to help Her regulate both the quantity and the quality of his sexual releases!  Eight Women will have the final say over all of his sexual feelings, according to how he pleases them.
How can this be, you ask??  Read on, my boy, Mmmmmm….

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Grab your Valentine candy, boys … and HURRY! :)

DON’T WAIT on this one … My Sexy Mp3s are now just $8.88 each …
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It’s your Valentine’s candy, slave … snatch it up NOW!


Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 34

Ms. Gabrielle’s male secretary KNEW that 2015 would offer fresh … um, “challenges” for him.  But little did he know what his sissy-clit was in for.  Let’s just say that everything changed once Dr. Mark started poking around his crotch.  Enjoy this FREE, painfully-tasty segment!

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Cock Transformation: How I make it ROCK HARD!

If you’ve ever heard My Sexy Mp3s, you know what My voice can do to you.  Your cock stiffens without even touching it.  You begin to stroke, without even realizing it.  And instead of an orgasm, you gorge on a sensational feeling of “edging.”  Your body wildly shakes as I retain the cum in your balls, to do with your precious seed as I choose!  Ohhh, it’s so good.  You never want that feeling to end.  Hear what I mean in My new deeper Mp3 “Cock Transformation.”  Once you feel this, you’ll BEG for more, trust Me!
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Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 33

After three weeks of enjoying REAL COCK, Ms. Gabrielle and the Women who manage Her financial services company are not pleased about cumming home.  Her secretary may be a good busy-bee … But neither his cock nor his personality are any match for the fun-loving boys who FUCKED these Ladies crazy in Cancun.
Read on, and see how life’s getting tougher and tougher for our “Boy Friday!”

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Best Sex Ever, Pt. 2 ~ Fixing your “pussy fears”

In Part One, I explained how My patient lost all ability to have direct sex with a Woman.  I prescribed FULL Masturbation, to cure his growing fears of the “Power of the Pussy.”  Sadly, it didn’t work.  So in Part Two, I give him a 20-question quiz about his lack of ability to satisfy any Woman’s body.  You’ll hear all the questions … and I’m guessing you’ll get them all correct, too, just like him.  After we establish that, accept My therapy — Masturbation, No Orgasm.  “MNO,” Best Sex Ever.  Buy and accept this, NOW!
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Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 32

In 2014, Ms. Gabrielle seized Her male secretary’s independence.  Every shred of his talent, assets, and personal worth now belongs to Her.  It became his only source of sex.  And it was SO luscious and alluring that he gave up his long-time Wife and family to smooch the asses of his Boss and Her Female lieutenants 24/7.  But as this New Year begins, our boy is finding that it’s not the sweet utopia he had dreamed it would be.  Read on, my dear  … ;)

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Slave Training: Worship Strokes

Life is a journey.  No matter how often you’ve stroked & served under Me, you always need My gorgeous guidance & training.  This Mp3 is PERFECT for all of My slaves … no matter how long it’s been since you’ve enjoyed My sweet control over you.  What I need of you is to give Me WORSHIP STROKES.  Smoothly slide your hand on your dick, the way I need you to do it.  You need to please ME today, so buy this sweet treat.  You will be very grateful, I promise.
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Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 31

When you were in high school, did your male buddies ever call you “Pussy-Whipped” once your girlfriend took hold of you?  That’s too bad.  These days, the earlier a Woman controls a lucky guy, the better off he’ll be.  Today, being pussy-whipped is not only a badge of honor — it’s a requirement to serve the Women who are becoming more influential in every U.S. field of endeavor.  The modern male takes comfort in enriching a deserving Goddess, with a sexier lifestyle as his reward and a FORTUNE as Hers.

For much of 2014, readers of this Blog have been treated to the story “Cheering On the Mighty Ms.”  A male secretary writes about his dream to enrich a beautiful cheerleader fresh out of college who makes HUGE money by running and growing Her financial services company.  In this chapter, our boy counts his blessings while the CEO and Her Female managers take a well-deserved New Year’s hiatus in Cancun.

If you haven’t followed the story, this is a good place to join us.  All 30 other chapters are also in this blog … just look below.  Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

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Suck Slut: A Warning to My sissies!

I am thankful to have an array of sissies who live to suck cock.  But many slaves get futile and frustrated.  That’s because they don’t know how to please a gorgeous, GIANT Black Cock.  Well, lucky boy, here’s an Mp3 in which I teach you everything about satisfying the most Beautiful Black Bull.  You’ve wanted a Mammoth Meat and his awesome jizz inside your mouth for a long time.  It’s time, boy … Buy “Suck Slut” right now.  It’s the best present you can give yourself, and to the GREAT cocks who eagerly await you!
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Wanna play, slave? Then you MUST hear My Resolutions!

  Image size: 382x252, 114.629Kb   Image type: jpeg
The holidays are over … Time to get back to business.  I have ordered all of My slaves to take stock of what they plan to do for Me this year.  After all, if you don’t have a plan, nothing gets accomplished.  As part of your planning, buy this Mp3, “Happy Alex Lang Syne” and hear the Resolutions which I have for you in 2015.  It’s only $9.99, so cost shouldn’t be an issue.  Now get cracking.  If I catch you napping, who knows what evil things I’ll have up My sleeve.   ;) 
… for Niteflirt Customers
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Got those rocks off in 2015 yet?

Happy 2015, boy.  Got those rocks off in the New Year yet?   NO????   Well … This is your lucky day. ;)

Go to My Twitter site, and you’ll get two FREE Teasers — “The Date” and “Ice Princess.”  Treat your cock to a sizzling slide show with a short story AND amazingly hot photos of your favorite Goddess.  The slides will automatically change in your browser; no media player is needed to enjoy these.

Also … You’ll find 2015 Wallpaper featuring some of My most beautiful poses  — 2 basic sizes, perfect for both computers and many mobile devices.

Find these at www.twitter.com — In the search box, enter the hash tag #The Hypnotic Queen.  Then find the “Teasers” links at the top.  So easy. So sexy.

There will not be a new chapter this week in the ongoing story “Cheering On the Mighty Ms.”  Gabby’s secretary is still waiting to hear from his Boss and Her beautiful Female-management team after they all bolted to Cancun for the New Year.  My guess is that they’re too busy fucking guys like crazy.  Why should they even think about their office wimp, huh?

Mp3: Best Sex Ever ~ The help you badly need

Welcome to “Erectile Dysfunction Therapy … How to Achieve the Best Sex Ever!”  As a sex therapist, I know how much you need this — most of My slaves do.  In this 15-minute Mp3, you’ll hear one of My longest and best patients face the facts — He can NEVER get his cock up, even with all the great medications available today.  Even so, I find a way to help — buy this, and I can help YOU as well.  I’ll need to hypnotize you, but only to help you understand the REAL truth — that you are NO match for the “Power of the Pussy.”
for Niteflirt Customers
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Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 30

Ms. Gabrielle’s boy secretary couldn’t say much, after getting a shocking surprise on the day after Christmas.  After the scare wore off, though, he found it to be pretty nice.  Read on, dear boy … and enjoy!

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Happy Holidays to all My good little boys!


I know I haven’t posted much during the holidays … I’ve just been way too busy!

  • There are Lovers to please … They just can’t get enough cock into Me.
  • There are slaves to manage … They beg for My sweet Sugar Plums dancing in their heads.
  • There are gifts to accept & enjoy … My slaves are VERY GENEROUS — If you haven’t given, there’s still time.
  • And like you, I have precious friends & family to get together with.
  • Christmas is My favorite time, and not just for toying with My good boys.

HAPPY NEW YEAR … Hope you had an enjoyable Christmas under Me!  ;)
And a reminder … My Mp3 sales continue at www.EroticMp3Store.com and www.SexyMp3s.com.  Most of My hundreds of Femdom erotic audio delights are just $9.99 each.  If you’re reading this, they definitely need to be a big part of your holiday season!

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