Jul 202016

You don’t always know you’re doing it. But you can’t help yourself. Your mind focuses at any time on your Goddess Alexandra … and out of nowhere, you just start stroking because your brain says it’s what I require!  Congratulations; you have become My Masturbation Addict!  In this Erotic Mp3, I explain in My sexiest tones why you need ME to become your sex life — and never to cum unless I reward you. This is one of the hottest Sex Audios you will ever hear, and explains why you’ve become who you are — MY sweet Masturbation Addict, Mmmmm …

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Jul 142016

summertimehumiliationchallengeWelcum to Summer!  For me, it’s the SEXIEST time of the year.  That’s because I’ve got the body to fuck and fuck and fuck My GIANT studs!  You?  Not so much.  Remember, you can’t fuck a Woman, so I’m gonna give you some different fun this summer.  Buy this super-sexy slave Mp3, Summer Humiliation, and see what I have in mind for you.

ALL OF MY SLAVES will complete this challenge.  To help, this has a lower price of $14.99.  You’ll need a watermelon and some lipstick — plus a towel so you don’t get too sloppy.  Oh, and bring your appetite, too, OOOOOO…

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Jun 132016

My best slaves are also My happiest.  They don’t have the everyday tensions that you do. They don’t have the sexual pressure that you have. Join these lucky guys! Buy My Mp3 Blank Empty Space. Lie back and relax as My voice fills your brain.  Immediately, you will stroke with the greatest of relaxation. You will stop just short of orgasm, so you may enjoy this beautiful, blissful feeling again and again. Once I consume you, you will crave My total control, always. Whatever I want from you will be your survival … and your complete sex life. Soooo good.

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Jun 082016

Congratulations, you Burly Alpha Male. You won a full total body transformation at my relaxing, comforting Spa.  Don’t let my champagne and my pink comforter throw you off — I promise you will love the “whole new you” that I cannot wait to create!  Before you even know it, you will look much more … um, appealing.  And you will aspire to highlight the pink and dainty beauty that is hidden in every male.  Buy this sexy, revolutionary Mp3 and see how pretty and nice your future will be in My Sissy Dollhouse!

Jun 072016

Lucky is the man who is Wrapped Up by My smooth, sultry, sex-consuming voice. Listen intensely to this Mp3. You won’t need to touch your cock — My voice will be enough to get you stiff. I already have your brain Wrapped Up.  It cannot focus on anything but how much I have you BY THE BALLS. Once I own your cock, you’ll want nothing else. You will think of Me always, and you’ll crave to be Wrapped Up by My voice any time you can. You will stroke, get to the edge, and not cum unless I let you. You’ll be so Wrapped Up that gooning to me is all you’ll ever want.

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Jun 042016

I’ve got some passionate slaves who dream to leave their Wives & GFs forever and serve ME full-time!  But they won’t … and it drives them nuts.  Just thinking about this makes their weenies thicker than ever … and then their fantasies runneth over. 

Here, slave0001 shares his love of being My financial slave (he yearns to give Me $100,000!).  Here’s a variation on an all-time favorite story, at least for My slaves0001 and 0002. 😉  So … how will YOU please Me? 


slave0001, you’re such a good sport, LOL!  I knew you expected a toe-sucking session alone with Me, but slave0002 beat you to it … again!  You’re lucky you brought enough $$$!  At least you get to lick My little toes while your, um, “better half” gets ALL of My feet!

He’s a better foot slave than you, anyway … much more experienced.  Mmmmm, you’re WELCOME 0002!  I feel those lips tighten up when you suck Me … that tongue hitting harder on My sore sole!  Ohhhhhhh, that feels good!

You’re lucky he’s here, slave0001 … I wore the same stockings for three days just so they could smell GREAT!  After all, it’s not often that I get TWO slaves servicing Me!

Yeah, turn your eyes toward Me, 0001.  Look at My hot little fingers rubbing up-and-down My cash … the money you spend long days & weeks working for.  You bust your ass in a salt mine so I could take My Lover out on a night you could only DREAM of!  A steak dinner … hours at the club where we’ll bump asses and drink to our hearts’ content … and then the rest of the weekend in My bed, while My cuckie husband serves us hand and foot!

OH, DON’T CHOKE 0002 … I know that’s your dream, too!
Ohhhhhh, yeah, you guys are lickin’ and suckin’ it GOOD now.  Keep going!

0001, you’ll be done in about 5 minutes.  I told your boss you need some more hours.  She said She’d gladly let you bust your ass, as long as all the money goes to ME!  Oh, and now that we’re family, I’ll be calling your Wife any time now.  When we’re through, She’ll WANT you to keep paying Me — it’s a small price to pay so She can fuck a REAL man every night!

Hey, don’t gag 0002.  slave0001’s rushing back to work, and you — you lucky boy — you’re all alone with Me for the rest of the night, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

May 312016

Ever wonder what happens when an unsuspecting guy knocks on My door, and I’m the only one home?  I show him My most beautiful Satin Boudoir … ravaging red, softer than soft, shinier than shiny, sexier than sexy, totally exquisite!  I grew up teasing boys this way … and I used to talk them into a challenge which I knew they’d lose — they never had a chance, and they were putty in My hands. So what happens with this guy?  Buy this sizzling story, My Satin Boudoir, and see how far I take him!!!

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May 252016

Ever since I came home from My trip to historic and beautiful Italy, I’ve had problems with a few worthless morons who think Female Domination is all about what THEY want. They are so wrong. And so annoying.

I even heard from one asshole who demanded that I kick his balls — but not hurt him.  How do I do that, exactly?  And he wants nothing to do with paying Tributes to Me … or being a sissy in any way. Of course, a slave gets to ask NICELY for his preferred form of Female control — fortunately, 90 percent of my slaves are kind and open to Me pulling their strings as I see fit.  They know that one form of Femdom naturally leads to others. And for the kind and loyal slaves, I open a whole new world to them, and they enjoy My control in ways they never thought possible. If you start with being My foot slave or ass kisser, you will naturally want to explore other forms of My Domination — and because you crave My beauty and power, you are happy that I am the one to decide your fate under Me … what you’ll do or don’t do.

Once I get to know you, I really do know what’s best for you.  I create the atmosphere of our Femdom sessions along with the timing, scope, and more.  Many men cannot handle this — only the luckiest, sweetest, most enlightened men will appreciate the individual roads where I take them — and where they can grow in allegiance and subordinate love to ME, one of the most beautiful Goddesses on the Internet. And you don’t need to be super-rich to serve Me and live in My beautiful world. I have a sissy secretary who does much of My clerical work for free. That’s his main contribution to Me, and I get hours and hours of loving labor. A slave of, well, average financial means is one of My best financial slaves.  He’s always begging for Me to do more — like seize his credit card — but I am not one of those who rapidly bankrupt My slaves. I like to keep them around so they can feel the pleasure — and yes, the occasional pain — of paying what I require when I require it.  I really do know what’s best … and it’s different for every slave.
But you need to RESPECT My Superiority over you.  One way is to not be pushy. Another way is to PAY Me on a regular basis.  This is My Queendom, and you are a supporter.  Because you need Me to look great for you and your cock, that’s part of what you pay for, just like anything else in life. Only I deserve it more, just for being your Goddess Alexandra.
If you don’t pay, and you don’t cooperate, don’t be surprised if I cut off all access to Me.  That can happy to the best of slaves, because the stubborn male brain can trigger the most STUPID utterances from any man at any time.  I’ve had to cut off some of My best slaves at times, and I’m not afraid to cut off the masturbation and the sex for which you become addicted to Me!
May 242016

Our jobs can make us so vulnerable. In this vivid, tease-tinged 23-minute story, you’ll hear Me explain how David would lose a professional contract and move away — unless he can rent a good apartment TODAY. Cheryl shows him a unit and describes each room with a firm professional demeanor — while showing quiet signs of sexual mystery!  Listen carefully: She slowly places David in the palm of Her hand, especially when they tour the bedroom.  What happens then will AMAZE you.  You will shiver with sexual excitement when you hear The Apartment.

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