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Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 19

As CEO Gabby makes Her male secretary obsessed about serving Her, our boy forgets how great it was to be controlled by his former Female department heads.  His one-time confidant, Ms. Julie, is getting busier and fuckin’ rich — with no time left to help control the company’s only remaining man.  In this week’s Part 19, our boy describes how he’s reunited with his combined friend & Goddess … and you will not believe how they catch up on things!  First, though a little “chaos.”  Just click on the free link & see what I mean!

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“Friday” Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 18

Enjoy this FREE treat a day early!  Ms. Gabrielle’s male secretary had no choice but to work more and masturbate less.  She loves the fact that Her secretary derives his sexual needs from Her grace and power … but any minute he’s not working is a minute that Gabby must wait in order to earn the $1 billion She plans to make by age 30.  So She continues to whip him like a race horse, while the other Women whom Gabby has promoted become richer and even more sexually teasing to him.

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Free Snippet: Pussy Bath (yummmmy!)

Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 17

When Gabby’s secretary needs to be controlled at work, She REALLY lays down the law!  Just like some employees need “smoke breaks,” Gabby gives Her slave boy “jerk breaks.”  But when he abuses the privilege, She comes up with the weirdest corporate policy ever.  Read about our boy’s misadventures in Part 17 of “Cheering On the Mighty Ms.,” 2014′s hottest sex story about the ex-cheerleader turned financial CEO and Her cute little lap dog.

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Gooning again: I’m not letting you go!

HERE WE ARE AGAIN.  My beauty seeps into the crevices of your brain.  You long to hear My sex-laden voice.  You stroke to My sultry commands.  But instead of cumming, your balls get bigger.  And bluer!  Still, you cannot resist My amazing charms, sexier than ANY Woman you see in person.  And you’re GOONING AGAIN … weighing down your sex-crazed balls as I require.  You live for nothing else but to GOON – I cannot and will not let you have sex any other way.  So buy this Mp3 and enjoy Gooning Again, just for Me!
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Mp3 Story: My Tied-Up Boyfriend

    I made My boyfriend wait for 3 months before I let him TOUCH Me!  This 12-minute story is about that Golden, precious night.  I tied him up in bed. And then the fun REALLY began when I invited My old Lover Robert to join us!  I told My Tied-Up Boyfriend he’d need to EARN his sex.  Ohhhh, he cums all right.  Buy this Mp3 and see how I make him do it, LOL!!! :)
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Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 16

After a long and surprise-filled weekend away, our boy secretary gets some more shocks when he returns to the office to serve his Beautiful Boss Ms. Gabrielle.  As a former college cheerleader, She has a TON of tricks to shock Her boy into compliance.  Read about his latest surprises in this FREE Written Erotica.

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Mind-Numbing Trap ~ Hypnotic Heaven 4u

évacuation   When you hear My voice, your mind falls into the most beautiful place you can be.  My smooth sexual tones make you the horniest you’ve ever felt.  After just a couple minutes of hearing Me, you fall into a Mind-Numbing Trap that you long to be in.  All you can focus on are My smooth sexual tones, for your cock to become stiff … rigid … and in DESPERATE need of stroking.  Only stroking, not cumming.  This is what you crave … so buy this now … and fall again under My Mind-Numbing Trap!
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Doing Hubby

A Sexual Odyssey ~ Sweet summer fun

Summer is the perfect time to relax and enjoy this fantastic Femdom treat that I have for you.  Buy this now, get your cock ready, and listen as I take you on a most beautiful Sexual Odyssey.  For 50 minutes … My longest Sexy Mp3 ever … I will take full and dynamic ownership of your dick.  Oh, you’ll restrain yourself … and you’ll feel better than ever!  This is a must for all My slaves!
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Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 15

It seems like an eternity since Gabrielle, the gorgeous cheerleader-turned-CEO, sent Her boy secretary to coastal Maine.  He successfully trained a new Female manager, and he made love to Her delicious houseboy at Her romantic ocean hideout.  Now, our boy is about to come home — but not before Gabby has one more delicious surprise!  Get that cock going, and our boy will explain how he hit another home run with that beautiful sports broadcaster Susan!

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Hypnotic Space ~ Where u need to meet Me…

Beautiful things happen when you meet Me in our Hypnotic Space  The second My luscious voice enters your ears, your dick thickens.  It rises.  It itches — almost uncontrollably.  Yes, I deny you of an orgasm.  But the pumping — the stiffness — the rhythm of your stroking — is ALL you need.  Occasionally, you’ll leave Me.  But you can never stay away.  Ever.  So buy My Hypnotic Space Mp3, and fall to My beauty and power again & again & again.
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   Lucky you!  The most beautiful thing you will do today is to stroke for Me.  No matter how busy you think you are, NOTHING else is as important — not even close.   You must buy this Mp3 and slowly pump your cock, while worshipping your favorite photo of Me.  You will constantly throb for Me.  You will squeeze your balls when I command it.  And you will NEVER cum.   You want this.  And I want you to do this.  So buy this 21-minute Mp3, repeat it, and get stroking for Me!
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July 4 Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 14

What could be better?  The Beautiful Boss Gabrielle relaxes at home on the holiday weekend, while Her secretary slaves away on a business trip.  But life’s also pretty good for our good office boy, as he does some ass-kicking … whoops, ass-KISSING … on a romantic ocean beach with a Female Executive’s houseboy.  I’ll let the secretary speak for himself in Part 14 of the ultimate male slave/kiss-ass story!
. . . . If you haven’t read the first 13 parts, don’t miss out!  Just scroll down & back, they’re all here.  All Free!

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Masturbate Forever!

Every Goddess on the Internet wants you to masturbate to them.  There’s only one problem … You jerk it once — they take a bow — and they’re gone.  Not Me.  I cultivate My slaves, so they PERMANENTLY get their sexual pleasure by jerking off to Me.  No more pussy for these boys!  But the thing is … These slaves GROW under Me.  Their devotion to Me opens a whole new world to them — sexual and otherwise!  How about you?  Buy this and hear Me out … when you’re done, this will sound so logical — and more wonderful than you could imagine.
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One of the slaves I mention in this Mp3 called this a LOVE LETTER from Me.  How beautiful is that?  Be My next. 

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