Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 29

Once Women fully dominate the business world, they’ll stop acting “cold” and start using their sexual charms to control their male subordinates.  The man of the future will bask in his Superiors’ sexual Femininity — serving them in an erotic manner — while getting their work done.  If men cannot do this, they’ll wither away.  Simple as that.  But for the males who can adjust, they’ll enjoy a new purpose in service to their Super-Sexy and successful Superiors.  Read on, as Ms. CEO Gabrielle’s male secretary describes the future.  Believe Me, “Cheering On the Mighty Ms.” is something you will embrace — not fear! 

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Just for you ~ GOODIE Time Again!!

Have you missed My GOODIE BAGS on Niteflirt?  Well, they’re baaaack….

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For My Christmas slaves: Jolly Jerker!

If you really love Me, you will spend HOURS & HOURS jerking for Me.  You know you can never fuck a Goddess like Me … but you can still be useful as My “Jolly Jerker!” As you jerk away, it feels better and better — especially at Christmas time.  And it feels better obeying My commands, too, so you’ll have more of a desire to live fully for the Glory of Me. This 15-minute Mp3 celebrates you, mr. Jolly Jerker!   Buy this audio & join My party!
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My secretary fucked up again … so it’s a SALE 4U!

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Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 28

Christmas Eve is coming soon, but Thanksgiving still rings in the head and the crotch of Ms. Gabrielle’s slave secretary.  On Thanksgiving weekend, he was mercilessly teased and tortured by Gabby’s department heads.  All of them are ravishing, intelligent Women who know how to use him, and drive him so batty that his balls empty and his cock bleeds.  But as he tells you in this week’s segment, blood can be sooooo beautiful!

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My slaves’ gift: Blueballs for Christmas!

A Goddess like Me should NEVER have to work hard … especially in this joyous holiday season.
So, I’ve decided to give all of My slave boys the same GENEROUS gift:
Blue christmas ball and ornaments isolated on white background.
Like most gifts, this benefits the giver as well as the receiver.  You LOVE it when I remind you how rich I am … and how much I have it over you.  So when you buy this Christmas Mp3, you’ll make ME richer, while making your cock feel better and better.
Buy this Mp3 NOW, and get into the Christmas spirit … and, um, Merry Christmas, slave, from your Mistress Alexandra.
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Reminder ~ Give good tidings to your cock ;)

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Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 27

Normally, the holidays create somewhat of a break for a worker.  But not for Ms. Gabrielle’s male secretary!  After years of serving an older Female leader, this is his first holiday experience under cheerleader-turned-CEO Gabby.   As you’ve hopefully read, Gabby believes the best way to succeed and get rich is to keep Her secretary on a 24/7 leash, monitoring as much of his life as possible to make sure it doesn’t stray from Her mission.  He loves it — but in this chapter, you’ll find that the “highs” are never higher, but the “lows” are never lower!

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thePresent ~ My gift, an hour of My most erotic intensity

Here it is, MY gift to you … Sixty passionate minutes of My most intense Erotic Hypnosis ever.  
In this Mp3, you will hear Me like you’ve never heard Me before.  Using My most sexual vocal techniques, I reach into your brain and your cock deeper than ever before.  You’ll be amazed at what My voice forces you to do.  This is a full hour of My deepest Erotic Power.  Be sure you have the state of mind … and the heart … to handle thePresent.
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thePresent: A Review

In advance of My new release, thePresent, I changed My mind and allowed My sissy secretary to hear it.  At first, I didn’t think he could handle My true intensity.  He did, however.  And I thought You’d like to read the review he left Me:
I’ve been lucky enough to serve under Mistress Alexandra for a while … and yet, She did not believe my body could handle Her 60-minute instant epic, “thePresent.” Today, She allowed me to hear it — and it made some strong and welcome advances in my slow transformation to being totally under Her permanent power with no escape — and no desire to escape.
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Black Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 26

Each day, Ms. Gabrielle’s male secretary gets a fresh lesson on how to live totally and exclusively for his Boss.  He makes good progress — but there are still times when he puts his personal needs over HERS.  And as he rudely learns, that cannot be accepted any time, whether he’s at work or at home.  Once he becomes fully enslaven to Ms. Gabby, his life — and yes, his SEX — will reach new heights he never thought possible!  Click on the purple words right below this, and enjoy how he describes this harrowing Thanksgiving treatment!   And to read the first 25 parts, simply scroll down and back.  They’re all here, all FREE, all for you!  Happy Holiday!

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Pussy-whipped-2: Help for the helpless masturbator

Don’t deny it … You are thoroughly PUSSY-WHIPPED, and it’s been a lifetime in the making.
Ever since your first hard-on, you’ve tried for years to sexually please a Woman.  But it never works, even if you got married.  Every time you sought sex, it ended the same way — with you masturbating in miserable silence.  Today, your masturbation habit has led yourself to ME — but now, not cumming has its own reward.  I recently explained this trend in My Mp3 “Magically Pussy-Whipped.”  Now, I offer “Pussy Whipped-2.”  Buy it, and I’ll help you feel better about the masturbator you’ve become!
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Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 25

The skeptics say, “If Women were destined to take over the world, why haven’t they done it?”  Well … They are.  More and more Women assume leadership positions every day.  Second, many are wildly successful — in part, because they know how to put males in their place!  Welcome to Part 25 of former college cheerleader Gabrielle’s successful, powerful … and yes, sexually-exciting control of Her male secretary’s financial services firm — as told in his own happy words.  As Thanksgiving approaches, read on … and enjoy this most beautiful Holiday story.

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BBC Sucker: My cocksuckers can TASTE this!

I LOVE having slaves with one goal in life … To kneel before My Black studs, and softly suck one of My Big Black Cocks!  That’s right, I’ve got many, many Black Lovers … all with strong scents, giant-sized balls, and tasty huge cocks.  This is ALL My best cocksuckers dream of — pleasing Me by pleasing one of My big black rods.  They ram through My body like electric poles.  They face-fuck My cock worshippers ’til they get a belly-full of black “baby batter” — gallons in just one orgasm!  So buy “BBC Sucker” and hear Me lead you to your dream!
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Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 24

Have you ever been with a buddy when his Ex-Wife or Girlfriend comes up and bugs him about something?  He may think it’s hell … or it could be the sexiest thing ever!  In this chapter, you won’t believe what happens when Ms. Gabrielle’s male secretary writes about a visit he gets at home from the Queen he divorced.  It freed him to serve his Beautiful Boss 24/7 … but as you’ll see, it NEVER frees him from his conniving Ex-Wife Tori!  Mmmmm …

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OVERDRIVE: Experience what My boys go thru

The Hell of Halloween has passed … But this is still the season when most of My slaves stroke themselves into OVERDRIVE.  Their cocks get hyper-aroused – their balls get over-full – and their brains get over-horny and over-desperate for SOME type of release that never seems to cum.  Well,  this is your lucky day!  Buy this 10-minute Treat … and I’ll show you the Trick of stroking in OVERDRIVE!  I promise ~ You’ll spill that seed so wildly as your dick drains in OVERDRIVE, mmmmm soooo goooood!
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Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 23

Yesssss, Ms. Gabrielle had just graduated from college, but this amazing former cheerleader knew exactly how to run Her new financial services company — AND Her male secretary!  She took away his bank account, his free time, his home, and even his privacy — all in the name of making Her filthy rich.  But the two things She didn’t take away were his sanity — and his passion for helping the “Mighty Ms.” rule his world!  This lucky man has written about a long & sexually-fantastic journey.  And the “beat goes on” in Part 23, FREE by clicking just below.

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Dickless Wonder: Salvation for the cockless hubbie

Has your Wife ever told you?  If you have a small cock, there is no way you have ever pleased Her.  Fortunately, there’s a solution.  Once you step out of the way and let a really man-sized cock fuck Her, you can discover new happiness in your marriage.  I will happily tell how in this 16-minute “lurid lesson.”  There are things a DICKLESS WONDER can do to have a happy, erotic marriage … and She’ll never have to deal with your teenie weenie ever again!  You owe it to yourself to hear this… mmmm…
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TRUE Mp3 Blowjob Story: Liplock … Going Down!

*** BARGAIN PRICE, ONLY $9.99! ***
image   What, no Woman wants to blow your cock?  Awwwwww.  But that’s what you get for having a small weenie.  So what’s a cuckold like you to do?  Buy this HOT sex story, and pretend that you’re the hung dung who’s lucky enough to get a luscious LIPLOCK … the blow job of your life — followed by the fuck of your life — followed by, well, other things you never hope to get.  Enjoy this TRUE story I recently told to My REAL cuckold husband, Mmmmmm!!!
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Friday Freebie: Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 22

Sounds like a frightening Halloween story –

A male secretary’s Female Boss claims ownership of his HOME as a “donation” by his Ex-Wife.  But it’s just another day at the office for our boy, who got divorced so he could serve Ms. Gabrielle 24/7.  It was humiliating enough that She took control of his finances and gave him an “allowance” on Day 1 of his job.  Now, She pops up on his home TV anytime She gets an idea.  And now that he’s under total surveillance at the office, he wonders if his home life will be watched next.

Those weighty issues are for later, though.  Today, read all the luscious details of a luxurious body massage he gives Olympic champion Alana.  No matter how strong or “tough” a Woman appears, She still needs the tender care and pampering that Women always deserve.  Read on, and learn about our boy’s soothing and very sexual, sensual experience.

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Under My Spell Again: PURE Erotic Hypnosis

flash   For the good boy, there is no better place than under the total control of ME, the Goddess Alexandra.  You cannot help but crawl to Me, always with a raging hard-on.  You will do your duty by jerking it — and by NOT cumming.  No, I need you in a constant state or horniness, so I can use you in any way I desire.  It sounds cruel, but lots of guys believe that being “Under My Spell Again” is the sexiest thing that can ever happen.  Buy this pure slice of Erotic Hypnosis, and join these lucky, lucky slaves.
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GOONER: A masturbation Mp3 marathon with NO release

   What is a “GOONER?”
He’s that special slave who needs more of My treatment … though this treatment is NOT for just anyone!   Buy this 15-minute Mp3, and hear My sultry, super-sexy voice tell a guy he must masturbate for hours & hours & hours on end for Me.  I deny him orgasm, but all “gooners” happily self-impose their denials.  It feels SO GOOD to serve under Me that My best gooners DROOL … and be happy with pre-cum as their, um, “release.”  It’s all about ME, and making Me very very happy!
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Hey sissy … Welcum to COCKTOBER!

All men have sissy tendencies, even if they don’t want to admit it.  Yeah, that’s you.  And this month is your month … COCKTOBER!   It’s the Halloween season, and it gives My cutest sissy slaves the freedom to wear their most Feminine Favorite dresses — those dainty fingernails — and that beautiful lipstick that feels SO GOOD sucking cock after cock after beautiful cock!  It’s so naughty — and admit it, it’s so HOT!  Buy My sissy Mp3 COCKTOBER, and unleash your deepest femmie fantasies!
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Friday Freebie: Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 21

I DO hope you’ve caught up with this amazing story.   Our boy secretary continues to get humiliated by his Boss Gabby and two famous Women from the sports world.  Ms. Gabrielle totally controls him at work … and he’s just about to learn how She plans to own him at home, too.  Your cock will rattle as you read the sexy, shocking details!  Mmmmmmm!

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BETTER & BETTER: That’s how it feels to be My jerking Zombie!

bnighty0028   Once I get into your brain, you start feeling Better & Better.  That’s what happens when you stop fucking other Women, and start jerking for ME!  When you see My beauty … when you hear My luscious voice … you will only want more and more of Me.  That’s what I do to guys.  When I get into a guy’s head, I OWN him.  Once that happens, all you want to do is stroke to My voice – abort your orgasms at their very edge – and keep coming back to Me again & again.  Buy this, and make your sex for Me get Better & Better!
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FUCK SANDWICH: The story of Me between 2 pounding Cocks!

image   This was My final night of a business trip … and I was so juiced that I wanted to fuck somebody after I had won  a giant business deal!   But the hotel bar was full of useless FAT FAGS.   Fortunately, there was a young handsome bartender who took Me elsewhere.  He found a GORGEOUS  friend – drunk and tattooed from top-to-bottom.  We BURNED My hotel room as they pounded Me from back to front — turning Me info a Fabulous “Fuck Sandwich!”  Guess who was calling right when I climaxed?  You’ve got to hear this amazing, cock-ramming story!
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Say PLEASE in your Cock-Tease Phone Sex with Me!

I expect you to say PLEASE a lot during our cock-tease phone sex session.  In fact, you better be saying PRETTY PLEASE … begging me in all sorts of convincing ways.   If you don’t, it looks like you’ll have blueballs … long after our cock-tease phone sex play has ended!

Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 20

Ready to resume this AMAZING story???  I hope so … ‘cuz you’re really missing out if you don’t.  In Part 20, a Female Olympic champion describes how athletes celebrate on their way back from the Games to America.  After winning for their country, they now win for themselves!   Gabby makes Her secretary hear this “Heavenly humiliation.”  You’ll lap it up, too, I promise.  Just click on the purple words here, and your FREE weekly slice of fantastic Femdom returns.

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Pumpkin Pump-Off Challenge!

It’s that time of year ~ Enter My grand humiliation challenge, the Great Pumpkin Pump Off!  Want to be a star on My website?  Send Me your MOST embarrassing pumpkin pumping. All you need is a pumpkin, a hard-on and a camera.  Snap shots of your pathetic prick “phucking” a pumpkin for MY AMUSEMENT.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY: Email your epic photo entries to Me at:
The deadline is Halloween Night, Oct. 31, at 11:59 p.m. U.S. Pacific Time.

Buying this Mp3 could help you in this hot Halloween endeavor – In any event, you’ll enjoy this! 

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