FUCK SANDWICH: The story of Me between 2 pounding Cocks!

image   This was My final night of a business trip … and I was so juiced that I wanted to fuck somebody after I had won  a giant business deal!   But the hotel bar was full of useless FAT FAGS.   Fortunately, there was a young handsome bartender who took Me elsewhere.  He found a GORGEOUS  friend – drunk and tattooed from top-to-bottom.  We BURNED My hotel room as they pounded Me from back to front — turning Me info a Fabulous “Fuck Sandwich!”  Guess who was calling right when I climaxed?  You’ve got to hear this amazing, cock-ramming story!
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Say PLEASE in your Cock-Tease Phone Sex with Me!

I expect you to say PLEASE a lot during our cock-tease phone sex session.  In fact, you better be saying PRETTY PLEASE … begging me in all sorts of convincing ways.   If you don’t, it looks like you’ll have blueballs … long after our cock-tease phone sex play has ended!

Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 20

Ready to resume this AMAZING story???  I hope so … ‘cuz you’re really missing out if you don’t.  In Part 20, a Female Olympic champion describes how athletes celebrate on their way back from the Games to America.  After winning for their country, they now win for themselves!   Gabby makes Her secretary hear this “Heavenly humiliation.”  You’ll lap it up, too, I promise.  Just click on the purple words here, and your FREE weekly slice of fantastic Femdom returns.

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Pumpkin Pump-Off Challenge!

It’s that time of year ~ Enter My grand humiliation challenge, the Great Pumpkin Pump Off!  Want to be a star on My website?  Send Me your MOST embarrassing pumpkin pumping. All you need is a pumpkin, a hard-on and a camera.  Snap shots of your pathetic prick “phucking” a pumpkin for MY AMUSEMENT.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY: Email your epic photo entries to Me at: mistess.alexandra@gmail.com
The deadline is Halloween Night, Oct. 31, at 11:59 p.m. U.S. Pacific Time.

Buying this Mp3 could help you in this hot Halloween endeavor – In any event, you’ll enjoy this! 

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You’ll wanna check back here Friday for …

… the return of “CHEERING ON THE MIGHTY MS.”!!!!!

Back in the summer, you were getting fatigued after reading 19 weekly parts of one of My sauciest FREE Femdom stories ever!  I didn’t know how much My boys would miss this … so starting Friday, it’s BACK!  Hopefully, you remember this, as told through the eyes of an eager male secretary who admires the talent, power and sexiness of a Fantastic Female Boss.

A long-time CEO retires from Her financial company — and She’s replaced by a beautiful cheerleader who’s fresh out of college.  All the other men resign in disgust, but Ms. Gabrielle’s new secretary tries to lick his weenie to see what She plans!  As Gabby pulls the strings, he divorces his Wife –and Tori torments an ex like never before after She marries a rich Black business Stud.   Meanwhile, Gabby exposes her aide to Her Femdom business contacts:

  • A TV sports celebrity who erotically controls Gabby’s boy AND Her piggish male announcers.
  • A Female Olympic champion who teaches him the joy of serving stars like Her.
  • An expert consultant who teasingly shows him why it’s “good to be gay” in business sometimes.

Gabby’s all-Female management learns new ways to exploit the male secretarial underling to gain JUICY success.  What’s next?  Well, you know how Goddesses love invading their slaves’ privacy — and throw their boys in a cock-raging loop!

Read all that and more starting on Friday, when our weekly Friday Freebie returns … “Cheering On the Mighty Ms.” with Part 20.  If you need to catch up, scroll down into past pages of this Blog — the entire 19-part series is there for you to enjoy!

Fucked-Up Fright ~ Guaranteed to scare your weenie!

   You won’t believe My “romantic” Halloween surprise for My wimpie husband.  First, we head to a remote cabin.  There, he melts when he sees My super-sexy outfit.  Soon after, he’s giving “head” to his brand new sex boy — MY BLACK LOVER’S COCK!   Oh, he thought it was My strap-on.  But you know how much I LUV foolin’ My hubbie.  And I do with it delight in this flaming Halloween Mp3 Fucked Up Fright!   ;)
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Magically Pussy-Whipped: Your problem, MY pleasure!

magicallypussywhipped    You may think your Wife or Girlfriend doesn’t know about US.  But She probably does.  She has taken control over you, by reducing your sex with Her over the time you two have presumably “been in love.”  Now, the only thing your Woman loves is to watch you squirm — and in doing so, She has driven you over to ME!   When I take control, your cock gets so desperate to release the cum it has built inside.  But it never happens: you need MY Queenly treatment!  Buy this gem, only $15.99 – and hear the TRUTH from Me!
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Fresh Meat

Calming Mp3: Your Daily Devotion

I know.  The world is so crazy that you have drifted away from the one thing that keeps you comfortable and secure — your devotion and obedience to Me!   Fortunately, it’s a great time to rededicate yourself to what’s really important.  Buy this Mp3 … I’ll make it easy to get back to “Your Daily Devotion.”  My slaves are their happiest when they jerk to Me each day, stroking to the edge of their orgasms, and then denying their cum.  You need a Goddess like this, so buy this Mp3 … and return to peace under Me.
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WORTHLESS LOSER: Hear My marching orders!

You ARE a worthless loser.  You know it, deep down inside.  Most guys are.   Fortunately, you have the Honor of listening to a Goddess like Me.  And as long as you pay for the privilege, I will care enough to let you do a couple of hot, humping, HUMILIATING tasks for Me.  Your cock will go crazy, just because somebody like ME is paying attention.  So … you’ve got some fun, Femdom marching orders.  Buy this Mp3, “Worthless Loser,” and hear what you will do for Me!  he he he….
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The ULTIMATE Succubus: The Mp3 you long for

You can’t help yourself.  You see My Feminine curves, and your cock rattles.  You hear My delicious voice, and you mindlessly do as I say.  Your cum flies out of your dick, and I POUNCE on it — seizing every last drop!  In this Mp3 trick or treat, I am THE Ultimate Succubus — the Goddess who makes you lose control, and begs Me to claim your cock, your heart, and your SOUL!  You can escape, but you don’t want to.  This is too good!  Find out why … enjoy the Magical Me, “The Ultimate Succubus!”
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Mp3: Mindless Stroking Session

   You really want this.  It’s a sweet 15-minute treat in which My smooth, salacious, sexy voice flows into your brain — and you’ll relax like never before.  Your cock will naturally rise, and you’ll slowly stroke to My soothing rhythm.  Oh, you’ll have an orgasm, but I WILL make you suffer.  And as you get weaker, obeying Me and doing My bidding is all you’ll ever want to do.  Gooood boy!
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Tight Black Shorts ~ A sweet Mp3 for My Ass-Lovers!

I see it all the time:  Guys pretend to adore My body as they walk by … but all they REALLY want is to get their lips on My beautiful boiling Ass.  And when you see My Tight Black Shorts highlight that Gorgeous Ass, you get even crazier and hornier.  But know this:  Touch My Ass once, and I’ll have you under My total control.  You will do ANYTHING for another stare, another whiff, another lick at My sweet Ass.   So buy My Mp3 Tight Black Shorts, and hear Me guide you to where you really wanna be … on My tight latex Ass!
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Don’t let another day go by without …

… Checking out My Fantastic Niteflirt Goodie Bags!!!

Click on this purple link, and expose yourself to a constantly changing world — MY Fantastic Femdom World!
Don’t miss a day … I release a new Goodie Bag every single day — a SexyMp3, a fantastic photo set, a snippet of My beautiful life — it’s all here, waiting for you.
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Findom: A crotch-shaking sensation!

FINDOM:  You may have seen this word more often lately.  According to the Urban Dictionary, here’s what it means …

“A combination of 2 words: financial domination … A very real fetish involving a submissive being ‘forced’ to give money to the Dominant. Terms like money slave, paypig, and wallet rape are all part of the play…”

But if you ask some of My slaves, Findom stops being play after awhile — and it blossoms into a dream experience that’s beyond amazing.  Buying dinner for a Mistress he could never dream to fuck … sending Her to an exotic place he could never go … buying lavish clothes beyond his family’s tastes … all those and more can turn a slave’s cock into a crotch-shivering sensation that’s sexier than he’ll ever experience!

The REAL reward, however, is when your giving to Me advances beyond sex.  It can be very liberating for a man to watch his Superior Goddess shine much brighter than anyone else in his life possibly could.  Some of My slaves are on fantastic Findom journeys toward My eternal Queendom.  Start yours today.  Start or build up your Niteflirt account and feel your cock harden with your first Tribute to Me, at http://www.niteflirt.com/Cuckold%20Collectress%20Alexandra#

JERK-OFF JAIL~ A horny Mp3 sentence of jerking & jerking …

BAD BOY …  I caught you jerking your dickie too often.   Now, here’s your sentence:  Buy this Mp3 and serve time in My Jerk-Off Jail!   A cold, bare dungeon in My basement NO cumming, NO fucking, and limited human contact.  Just you in your cell!  You can’t fuck, you can’t work, but you can jerk 24/7 to My photos on the walls.   Every so often, I’ll walk by and watch a bunch of My prisoners jerking themselves, never stopping, never cumming, never going.  This Mp3 has some DELICIOUS sound effects — you’ll hear Me lock you up.
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The Cumbath: The story of a SUPER Swingers’ bash!

… Enjoy this REAL CUCKOLD STORY … something different than what you might expect.  ;)
Before I cuckolded My husband, we enjoyed other guys as swingers.  He had this unbelievable dream … Hubbie wanted to watch all the single guys who fucked Me in the past, and see their cum FLOOD My body!  Hubbie was so nice that night.  He served us wine.  They brought a porno movie to fire them up.  And when the moment arrived, My BLINDING, beautiful skin got all these guys rock-hard.  Of course, I was happy to make My husband’s dream cum true!   Buy The Cumbath and hear the story of this long, magical evening.
*** BARGAIN PRICE, ONLY $9.99! ***
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The Habit: Hear what I’ve put into your head!

STOP FIGHTING THIS … IT’S OVER.  When a beautiful Goddess like Me seeps into your head, you’re hooked.  You’re done.  My latex Ass and smooth body have ensnared you, forever!!! I’ve got both your dick and your brain under MY control.  All you can do is jerk.  That’s your habit.  So even if I never let you cum, you’ll crawl back to MY voice again & again.  Buy this now and hear The Habit I’ve created for You.  Mmmm, it really is the best.  I’ve already predetermined it for you.  So give in now, and enjoy your Habit.
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Steve’s Cock

Cucky Call: an Mp3 SO real … you’ll Shake!

This is THE Audio to buy if you ever thought that your Wife or Girlfriend should fuck a Real man.  In this 12-minute Mp3, you hear both ends of My phone call with My husband … telling him I’ll be tied up with a Lover tonight.  You’ll hear him moan & bitch — but it doesn’t do any good, he’s still screwed.  And I’ve got to tell him why a night in bed with him is just not good enough.  This call is SO realistic, one of My slaves dreams that his Wife would make this exact same call to him! MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!
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Here’s why My slaves LIVE for Me…

One of My slaves recently wrote:  “Your wit and intelligence drew me to You … and then Your Heavenly beauty snared me in.  Whenever i serve You, i imagine that You’re standing in front of me, where i sniff Your pantyhose and Ass.  The scent COMMANDS me to do and give anything YOU want, any time of the day or night.  During my last wedding anniversary, all I could think about was YOU … and what i must do to please YOU.  My Wife is a great friend, but…”

You get the picture.  Most life partners don’t give their husbands the Female Dominance they desperately need.  I do.  And I’ve collected an amazing group of slaves and cuckolds!  I am the most important person in their lives.  Honestly, they have never been happier!

How about you?  Just browse this blog, buy something you like, and see what I can do for you.  See and hear why My slaves love and adore Me, and live for ME online more than anyone they see!

It’s a done deal: Hear how u became My …

jerkoffwinduptoy   You wanted this … and I’ve finally got it!   Buy this Heavenly Hypnotic Mp3, and hear how you’ve become My JERKOFF WIND-UP TOY!  I have permanently embedded a program into your brain, so that when you see ALL Women, you get wound up!  When I pull My toy off the shelf, I wind you up.  Any time you see Me, hear Me, or feel My power, you get wound so much that you must jerk off … but you cannot come!  I tighten your spring so badly, your only relief is to jerk.  Oh, but you DREAM of this!  So buy and enjoy.
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LABOR DAY SALE continues … Still laboring that cock raw? ;)


Yes, Labor Day is over but you can still excite your cock with My Labor Day Mp3 Sale!

It will continue until I feel like stopping it, ONLY at SexyMp3s.com ~ Just $9.99 and less for HUNDREDS of My Fabulous Femdom audio delights!   Hurry, buy now before I end this!

SexyMp3s.com is the most convenient place to buy & enjoy My Mp3s … No memberships, No hassles — just a major credit card, and I’m in your head before you know it.

Cock-tease Humiliation Phone Sex

I love using My cock-teasing ways during humiliation phone sex.   A lot of My humiliation phone sex involves belittling … But that shouldn’t be a surprise, since My cock-tease humiliation phone sex is tease and denial with a most humiliating twist.  After all, it’s so humiliating that a young and hot Woman like Me controls your orgasms … and … it’s also the sexiest thing you’ll ever enjoy!

Like a Boomerang: I may deny u … but u ALWAYS return, mmm!

image   You want this so much.  I know you do.  So buy this Mp3 & enjoy it.   Just by stroking, your sex with Me will be better than with ANY Woman — even if I don’t let you cum.   If I require you to have full achy balls, that’s what you’ll CRAVE.  And no matter what I do … you will keep coming back for more, I promise.  Even with My orgasm denials, NO ONE ELSE can make your cock tingle like ME!   This feels so fuckin’ fantastic, so buy this Mp3 now and act like I command … Like a Boomerang!
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Hear Me … turn you … Into a Jerkoff Addict

Hmmmmm … What will I do to you today?  Oh, I know!  I’ll turn you Into a Jerkoff Addict.  As My slave, I’ve already put My claws in you.  You NEED My voice and My control to get any kind of hard-on.  Your real life Lady doesn’t do it for you anymore.   I DO.  And we both like it when you have fully & achy balls that never cum and cannot fathom relief.  You’re hooked.  So buy this 12-minute Mp3 treat and enjoy your time with Me … enjoy how I turn you Into a Jerkoff Addict!
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OK, you caught Me! …

Ummmmm … you came home earlier than I planned.  Yeah, he fucked Me … GOOD & RAW! 
So … what’cha gonna do about it, hubbie?
Buy My Goodie Bag of “Hot Wife Photos?”  Yeah you better…
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You’ve hardly touched Me for 3 years and now you’re drinking our cum off the couch!  Keep your lips OFF My ass!
First, you’ll have to contribute to My Date Fund by buying My latest Nitefirt Goodie Bag “Hot Wife Photos!” 
You’ll see a ton of juicy ways you can lick up our sizzling seed.  Just click on the purple word, buy, and start wanking.  Goodies

AROUSED! It’s what I’ve done to u, mmmmm …

Just a sweet inflection of My voice … Just that “special” look I give you … makes you AROUSED … totally AROUSED for Me! When you adore My charms, you allow Me to seep into your brain — slowly and super-sexually.  And then …
…  Once I’m finished, I’ve got you fully AROUSED and exactly where I want you.  How do I do it?  How do I have so many slaves pump their cocks in My honor, demanding that I control their heavy achy balls!  You need to hear this Mp3.  Buy it now, and get AROUSED! 
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