Nov 252015

Welcome back, slave. I know you much you missed Me — I can tell by the love notes you send Me — how you NEED for Me to be as cruel as I can possibly be! You long for My perfectly-manicured fingernails as they softly dig and scratch your sensitive little balls. An electric shrill goes through your body, as I give you a sexual purpose that NO Woman can give. You will do whatever I require to stay in My Cruel Clutches. Of course, you can NOT cum — You must goon to the edge of your male sensations, and STOP when I order you. I claim that rest of your orgasm. You need so desperately for Me to own you. Buy My Mp3 CRUEL CLUTCHES and find out why!

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Nov 152015

With football going on, I’ve got this GREAT fantasy:  My buddies and I watch the game … and afterward, we’re finishing our cookout in the parking lot.  About 100 yards away, close to the building, I SWEAR I see my Wife walking and holding hands with some big black dude.  Sure enough, I get home and I hear this MOANING from my bed.  OMG!  It’s (your favorite star here) FUCKING MY WIFE!!!!  I’m just spellbound!  The smell of their sex is enough for me to s-h-i-v-e-r out of control!   (So what happens next?  Leave a reply, and put a fantastic ending to this story!)

Nov 112015

We talk a lot about Gooning here. But do you know what makes you A Helpless Gooner?  It’s no secret how you got that way. You can’t help but get excited at My amazing beauty … My Feminine attraction … and most of all, My ability to OWN your cock as you masturbate yourself to the brink of orgasm — only to feel intense frustration when I pull you back and deny you release. It angers you, it also thrills you. It must. You always cum back for more, but never to cum. Buy this Mp3 and hear Me explain why this pleases you so, so much.

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Nov 082015

Open wide for forced cock sucking phone sex. Oh, is that as wide as you can open? Well, I’m not impressed at all. You’re going to have practice so you can open your mouth even wider for me. After all, when you call me for forced cock sucking phone sex, I expect you to take whatever I shove in your mouth!

I have quite the collection of strap-on sex toys that sissies just LOVE! If you are really serious, you’ll have to practice your cock-sucking skills…. and if I have to force you… then so be it!

OPEN WIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now pick up the phone and LET ME HEAR YOU BEG FOR IT!
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Nov 012015

One of My former pets was at the Halloween Play Party and was begging Me to own him again! I told him if I was, He best be serious. When I play, I play for KEEPS! I am dead serious and won’t be wasting time! I am gonna keep My sights on you subbie. I own u and u know it.

FYI: It has been YEARS since he actively served Me….. and well. I guess the need never really goes away… does it subbie?

Oct 302015

She’s baaaaaack!  “Trixie the Tranny” could not resist partying on Halloween … fooling an unsuspecting guy who thought he lucked into the most delicious Goddess EVER.  Buy this 12-minute Harrowing Halloween story, and hear how the beautiful Trixie whips some smart-ass asshole into a frenzy with Her hot thong … and then shocks him when he sees that stiff “you-know-what.”  He he he he he …. 😉
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Oct 292015

You’ve dreamed forever that I will actually KISS you.  Well get ready ~ because HERE WE GO!  Yes, it’s true!  Buy this 14-minute hypnotic pleasure, and I’ll explain everything.  Oh, I must warn you … My “Killer Kisses” might be too intense for you.  But once your mind & your cock hurt for Me … you’ll sweetly become “one of My trophies,” LOL!

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Oct 282015

Most guys are frightened about a Woman controlling their minds and cocks, when they should be relaxed and relieved. In this Erotic Hypnosis Mp3, “Midnight Whispers,” let your tense mind fall limp. Relax to My voice … the soothing seizure of your brain by Me, the world’s most relaxing Goddess. Be relieved, as I sweetly seize the best of you — your cock, heart and brain. You’ll love it as I convert you to the man who’s happiest under Mistress Alexandra — where all My slaves reject their tight orgasms and live the relaxing life I have given them, totally as I desire.

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