May 282017

Wicked Tease

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May 262017

I want you hard & horny … and for now, I want you weak & helpless. Buy this Mp3 and dedicate yourself to the ULTIMATE act of slavery — My total control over the operation of your cock & balls!

May 172017

Most guys are frightened about a Woman controlling their minds and cocks, when they should be relaxed and relieved. In this Erotic Hypnosis Mp3, “Midnight Whispers,” let your tense mind fall limp. Relax to My voice … the soothing seizure of your brain by Me, the world’s most relaxing Goddess. Be relieved, as I sweetly seize the best of you — your cock, heart and brain. You’ll love it as I convert you to the man who’s happiest under Mistress Alexandra — where all My slaves reject their tight orgasms and live the relaxing life I have given them, totally as I desire.

May 132017

ucantstopCongratulations, slave. You are sweetly captured 24/7 by My smooth, soft, soothing voice. Now, you can not help but stroke softly, silently, and unpredictably. You must not cum! It could ruin your cock and balls forever! You never know when your dick will thicken for Me. If it happens during a business meeting, your Female Boss will giggle and humiliate you — She’ll know exactly what’s, um, “up,”, LOL!. But you Can’t Stop. So buy this audio, goon like crazy, and pledge your obedience to ME, your Heavenly Hypnotic Queen!

May 102017
Silhouette of a nude sexy young woman

Silhouette of a nude sexy young woman

I know you.  I caught you LERKING at My beautiful photos … and you couldn’t help yourself — you started JERKING to My amazing beauty.  I know you do this … It’s your sex life. And once you do this again and again with Me … that’s when I control your cock. And when I control your cock, I control YOU.  It happens every time.  No guys are exempt. So buy My Mp3 “Lurk & Jerk” and hear what I do to … whoops, FOR you!

May 052017

sandtrapIn this sizzling Mp3, I seize your sex life and turn you into my gooning pet. And the best part is nothing else feels as good. You like being a helpless masturbating gooner for your Goddess. Good boy … that is how I want you, keeping you stiff and rigid for as long and as often as possible. Sink deeper and deeper into my trap and feel Me consume you.

Apr 272017

Kinky cuckold phone sex. I bet that got your attention. Come to think of it, isn’t cuckold phone sex kinky anyway? Yes, that’s true, but I put my very own unique twist on it, so hang on for a wild ride with me while I ride your friends!Call Button

Apr 262017

1stdatehumiliationSince the beginning of time, “First Dates” have been humiliating for guys.  Today, with all the high-tech toys out there, those first dates can get more embarrassing than ever!  You’ve GOT to hear My Mp3 story “First Date Humiliation.”  He went on a date, but couldn’t fuck Her … so he went home and jerked off online.  He never knew his date saw that … and then Her FRIENDS saw that. Once he found out, his crotch almost exploded!!!!

Apr 202017

littleheadBIGHEADAs a male, you always have an internal conflict between the “little head” … the cock head that gets excited by ME … and the “Big Head,” that tries to keep you focused on your life’s obligations. Want to get the little head and the Big Head in sync? Masturbate more, in love and service to ME!  Buy My Mp3 “Little head/BIG Head” … and hear Me help you get right with the world.    It’s CBT like you’ve never experienced before!