Aug 262015

Are you afraid of erotic hypnosis, yet drawn to it?  Do you fear you might do something you don’t want to do?  You might even be afraid you’ll become someone whom you’re not.

Well, don’t fear, dear boy, because my erotic hypnosis audios won’t make you do anything you really don’t want to do.  Yes, we’ll delve into your deep and secret fantasies, but our time together is when you can live out your dreams!  I make them come to life during my sexy hypnosis recordings.  So what will occur is that you’ll have an amazing time.  Perhaps you’ll have one of the most sexually arousing and satisfying experiences of your life!

Still not convinced?  Still thinking that I’ll plant some sort of post hypnotic suggestions in my sexy hypnosis recordings that will make you do something you really don’t want to do?  Silly boy.  All you have to do is listen to the mp3 while you’re not in a trance to hear that I don’t do that!  The post hypnotic suggestions I do make are to get more in touch with your submissive or sissy side and to make you more submissive to me.  And that’s not a bad thing at all
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Aug 232015


This scene reminds me of my favorite cookie growing up. The outside is very BLACK and the middle is very WHITE.

“After meeting the 2 black outer cookie crusts, Amy quickly becomes the delicious white center. Man, these guys tear Amy apart, and just like my favorite cookie, the “Cream Filling” ends up getting all over her face! O-R you gonna love this threesome!”

Aug 212015

Ca-ching! Do you hear that cash register bell sounding? I sure do every time I get a financial domination phone sex call. Those bells definitely ring quite proudly when I have a money piggie like you stay on the line for a long time during my financial domination phone sex extraction of your wallet!
You can pay me now or you can pay me now during financial domination phone sex. LOL! Yes, I want all your disposable income RIGHT NOW! I don’t like to be kept waiting at all. So pony up, boy, and pay me now during our financial domination phone sex.

Aug 192015

It’s not your fault you fell into my trap. Truth be told I ensnared you the moment you heard my voice. You are powerless to my charms, my superior mind and beauty. I used them all to seize your sex life and turn you into my gooning pet. And the best part is nothing else feels as good. You like being a helpless masturbating goner for your Goddess. Good boy that is how I want you, keeping you stiff and rigid for as long and as often as possible. Sink deeper and deeper into my trap and feel me consume you.
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Aug 162015

I want you to cure you of all the time you waste searching for smut. You’ve downloaded pictures, you’ve chatted, you’ve lurked, you’ve emailed, you’ve pretended and you’ve put up with enough pretension. Now you’re ready for the real thing. A real woman to take you under her wing and burn you up.

Aug 142015

Slam it, baby!  you just LOVE seeing a white girl get fucked by huge black cock!  The way the white chicks scream like they’ve never had dick before is pretty amazing.  I guess you could say they haven’t when you see some of these really big black dicks.  White dicks are puny in comparison to some of these stallions.  are you jerking it right now to white girl black cock porn? most cucks can’t handle the heat of the Alpha Sex Drive…usually last a minute and nut all over their wittle widdle dicklett?

That is why cucks can’t be in the bedroom tonight when My bull comes over to satisfy ME! REAL MEN ONLY IN MY BEDROOM CUCK! *slamming door in your face*

Aug 132015

I’m here to fuck you up during our femdom phone sex! Sure, I love to role play, but the thing is, I’m a lifestyle dominatrix who is very creative and very sadistic. My mind fucking femdom phone sex will feel so real that you’ll swear you were in my presence, groveling at my feet! Just look at what I made this panty loving sub do for ME today!!!

Aug 132015

Did you have I have over 303 GOODIE BAGS TO CHOOSE FROM? Yup, I’ve been putting up one a day! All reasonably prices and ready to listen to on any device! Yup… so what are you waiting for? An invitation? well consider this as one. Goddess knows I won’t be inviting you into My Bedroom anytime soon… If I were you I would accept this invitation to explore, goon, jerk your brains out!

Aug 122015

Ms. Jones of Clinic of Urology & Copulation Knowledge III is back: You have particular masturbation habits, various implements you like to use, and specific stimuli you require. In many cases these items are ever changing as the novelty wears off and you require new resources and techniques. The Clinic of Urology and Copulation Knowledge will analyze your sexual performance and address your issues in order to improve your sex life. The process can be quite embarrassing as your therapist reviews your history and preferences but it is a proven treatment plan that gets results. Get the help you need today by starting with this mp3!

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Aug 112015

Black Sexytary
Don’t tell My husband; but in this Mammoth Mp3, you’ll hear what I plan to tell him on his birthday this month!  We love doing things together … like finding the Biggest Black Cocks to FUCK ME raw.  I give My hubbie some great reasons why this makes Me SO happy!  He shares in My glow by watching, admiring, and cheering Me on.  Buy this, and I’ll share My “suckulent” challenge to hubbie for the year to cum!
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