STUPIFY: Super-Sexy for Me to do 2u

Definition of STUPIFY:  “Make senseless or dizzy … Make dull; to muddle with infatuation.”
image   You love it when I get into your head.  Buy this 15-minute Mp3 adventure, and I’ll remove all of your unnecessary thoughts and cares.  I then fill you with MY sexual being & powers.  As My deep loving dominance permeates your brain, you become excited about me OWNING you — doing what I will at any time to you.  Trust Me, it’s VERY SEXY.  You’ll never feel better when you muddle with your infatuation for Me … when you STUPIFY!   ;)
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Friday Freebie ~ Cheering On the Mighty Ms., Part 3

Cheerleaders are the hottest, most Heavenly girls in high school — and they love rubbing it in everybody else’s faces.  When they become adults, guess what?  They’re even hotter, and they learn new ways to rub it into the rest of us.  How would you like to be an older man trying to keep up as a secretary to a  dynamo like this in Her 20′s?  It can be downright difficult, humiliating … and very, very sexy!  Click below to read Part 3 of “Cheering On the Mighty Ms.” — the story of how this young Queen gets away with everything, and always gets what She wants!

My secretary fucked up again … so it’s a SALE 4U!

Awwwwww SHIT!  I tell My secretary to raise the prices at and what does he do?  HE LOWERS THEM by leaving a number out!  FUCK!  How am I supposed to make money?????  Anyway, you’ll luv this!  That’s ‘cuz you get hundreds of Flaming Femdom Mp3s … All audios just $9.99 each.  Now hurry along and buy your favorites at before I give my slave boy another chance to screw up, LOL

* * * BEST QUALITY, BEST PRICE ~ $9.99!!!!
And all you need is a major credit card.
~~~~ Mmmm, yeah! ~ Mistress Alexandra ~~~~

SOMEDAY!  I’ll post a photo of my pathetic secretary so you know who keeps screwing Me up.  ;)

Throbbing for Mistress: What u do for Me!

image   There’s no denying it.  The best things in life happen when you sacrifice for the greater good … MY GOOD!  In Throbbing for Mistress, this stroker’s Mp3 delight will teach you the reasons that you’d rather jerk off to ME, than to fuck your former “main squeeze.”  See, I’M your main squeeze now … squeezing your dick to My voice, and NEVER cumming, is the sexiest thing you’ll ever do in your life.  I promise!
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Juicy Cuckold Mp3 ~ My Chat With your Wife

I had this lovely chat with your Wife and … well … we zipped thru your hard drive.  So that secret about you wanting Her to take a Long Dong?  Well … hmmm … I’ll let Her tell you.  Or maybe She won’t. She just might fuck and fuck behind your back, and you’ll wank and wank!
Buy this 21-minute cuck treat.  You need to hear what we gossiped about, cuckie boy!
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Friday Freebie: Cheering on the Mighty Ms., Part 2

Lots of guys have wondered what happened to that beautiful college cheerleader who became a CEO and controlled every man She ran into.  Just click on the colored link and enjoy!

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Hard-On In your Hand ~ What I require, always!

Guys assume they can step in and out of My life, and jerk whenever they get horny.  Well, it doesn’t work that way.  I CONTROL your dick — I REQUIRE you to have a “Hard-On In your Hand,” every single day.  Any time you think of Me, you’ll get hard.  It can be sore, and very embarrassing in public — and remember, it’s the STIFFIE that’s important, not the orgasm.  NO CUMMING!  Buy this Mp3, “Hard-On In your Hand,” and get the Female Control that I offer you each & every day!
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The Executive “Sweet” ~ April Fools … NOT!

My secretary is so ADDICTED to Me.   When he merely imagines a sniff of My scent or a lick of My pussy juice, he hustles to perform all of My SHIT work, so I can be so happy … and so fuckin’ RICH!  The memo below may be an “April Fool” now, but it soon won’t be.  Then, guys, you’ll be s-c-r-e-w-e-d — and you’ll LOVE it!

To: Department heads
From: Ms. Jarnigan, CEO
Re: Your chief assistants/secretaries

I’m pleased that you’ve been able to get your chief underlings in line. Ever since you’ve been required to have a male for an administrative assistant or secretary, there appears to have been much less of the normal Female backbiting among our Queens — whoops, department heads.

We all know much Women naturally in-fight — but as I’m sure you agree, it’s also counter-productive to achieving our company’s profit objectives. All of our male assistants seem to have taken quite nicely to my mandate that they lick your pussy AT LEAST once a month.

Our office director has noticed the difference! Vacation requests among our male assistants have declined by 80 percent over the past six months. By getting your assistant accustomed to your natural scent and flavor, our busy bees have dramatically increased their loyalty to their Female Bosses. It appears that their time-off requests have occurred on YOUR schedule, not theirs. Great job!

With the resulting increase in profits, I am happy to announce that our employees will receive 1 percent bonus raises on their next paychecks. For your dedication and hard work, I’m awarding you & your other department heads 8 percent raises.

I am not budgeting raises for your secretaries and administrative assistants. All of them have personally grown in their service and loyalty to you. As I’m sure you’ll agree, their happiness has grown exponentially, simply by the way you treat them. And they must love this. I have not heard one single complaint from these boys.

Frankly, sniffing and tasting your natural scent & beauty should be all they need, anyway. Believe me, their counterparts in this industry would KILL to be in their places.

And speaking of newcomers, I’m proud to announce that Ms. Jolena Rau will be joining us on Monday as our new vice president of finance. She’ll bring in her own secretary, and I’m proud that she’s been training him the past few weeks on his proper behavior in this company.

Be sure to make him feel welcome by giving him a quick tease, or a sexy wave of your foot!

Friday Freebie: Cheering on the Mighty Ms., Part 1

     By slave0001, Mistress Alexandra’s secretary
     I’ve been hearing rumors for weeks about my new Boss.  It’s been an honor to serve Ms. Floriana as Her trusty male secretary for more than 20 years.  But now, after her annual salary surpassed $1.5 million this year, She decided that She made enough millions, and She’s about to retire on Her 50th birthday.
     During her tenure as CEO, I have never been given a raise.  Ms. Floriana has taught me to derive my happiness by serving …

Advanced Ache ~ Blueballing for ALL cock sizes!

Little cocks are not the only ones I boss around … I also have BIG-cocked slaves who need Me to own them.  This Mp3, “Advanced Ache,” is perfect for My truest stokers with cocks of all sizes.  If you’re one who cums within 30 seconds of hearing My voice — well, this audio is NOT for you.  But if you can hold it … if you can reach the EDGE of your stroking cycle, and not cum just before it happens … well, you’re going to LOVE this 18-minute Devious Domination Delight!  Sheer blueballing at its finest!
Enjoy, slave.    ;)
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Escape with Mistress Alexandra!

playgirl   Been rattled?  Feeling tense?  I will make you feel better in this sweet SexyMp3.  Enjoy the sensations when you “Escape with Mistress Alexandra!”   This 20-minute relaxing slice of Erotic Hypnosis will make you forget what’s troubling you.  My amazing voice will get you to focus on what’s REALLY important — My beauty!  Oh, you’ll feel a new type of pain — but you’ll love this, I promise.  Buy this saucy Mp3 NOW and enjoy your “Escape with Mistress Alexandra.”
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Friday Freebie: The Mistress ALWAYS Wins!

It seems that My slaves got their little weenies in a tizzie with last week’s cute story from My secretary about how guys think with their cocks.  Here’s another of his nice fantasies.  See, My boy likes to hit the casinos.  So do I … especially to TORTURE him!   Click on “Continue Reading,” and see how “The Mistress ALWAYS Wins!”

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Blue Ballin’ Cock Tease!

My cock tease phone sex leaves you blue – blue-balled, that is.   I get off on thinking about your balls being all heavy and blue, because of my seductive and teasing ways.  I even add my own brand of domination during cock tease phone sex, so you’ll have a very memorable and tormenting experience!

Wanna know how GREAT this can be?  Buy My hot Mp3 story “Case of the Blueballs!”  Cheap thrills, just $9.99!
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Mind-Fucking Femdom Phone Sex!

I’m here to fuck you up during our Femdom phone sex!  Sure, I love to role play … But the thing is, I’m a lifestyle Dominatrix who is very creative and very sadistic.  My mind-fucking Femdom phone sex will feel so real that you’ll swear you’re in my presence, groveling at My feet!   Just look at what I made this panty-loving sub do for ME today!!!

If the button at the upper right says “Call Now,” then CALL ME!  If you want to sample how REAL of a Femdom Queen I can be, click below and buy My SexyMp3 “Female Persuasion.”  Mmmm, just the way life should be, don’t you think?
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You NEED this Mp3 ~ Back for More

DO NOT RESIST ANY LONGER … You have no choice.
No matter how many of My Mp3s you buy – no matter how many times you stroke to Me – no matter how often you succumb to My Superior sexual power – you always come back for more.  You MUST stroke for Me, this second!  Unlike many Women, I don’t lecture you.  Instead, I am happy to extract your remaining sex & jizz … to enhance the servitude you BADLY need to give Me.  Take your place, where you want & NEED to be, under Me.  Buy “Back for More” right now.
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Don’t Miss These: Get the Most from your Mistress

I’ve been busy here, giving My slaves the BEST from their Mistress …
Scroll below … Don’t miss these recent delights …
* BBC Glory Hole ~ A new Mp3 treat for My very best cocksuckers!
* Thinking with your Cock ~ Read this HOT and FREE story from My slave secretary about the world he dreams of, where Women own everything … and every male specimen.  ;)
* Hypnosis vs. Erotic Hypnosis ~ Don’t forget, when you read about My fantastic Erotica, you’ll often get an offer to buy a GREAT Mp3 on the same subject.  Your cock will love learning about Me this way, mmmmm.
* Sexy Mp3s Offer ~ This week only, go to to buy one of My newest delights, “Wicked Tease: Fast, Slow” for only $9.99!   The discount is only at SexyMp3s.

Hypnosis vs. Erotic Hypnosis

There are similarities between Erotic Hypnosis and regular hypnosis.  At first, both make you feel very relaxed and safe. But of course, the object of Erotic Hypnosis is vastly different because it deals with sexuality … especially kinky sexuality!  After both types of hypnosis, you’ll feel relaxed and content, although Erotic Hypnosis may make you feel very drained – especially those shriveled-up balls of yours.

Also, Erotic Hypnosis gives you the added pleasure of becoming delightfully dependent on an amazingly gorgeous, Superior Female being. Buy this Mp3, “Hypnotically Hooked,” and you’ll learn how sexually intense it can be to become hooked to Me ~ Mistress Alexandra ~
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Friday Freebie: Thinking with your cock

by slave0001,
Mistress Alexandra’s secretary
     You hear it all the time.  Women think with their minds.  Men think with their cocks.  That’s never been truer than it is today, as more Women take their rightful place as leaders of every type of institution you could possibly name.

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For My best Cocksuckers ~ BBC Glory Hole

Some of My favorite slave boys live to suck cock.  For them, there’s nothing better than the warmth and taste of Big Black Cock ~ BBC!  The best cocksuckers are bobbies … their favorite place is the Glory Hole, where cock after cock after cock parade to their wet waiting mouths.  Ooooo, how GORGEous!  This 14-minute Mp3 gives you every juicy instruction to be the best cocksucker you can possibly be.  And you’ll LOVE the detail I squirt out in “BBC Glory Hole.”  Buy it now … mmmm, suck it, boy!
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Mp3 ~ A WICKED Tease: Fast, Slow

  Wicked Tease  Lots of guys think I drive them NUTS by the way I tease them.  Oh, if they only knew!  In this 14-minute Mp3, you’ll learn how crazy I can REALLY make you.  I am a wicked tease … and I LOVE it!  You don’t know what I can do to you, as My alluring voice has you stroking fast and slow … light and heavy … and when you’re about to cum, I make you FREEZE!  You’ve got to feel this to believe it.  And the only way to feel this sex-crazed ride is to buy “A Wicked Tease: Fast, Slow.” 
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Driving you crazzzzzzzzzzzy!

I’ve been wiggling My ass and driving boys CRAZY this week!!! Maybe it’s the moon or something, but I am really making the phones ring with My hot little ass.  They all say it’s like I’m really there, giving them a hot, sexy lap dance and brainwashing them!!! Mmmmmm … mmm … mmm!  Who wants some hot & sexy “tease and denial” phone sex?  The Mistress is ready to make you beg for more!
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Desperate & “Hard Up!” ~ your Perfect Mp3!

image  When a Real Man sees a Beautiful Woman, he shines … and all he thinks about is fucking his passionate prey.  You?  Not quite.  Oh, you think about fucking Her.  But in the end, you know it’s impossible.  All you can do is dream ~ feel your little dick get thick ~ and then run away and stroke, stroke, and stroke some more.  When the night is through, you’ll remain what you were when it started … Desperate and, uh, “HARD UP!”  This 15-minute audio describes you to a “T.”  Buy it, and see what Women are saying about you.
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Want some fun? Follow your nose! ;)

Just when I’m ready to kick My secretary for being so chatty & stupid, he’ll say something that’s actually smart.  My beta worker bee could never fuck a Woman … but his NOSE is quite a sex organ!  He has become SO ADDICTED to Me just by breathing My ass, My pussy, My feet and My pantyhose.  He NEEDS to breathe Me & My Superior sexual being — but of course, he cannot do so unless he’s a working fool for Me.  He cannot escape … fortunately, he doesn’t want to!

Here are two of My Sexy Mp3s that show you fun it is to sniff the Heavenly Queen.
Just buy, listen, SNIFF, and enjoy!

~ ~ ~ Sniffer:  You’re too pathetic to touch Her.   But you can ALWAYS enjoy Her scent … Here, you’ll learn the true joy of being a slave sniffer.
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~ ~ ~ Scented Sheets:  I catch My husband sniffing My bed sheets, right after My Luscious LOVER fucks Me to wet, aromatic ecstasy!


Mindbender ~ My power over your cock!

Black Sexytary
Ever wonder why your cock does what it does?   You’ll learn the answers in My newest Sexy Mp3, “Mindbender.”  See, that’s what I do … bend your mind.   My beauty and power and electric Femininity always conspire to bend your mind ANY way I choose!  And today, I’ve decided to let you stroke in My Heavenly Honor.  Just the stroking is so magical that you crawl to Me over & over.  Why, you ask?  Buy “Mindbender” and I’ll happily tell you.  Be sure to be hot & horny when you hear this.  ;)
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Hottest Cock Tease

In case you don’t know me, I’m Mistress Alexandra, the expert prick tease during cock tease phone sex.  I’ll tantalize, tickle, and tease your dick so much during cock tease phone sex that you’ll be begging for release.  But you have to ask yourself…is today your lucky day?

I am a cheating wife who LOVES Big Black Cock

I’m a cheating white wife who loves dick, but not just any dick.  It’s gotta be big black cock, and the bigger the better.  I only like foot-long schlongs … so of course, the only guys who meet that requirement are ghetto dudes!  My hubby gets a little jealous, but I know he’s proud that he has a cheating white wife who LOVES black cock.  That’s because he’s always wanted to be a cuckold!

I firmly believe that sucking Big Black Cock is one of the most beautiful things on this planet.  A number of My white male slaves love sucking Black Cock, too:  They DREAM of sucking My Ebony Lovers HARD so they’re ready to fuck Me!  Mmmmm … I like those weenie fluffer boys, too.  Buy this Mp3, and you’ll see why you & I should BOTH love “Sucking Big Black Cock!”
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Don’t Miss a Thing ~ Check out My latest goodies here

Valentine’s Day has come and gone … but My gifts for you just keep on giving!
* Hypnotic Goddess Worship:  I mean business … Buy this Mp3 & fall under the Magical Me.
* Riding you during our Strap-On Phone Sex Call:  This is the true feeling of a lifetime!
* New Mp3: Never-Ending Need:  Get captivated by My photo below.  Then buy this & pursue your Femdom Dream!

Never-Ending Need ~ Your Need for Me … :)

You hear Me for the first time ~ Your cock naturally rises ~ You stroke ’til you’re blue  ~ You buy another of My Mp3s ~ The cock tingles more ~ My voice gets you hornier ~ You buy another Mp3 ~ The pleasure repeats ~ Now,  My words & tones grab you ~ I grab you ~ This feeds your need for Me ~ Never to cum ~ Just to stroke ~ I love that from My boys.  You will, too, when you buy “Never-Ending Need”~ Your NEED for ME!
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Riding you during our Strap-on Phone Sex Call

I bet your asshole is quivering in anticipation of strap-on phone sex with Mistress Alexandra.  Well, keep on quivering as you dial my Niteflirt Line.Call Button
Then I want you to have your lube ready, your ass up and ready to insert something long and hard in it – when I say so – during our raunchy strapon phone sex scenario.  You ready to be my bitchboy?

Mp3: Hypnotic Goddess Worship

Look at My face … I mean BUSINESS, boy — Now get crackin’ & buy this Mp3 QUICK before your balls turn even bluer!
bwbedroom0011  “I want to make it hurt REAL FUCKIN’ GOOD!!!”  That’s the promise I deliver in one of the most sexually-hypnotic experiences I’ve EVER recorded.  You’ll love My spell during this 15-minute Audio Delight … and I’ll give you an orgasm you won’t BELIEVE!  But there is an erotic catch, as always.  Buy this, and I promise your cock will explode with cum like it never has before!
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