Feb 042016

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Feb 012016

If you’re not a sissy … you’ll WANT to be, once you hear My exciting Mp3 sissy Nooner.  If you’re reading this, there’s no way you can fuck a real Woman anyway. Your cock is so tiny, nobody but you would even call it a cock!  Your asshole? That’s different. You’ve GOT to hear this 5-minute noon-time fuck treat. It’s a HOT sissy Nooner, for sure!  I do the fucking with my TEN-INCH black dildo. You’ll hear Me howl, scream, and MOAN as I fuck you the way you’re MEANT to be fucked, sissy!  So get those panties, buy this audio, and go nuts hearing Me go crazy!

Jan 292016

It’s time for me to humiliate you during forced feminization phone sex. Before you call, I want you to have lipstick and something long and hard to suck on. If I’m in the mood, I just may have you put that long and hard thing in your man pussy. So suck it up (pun intended) and get ready to be humiliated during our forced feminization phone sex fantasy.

Jan 272016

What a release I get when I give cruel dominatrix phone sex. I could be pissed off at the least little thing and when you call me for cruel dominatrix phone sex, I can use you as my verbal punching bag and feel so much better. Ah, it’s wonderful to be me!

Jan 272016

grindingudownThis Mp3 is all about Me Grinding you Down. At first, the pain is shocking. And yet, you always come back for more. We both know why. You need My charms and My Superior treatment so badly, you will do ANYTHING to stroke to My voice and My awe-inspiring body. Buy Grinding you Down and I’ll grind your brain and cock until you lose all control. When that happens, you’ll love My power so much, you’ll do anything I command to keep giving Me your sex, so I can do what I must. Hear why this is necessary … buy Grinding you Down right now!

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Jan 212016

Do you wish your white wife craved black cock?  Well, you’re not alone.  Many men have such fantasies, so there’s nothing to feel bad about.  You’re not less a man if your white wife craves black cock.  In fact, I’d say that’s rather generous on your part!

I’m so glad that my Bulls are coming over this weekend. I am on the fence about letting hubby watch My white pussy getting fucked and stretched to the limits by a big black cock! Just because hubby married a kinky cuckoldress doesn’t mean he always gets to watch. I want to the cuck to feel super fucking lucky of having his white wife fucking big black cock right in front of his face on a regular basis. Want to put yourself in his situation? This Mp3 is exactly what could happen to you, on your wedding day!!
consumating the wedding

Consummating the Wedding
This is your Wedding Day … and as your new bride, I bring you to My room to tell you a sweet and VERY important thing! See, you might have waited until marriage to have sex … but I sure as hell didn’t! Before long, you’ll hear the tell-tale signs from the next room in our Honeymoon Suite — oh yeah, the HOT Lover who’s fuckin’ Me RAW! Good cuckolds get SOOOO excited by this! Your cock will plump like crazy & gush like an oil well, just thinking about what Me & My Stud are doing on YOUR wedding night!

Jan 202016

thecatburglar“Oh, how the mighty fall.” You know how Women turn celebrities into mush — torturing, threatening, and bribing them out of their massive fortunes. Tonight, it’s MY turn!  Arthur P. Bridgewater III is by far the richest business tycoon I’ve ever met. I was his date at a snooty party, where he bragged about his excess. But I knew better. And after the party ended, I quietly broke into his quarters and made him a sex-pained slave to his own gold — to which I helped MYSELF, mmmm. How sneaky am I? I’ll tell you when you buy this amazing story, The Cat Burglar!

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Jan 172016

I’m the degradation phone sex extraordinaire. I excel at ripping your ego to shreds, especially when you tell me more about yourself. Every little bit of information you tell me I then turn around and use it against you during our degradation phone sex. I love leaving you in tatters!