Jul 282015

I’ve been wiggling My ass and driving boys CRAZYYY this week!!! Maybe it’s the moon or something, but I am really making the phones ring with My hot bum. They all say it’s like I’m really there, giving them a hot, sexy lapdance and brainwashing them!!! mmmm mmm mmm who wants some hot & sexy tease and denial phone sex? The Queen is ready to make you beg for more!
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Erotic Humiliation

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Jul 272015

Erotic humiliation phone sex gets my panties so damned wet that sometimes I have to peel them off and put on a new pair. I really do get off on mind fucking you losers up during our erotic humiliation phone sex sessions, so call now because your horny!

Jul 202015

Don’t expect any warm and fuzzy domination with me when you call me for cruel dominatrix phone sex. You need to get it straight in your little rodent mind that I don’t give a rat’s ass about you. As soon as you understand that, the sooner know your place when you call me for cruel dominatrix phone sex. Just take a look at My past feedback. I constantly break hearts, mock those that fall in lust with Me and generally degrade wimps for whatever reason I can think of. Hell I even make some shit up, but you can’t stop Me when I am a Cruel Domina Rant! you will LOVE IT…

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Jul 192015

I am so much more then just a cuckolding Mistress to My husband. I am also a bad ass cook! As mentioned previously I have a garden and this year My tomatoes are coming in fast & furious! Today I spend the morning preparing all the tomatoes I didn’t want to go to waste into My delicious Sauce! I don’t use a recipe that is written down, instead I make it from memory. My grandmother was an amazing cook and I grew up watching her work her magic. I only use measuring cups as a guide when I make my delicious dishes.

I let the tomatoes simmer down all day, slowly adding a little this and a little that, even a left over wine from My Bull Date last night 😀 When hubby arrived from his latest travels I feed him a lovely, home cooked meal using the freshest ingredients that I grew in our garden!

That is as lucky as hubby will get tonight, you see I tricked him, I knew he would be craving a home cooked mail and pasta is his weakness…. the poor tired cuck passed out an hour ago….. I told him he would get ‘lucky’ tonight, but I meant it in the sense I would make a a delicious meal… which sadly makes him super tired… 😀

tee he he he

My recording schedule has opened up this week and I have room for 1 or 2 requests at most. I also have several new titles coming out this month!

Will I ever get to ending My sale on sexymp3s.com….. Yes, but sadly not tonight… I’ve been sexting a bull, hoping he will find time to come over and fuck Me while hubby is passed out in the spare room… ha ha ha Did I mention I put hubby there? you see, I had to wash the Master Bedroom Comforter, told hubby the “bed wasn’t ready” He was so tired he didn’t even argue. Just did as I instructed.

Jul 142015

A while back I made My cuckold hubby start a diary online so I can watch and gauge his cuckold moods. I recently found this sweet little entry.

Oh, Lord, I hope my Wife keeps Her present Lover for awhile. He is SO DREAMY! And best of all, he lets me watch them fuck sometimes. I must bring them drinks, clean up their bed messes, etc. But if I’m REALLY lucky … I’ll get to dress up as a sissy and help suck him hard! My favorite moment is watching my pink fingernails and white fingers caress his HEAVENLY Black rod. My next favorite moment? Licking his balls while my Wife sucks his monster! Sometimes, I’ll sneak a kiss of Her beautiful fingers as they rub his massive sex machine. I cringe with delight when She pats me on the head, and giggles. Oh, the SWEEET humiliation!


Jul 122015

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OK, I’m just too nice … but after a few requests, I am extending My Sexy Mp3 Sale through this weekend!  Let My luscious voice mess with your mind and tease your cock like never before, with the BEST BARGAINS on the Web!  But only into Monday … so stock up & enjoy during the weekend. Log onto www.SexyMp3s.com ~ get browsing, and get buying before the prices go up!  Your cock will thank you for this!

Jul 102015

I want to laugh at you as you wear pink and sequins for me during forced feminization phone sex. I want to emasculate you and humiliate you because, you see, I get so turned on when you turn into my bitch during forced feminization phone sex. Both your holes are fair game for me during forced feminization phone sex: your pie hole and your man pussy. And, they’ll be fair game for my male friends as well. You see, you’re going to be turned into my little slut during forced feminization phone sex.

I will exploit your Femme desires to push you further then ever before! Cross-dressed, forced to suck cock, and already your sissy panties are wet with anticipation!