Mp3 Story: My Tied-Up Boyfriend

    I made My boyfriend wait for 3 months before I let him TOUCH Me!  This 12-minute story is about that Golden, precious night.  I tied him up in bed. And then the fun REALLY began when I invited My old Lover Robert to join us!  I told My Tied-Up Boyfriend he’d need to EARN his sex.  Ohhhh, he cums all right.  Buy this Mp3 and see how I make him do it, LOL!!! :)
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Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 16

After a long and surprise-filled weekend away, our boy secretary gets some more shocks when he returns to the office to serve his Beautiful Boss Ms. Gabrielle.  As a former college cheerleader, She has a TON of tricks to shock Her boy into compliance.  Read about his latest surprises in this FREE Written Erotica.

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Mind-Numbing Trap ~ Hypnotic Heaven 4u

évacuation   When you hear My voice, your mind falls into the most beautiful place you can be.  My smooth sexual tones make you the horniest you’ve ever felt.  After just a couple minutes of hearing Me, you fall into a Mind-Numbing Trap that you long to be in.  All you can focus on are My smooth sexual tones, for your cock to become stiff … rigid … and in DESPERATE need of stroking.  Only stroking, not cumming.  This is what you crave … so buy this now … and fall again under My Mind-Numbing Trap!
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Listen for My surprise “beeps” and other background sounds that will more erotically drop you into My Mind-Numbing Trap.  ;)

Doing Hubby

A Sexual Odyssey ~ Sweet summer fun

Summer is the perfect time to relax and enjoy this fantastic Femdom treat that I have for you.  Buy this now, get your cock ready, and listen as I take you on a most beautiful Sexual Odyssey.  For 50 minutes … My longest Sexy Mp3 ever … I will take full and dynamic ownership of your dick.  Oh, you’ll restrain yourself … and you’ll feel better than ever!  This is a must for all My slaves!
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Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 15

It seems like an eternity since Gabrielle, the gorgeous cheerleader-turned-CEO, sent Her boy secretary to coastal Maine.  He successfully trained a new Female manager, and he made love to Her delicious houseboy at Her romantic ocean hideout.  Now, our boy is about to come home — but not before Gabby has one more delicious surprise!  Get that cock going, and our boy will explain how he hit another home run with that beautiful sports broadcaster Susan!

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Hypnotic Space ~ Where u need to meet Me…

Beautiful things happen when you meet Me in our Hypnotic Space  The second My luscious voice enters your ears, your dick thickens.  It rises.  It itches — almost uncontrollably.  Yes, I deny you of an orgasm.  But the pumping — the stiffness — the rhythm of your stroking — is ALL you need.  Occasionally, you’ll leave Me.  But you can never stay away.  Ever.  So buy My Hypnotic Space Mp3, and fall to My beauty and power again & again & again.
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NOTE: When you hear Me stop, DO NOT ASSUME that I’m thru with you.  Keep listening … I will come and go.  And your dick will feel this even more …

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What you need today: All Day Stroking

   Lucky you!  The most beautiful thing you will do today is to stroke for Me.  No matter how busy you think you are, NOTHING else is as important — not even close.   You must buy this Mp3 and slowly pump your cock, while worshipping your favorite photo of Me.  You will constantly throb for Me.  You will squeeze your balls when I command it.  And you will NEVER cum.   You want this.  And I want you to do this.  So buy this 21-minute Mp3, repeat it, and get stroking for Me!
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July 4 Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 14

What could be better?  The Beautiful Boss Gabrielle relaxes at home on the holiday weekend, while Her secretary slaves away on a business trip.  But life’s also pretty good for our good office boy, as he does some ass-kicking … whoops, ass-KISSING … on a romantic ocean beach with a Female Executive’s houseboy.  I’ll let the secretary speak for himself in Part 14 of the ultimate male slave/kiss-ass story!
. . . . If you haven’t read the first 13 parts, don’t miss out!  Just scroll down & back, they’re all here.  All Free!

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Masturbate Forever!

Every Goddess on the Internet wants you to masturbate to them.  There’s only one problem … You jerk it once — they take a bow — and they’re gone.  Not Me.  I cultivate My slaves, so they PERMANENTLY get their sexual pleasure by jerking off to Me.  No more pussy for these boys!  But the thing is … These slaves GROW under Me.  Their devotion to Me opens a whole new world to them — sexual and otherwise!  How about you?  Buy this and hear Me out … when you’re done, this will sound so logical — and more wonderful than you could imagine.
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One of the slaves I mention in this Mp3 called this a LOVE LETTER from Me.  How beautiful is that?  Be My next. 

As we turn the calendar to July …

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Sport Fucking


Happy 4th of July!  Enjoy My FREE audio Snippet … Just click on the arrow and enjoy.  To hubby … Get your ass over here and WATCH us, mmmmm!

Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 13

There’s never a dull moment when Ms. Gabrielle pulls the strings of Her sweet but wimpy secretary.  Here’s your FREE “Lucky 13th” chapter of this hot and very popular written story.   Our boy “tells all” about his business trip to a most beautiful coastal gem in New England ~ where he marches to a “different” type of Femdom drum.   Enjoy!  ;)

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Playing you: Celebrate being one of My chosen strokers!

That’s TRUE!  If you stroke according to MY instructions and MY desires, you will never feel better … ever!  But to know what I want, you MUST buy this amazing Mp3.  You can jerk without My voice … but it means nothing — and frankly, you’ll feel like shit.  When you take My Erotic Hypnosis and do what I command, you’ll be the luckiest slave on Earth.  It will be like I’M stroking you.  That’s how beautiful this Mp3 will be for you.  So how will I tease you and deny you THIS time?  Buy this & see, tee he he!
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Enjoy your cock like never before

What a summer  …  slaves lunge to lick My feet like they’re cool Popsicles!  Are you too far away to lick?  You CAN have My luscious voice flow down your ears like ice cream. If you haven’t checked out My newest titles, DON’T pass ‘em up.
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Caught at Conference - Waiting ’til that convention to sniff Her panties?  BIG mistake!
Rock Hard Cock - You’ll feel amazed when I enter your brain and use your hard rod!
A Vicious Cycle - Get hooked on Me and you’ll never wanna stop.
You Love to Stroke! - You know you do, so buy this & pump.
Delicious Dick - For My best sissy slaves who crave the flavor of hot cock.
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Big Guy

Lazy Summer Mp3: Sweet Seduction

A sweet summertime delight for those lazy summer days …
image    If you’ve wanted Me to flirt with you … well, here I am.  You’ll love how I seduce you.  But as always, you’ll do it on MY terms. Of course, I will hypnotize you. And you’ll be amazed how good it feels to fall … fall … fall under Me!
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Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 12

I hope you’re paying attention as you enjoy this story.  While you get your rocks off reading about Ms. Cheerleader-turned-CEO Gabrielle, never forget that Her wimpy secretary might be YOU someday — and sooner than you think.  In Part 12, this lucky secretary explains all the advantages of being owned by his demanding, devious, and DELICIOUS Boss.  Click on the purple link, and feel your cock thicken as you dream about the future!   A Fantastic Feminine Future.   ;)

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Mp3: A Vicious Cycle ~ Be forever STIFF!

Once you get hot for Me, you never get cold!   Once you hear My voice, your cock stiffens.  You grab it.  You jerk it.  You don’t cum unless I grant it.  And you get hooked on this.  It really is A VICIOUS CYCLE … interrupted by My whims.  It’s My cock now … I’ve taken over the wiring in your brain, so you will produce as I command, always!  Once the cycle ends, you crave for the next one to begin.  It never ends, so buy this Mp3 and ENJOY “A Vicious Cycle!”  Oh, and I WILL let you cum this time, LOL!
image   Your cock MIGHT harden when jerking off to this mini-pic … but if you REALLY want to get stiff, buy this Mp3 and hear My heart pound amid My sexual purring! 
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I’m finally enjoying a summer on the beach that a Gorgeous Goddess craves!   Ah, but I’m also giving My slaves a great summer.   Check back here often so you don’t miss the fun!

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… Now if you’ll excuse Me, I must whip My secretary into submission again … so he slaves away while I enjoy the sand, My Girlfriends, and the hot cocks on the beach!  Oh, I’ll be here for your personal dress-down phone calls, too … watch for the “Call Now” button when I’m here.  ;)

Re-Brainwashing Mp3: Train your Brain

Summer is a dangerous time for My slaves.  Too many Female temptations emerge, and it’s so easy for you to be thrown off.  DO NOT let that happen.  Buy this 16-minute sexual refresher.  You owe it to yourself to have Me adjust and Train your Brain so you can take full advantage of My Superior Queendom.  I can adjust your dick so you’ll ENJOY stroking without cumming.  It’s your best sex ever, and it only comes when you buy this & prove your devotion to Me … only $13.99!
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Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 11

Some guys tell Me how much TORTURE they endure when their ex-Wives or Girlfriends come back to haunt them.  But when I get deeper with them about it … you wouldn’t believe how many guys sheepishly admit to masturbating about this.   Could it be that their Exes actually turn them on???  Ms. Gabby’s male secretary explores this in Part 11 of this fantastic story.   His Boss hasn’t said it’s a problem yet … But She cannot be happy that Her wimpy boy’s Ex still owns his cock!

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Rock Hard Cock: What My voice gives u

lilac0006 When I seep into your brain, your head gets soft … and your cock gets hard — a ROCK HARD COCK!  That might sound very pleasurable to you … but that’s not what I care about.  What I care about is MY POWER to control your cock.  When I command that you don’t cum, that’s a GOOD thing.  Your brain turns to mush … so you can relax and ENJOY the full, achy balls I require of you.  No one else does this 2u … whoops 4u … so buy this & enjoy My treatment for your Rock Hard Cock!
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When you think this Mp3 is over, it’s NOT … just keep pumping in My Honor and hear what might happen — or not, LOL!

Mouth Fuck


Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 10

Like TV sports?  Even if you don’t, you’ll LOVE Part 10 of “Cheering on the Mighty Ms.,” a male secretary’s story of how he serves a former college cheerleader who became his boss at 34 years Her junior.  Talk about connections!  You won’t believe the Women’s network that Ms. Boss Gabrielle set up for Herself.  The goal of these terrific ladies is to make millions while using men as much as they can!  That includes teasing them into full submission.  Click on the icon here, and enter a big time sexual sports world that you’ll find beyond belief … and very very dreamy!

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Caught at Conference! ~ My co-worker turns perv

Ooooo, you’ve wanted this … ever since you started working with Me!  Now, we go to a conference together, and you finally get your chance…
Little do you know, though, that I’d CATCH you sneaking into My shower after you hear Me and My BIG BLACK FUCK PARTNER pound each other three times!  So what were you doing in My room before we caught you — huh, you pervert!   You KNOW this happens at conventions, so buy this perilously-pervy Mp3 and see how My “peter boy” gets his, LOL!
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You Love to Stroke! ~ u Need My Voice!

You’ve waited for this all day ~ so have I.  I own your cock, even though it’s attached to your body.  And right now, I’ve got My cock rock hard, looking at My swollen aching testicles.  You are very lucky that I let you stroke.  Fucking your fist to My voice and command is the sexiest thing you ever do.  When you stroke in My Honor, it’s a privilege … even as I deny you orgasm, so MY cock can be happy!  It’s your only sex anymore, so buy this Mp3 now … after all, YOU LOVE TO STROKE even as I control it!
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Friday Freebie: Cheering on the Mighty Ms., Part 9

Ms. Gabrielle’s wimpy male secretary thought he solved all his problems by divorcing his Wife, so he could serve his Queenly Boss 24/7.  But of course, his misadventures are just beginning!  Guys have told Me that their cocks are shaking as they read this amazing story about sex-tinged Female control in the 21st Century.  If you haven’t been reading this ferocious Femdom story, it’s not too late!  All 8 previous parts are still here, just scroll down to find them.  It only gets better, so start reading, pumping, and enjoying!

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